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HTC Aria Reviews

"If you're looking for a very small, yet very capable device, the Aria is worthy of your consideration."
PC Mag
"The HTC Aria is the first usable Android phone for AT&T. It has a lot going for it, but AT&T really needs to cut down on the bloatware."
Laptop Mag
"The HTC Aria is a pocket-friendly Android phone that offers better performance than what its small screen might suggest. You might even call it cute. But this handset would have fared better if AT&T didn't prevent installation of non-marketplace apps. Imposing restrictions that block functionality which other service providers allow is a head scratcher. In this price range, we prefer the $99 iPhone 3GS, but the Aria is worth a look for Android fans looking to stand out in the crowd. Want a more powerful Android handset on AT&T? Wait for the 4-inch Samsung Captivate."
GSM Arena
"Featurewise, the HTC Aria is almost identical to the HTC Legend, which should definitely be on top of your list of alternatives. If however you are on a tight budget, the HTC Wildfire is the right option."
Know Your Cell
"While the Aria might be dwarfed by the latest trend of giant Android phones, it can clearly hold its own. A robust feature set and a pocketable frame make this $129.99 smart phone a definite smart buy."
Into Mobile
"In the end Aria is one cute phone, very pocketable, and looks great thanks to HTC’s awesome eye for design. The three best Sense phones available in the US are all apart of the same family, the EVO, the Droid Incredible, and the Aria."
"It's sort of hard to believe, but AT&T finally has an Android phone worth paying attention to."
Android Central
"If you're looking for a pocketable phone with all the bells and whistles Android has to offer, the Aria's a nice, economical bet."
"The HTC Aria is a solid, midrange Android smartphone, but it's a shame AT&T restricts it by blocking Android's capability to install third-party apps."
"The HTC Aria may not be the most powerful Android phone on the market, but it’s a very appealing device and a great addition to AT&T’s Android lineup."