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Phone Arena
One, two, cha cha cha, three four, cha cha cha, HTC, ChaCha [Cha]. Doesn't it make you want to jump to the Facebook beat? No? Oh well, never mind.
Android Community
Well wouldn’t you know it, our good pal Chris Davies over on our sister site SlashGear had TWO Facbeook Phones up his sleeve. That is the HTC Salsa and now the HTC ChaCha as well!
Pocket Now
This February HTC announced the HTC ChaCha together with the HTC Salsa-- two social network-oriented Android phones -- in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress.
Slash Gear
You wait all this time for one HTC Facebook phone, and two turn up. Hot on the heels of our HTC Salsa review last week comes this, the HTC ChaCha, also announced back at MWC 2011 in February and bearing the same dedicated Facebook key as its sibling.
Android Authority
The ChaCha is a sleek-looking number that Facebook fiends will flock to, but its tiny screen makes it difficult to use under certain circumstances.
Android Central
The persistent rumors of an Android-powered “Facebook phone” culminated in the unveiling of the HTC ChaCha and its larger sibling, the Salsa, at Mobile World Congress back in February.
When we first got the ChaCha into the office, we thought it was a pretty snazzy little phone. It’s BlackBerry-like, with Facebook integration that’s even deeper than we’ve seen on Windows Phone 7.
Tech Foolery
It’s an interesting little device. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to review it — what would I do with an Android device that employs a dedicated Facebook button and has a physical keyboard? To be honest, it just all seemed… weird.
The second “Facebook phone” from HTC, and launched in tandem with the HTC Salsa, is the HTC ChaCha. It’s strange name for a phone that is something of a strange Android device, offering a format we haven’t seen much of from the Google OS.