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HTC Desire Reviews

"The Desire is yet another fine piece of work from HTC – build quality is top notch as usual, and there's little to complain about the software except for the Flash performance. Some may argue that the Desire lacks freshness since the Nexus One's already shown it all, but we'd disagree – at the end of the day it's mainly about the software and service, plus the Desire is available from more carriers to begin with (outside the US, anyway)."
PC Mag
"The Android 2.1-powered HTC Desire is indeed desirable, with a robust feature set, a mature and attractive user interface, and plenty of multimedia goodness."
Android Central
"The hardware isn't next-generation, but neither is it long in the tooth. What you're getting is a sleek, speedy phone with one of the newer versions of Android, and HTC's slick Sense UI. And for most people, that's going to be just fine."
"Is the HTC Desire worth its price? Yes, definitely. We would have to become rather petty in order to come up with a list of shortcomings. If you like handsets with compact size and feel willing to sacrifice extra features for it, you better consider the HTC Legend – talking from experience here. Eager fans of high-tech devices surely know by now that the HTC Desire is what they want."
"In conclusion, the HTC Desire is one of the most impressive handsets we've used to-date, and should seriously be considered if you're looking for a high end smartphone at the moment. With a vast array of connectivity, HTC's fantastic Sense UI, a speedy processor, and a high resolution AMOLED display, there's little else currently on the market to seriously challenge the Desire's multimedia prowess."
Pocket Lint
"We're certain that the HTC Desire will be a huge hit in 2010. Aside from a few minor points, there is little fault with this superphone."
GSM Arena
"The Google Nexus One was given the grace of a market head start but it’s no longer standing lonely at the top. And even if it looks like a brotherly reunion, the HTC Desire is in fact a formidable rival. That’s between HTC and Google though. Users have hardly reasons to complain."
"At the end of the day, I would suggest the HTC Desire to casual smartphone users who want a high-quality experience the few times they check their phone every day. Quick access to information and contacts should rank high on your priority list, as the HTC Desire excels at useful home screen widgets, and Android as always provides excellent search features. Diehard smartphone users will either want to get something with higher-end specs, or with better battery life."
"An Even More Desirable Nexus One"
"In short, this is a phenomenal phone"