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HTC Desire HD Reviews

GSM Arena
"If you fear the 4.3 inches worth of screen might too big for your hand or pocket or think that 768MB of RAM is a bit of an overkill, you should definitely try the phone out before shelling out the cash. If you find out you like it, or if you have your heart set on getting the a top feature package, then the HTC Desire HD is one of the handful phones that fit the job description and definitely deserves serious consideration."
"The HTC Desire HD may be too large for some users, and the new e-book reader and navigation apps left us somewhat cold. Battery life could be an issue too. However, the large screen is excellent for media-rich activities like web browsing and makes text entry easier."
"If you want a super fast, large screened, power house of an Android phone, the Desire HD is currently the best choice when it comes to HTC’s selection. Hopefully there will be a white version at some point as well. When it comes to some competition, the Droid X gets a big nod still, and the MyTouch 4G is hard to not admire."
"The Desire HD is a beautiful phone with respectable performance and speed. As long as you can charge up the battery in the middle of the day, you won’t be disappointed with this large-screen handset."
Geeky Gadgets
"The Desire HD is a great Android smartphone, probably one of the best we have tested to date. The HTC Sense UI makes it a pleasure to use, and everything seems to work well and flow together."
Tracy and Matt
"The Desire HD will offer you pretty much everything you could wish for in a phone and with the build quality to match the specs the handset is without doubt an Android users dream device."
"So what to make of the Desire HD? It's undeniably hampered by some design flaws and poor battery life, but the sheer volume of good things it brings to the table can't be ignored. Froyo is the most polished and accomplished version of Android by a good margin, HTC's latest Sense enhancements add legitimate value to the proposition, and the aluminum unibody construction, upgraded internals, and jumbo screen are unignorably appealing. On the whole, we feel like the Desire HD's downsides tend to relate to things that won't affect you too much in daily operation -- you won't need to access the battery too often, for example -- whereas its strengths reside in the critical areas of expanding functionality, choice, performance, and screen dimensions. It's Froyo on a 4.3-inch screen and it tastes just right."
"It would be a massive step too far to say we were disappointed with the HTC Desire HD, as it's only because the bar has been set so high with previous iterations in HTC's Android portfolio. The screen size will be an issue for some people, but that's subjective; you'll either want it or you won't. A more pressing issue is the battery life - people might be coming round to the daily charging idea, but if you can't last a day in some instances that's going to get tiresome very quickly. Believe us when we say that the HTC Desire HD is going to be the perfect handset for a lot of people (providing the price stays at a reasonable level) and we'd certainly recommend it as the phone to get if you want the very latest in cool smartphone technology that actually works. But that battery issue, combined with a few other niggles, leave us wondering if HTC has started to reach a little too far with the ultra-cool factor on its handsets."
"A new chipset, more RAM, combined with the latest that Android has to offer makes for a very fast experience, resulting in a hugely enjoyable mobile phone that has loads of features and loads of potential. Certainly one of the best devices available today."
"The HTC Desire HD is more of an exciting phone than it is a perfect phone. We're as excited about how HTC are evolving Sense UI, as we are about the hardware. As it happens though, the hardware and software are married into a wonderful mix, so well done, HTC. You're not really getting the best of anything. The Nokia N8 has a much better camera, the Samsung Galaxy S has a richer screen of a similar size and the iPhone 4 has a way better app support. What the HTC brings together however is the best amalgamation of everything, with a mouth watering injection of innovation to go with it. It's certainly one of our favourite candy bar Android devices at the moment. Battery life being the only big drawback, the HTC Desire HD is nevertheless on our highly-recommended list. Alternatives would be the iPhone 4 as mentioned for an alternative operating system, the Nokia N8 for a stronger camera experience, or an HTC Desire Z if you're enamoured by much of the functionality mentioned, but want a QWERTY keyboard."