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Bootloader Officially Unlocked for HTC Desire Z, ChaCha, Aria, DROID Incredible, Status, and T-Mobile G2

HTC’s on a roll with their bootloader unlock program as they have added support for six new devices today. Those devices include the  HTC Desire Z, ChaCha, Aria, DROID Incredible, Status, and T-Mobile G2. While some of these devices already have community-developed methods it’s always good to see official support from the OEMs. Head to […]

AT&T Issuing Updates to Select Android Phones to Enable Sideloading

It’s time. Time for AT&T to give you a bit more freedom over your Android smartphone, that is. It’s been leaked that they’ll begin issuing updates to select Android handsets – including the HTC Aria and Inspire 4G and the Samsung Captivate – that’ll allow users to sideload applications. (IE, install applications from sources outside […]

Android 2.2 Update for HTC Aria Now Live

Just a day after the Samsung Captivate got the green light on its upgrade to Froyo, another AT&T smartphone is making the leap to Android 2.2. As promised, the Android 2.2 update for the HTC Aria is now live and ready for installation. You can head on over to HTC’s Aria support page to download […]

Android 2.2 for the HTC Aria Out Tomorrow

AT&T wasn’t kidding when they said that the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the HTC Aria would be out “soon”, and now they’ve taken to their Facebook page with a message letting everyone know that they’ll be posting instructions on how to download and apply the update tomorrow. We’ll be looking for those instructions and […]

HTC Aria’s Froyo Update Still in the Works, Says AT&T [Video]

In a move I wish most cellular companies would start emulating, AT&T’s took to YouTube with a Q&A session from within. They sat their “Android guy” into the hot seat with the questions you guys are always asking here: where’s the Aria update and, hell, where’s the update to 2.2 for ALL of AT&T’s phones? […]

HTC Outs Source Code for Desire Z, Desire HD, myTouch 4G and Aria

Source code, get your source code here. HTC has dropped quite a few new sources upon their online developer center covering a handful of handsets released in the latter half of 2010 (and two featuring the updated version of HTC Sense). Fresh for your perusal are the source codes of the HTC Desire Z, Desire […]

HTC Aria’s Froyo Update Spotted in Asia; When’s the AT&T Version Coming?

HTC has released an update to the smallish HTC Aria in Southeast Asia. It’s Android 2.2 and probably brings with it everything you’d expect, but let’s cut right to the chase: when will everyone else get it? We know there are some Aria users on AT&T here in the states. While it’s nice to see […]

Black Friday Deals See Price Cuts for Phones through US Cellular, Target

In just a little over a week malls will be overrun, parking lots will transform into hell on earth, and millions upon millions of holiday-frenzied shoppers will descend upon retail outlets. While it never sounds like a fun day to go out searching for gifts, the deals always seem to make it worth it. A […]

RadioShack Giving Away Some Android

Through November ninth, RadioShack is giving away three Android devices on a two year contract. HTC Aria (AT&T) LG Optimus S (Sprint) LG Optimus T (T-Mobile) The Shack claims you must “like” them on FaceBook for these deals but you can already get the Optimus T and the Aria for free online. [via Talk Android […]

Android 2.2 for the HTC Aria Leaked

Aria users on AT&T, it seems you have not been forgotten after all. An upgrade to Android 2.2 is right around the corner – as we learned thanks to a leaked RUU last week – and now you can flash a ROM based on the package on your rooted device. XDA should have everything you […]

Best Buy Introduces ‘Free Phone Fridays’ Promotion for October

In a month where you could easily go either way, Best Buy Mobile has opted to provide customers with a treat rather than a trick with a new promotion that will run throughout October. Each Friday for the length of the month will see four phones (one from each major carrier) offered for free along […]

HTC Aria Goes Down Under (to Australia)

The HTC Aria isn’t one of HTC’s most popular devices, but it’s still moving right along and will be available this October for Optus. You can grab the device up for free if you opt-in to one of their two-year $49 plans (businesses or consumers). They were even nice enough to note in the press […]

[Update: Aria and Wildfire, too] Droid Incredible’s and EVO 4G’s 2.2 Source Code Released by HTC

HTC’s gone ahead and released the FroYo-base Android 2.2 source code for their two biggest (or most powerful, more appropriately) Sense-enabled handsets in the United States: the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible. This is business as usual with these releases opening up many possibilities for developers – such as Cyanogen’s group – […]

AT&T Hosting Another Scavenger Hunt Featuring the HTC Aria

For those of you wanting to take part in something Android related on August 12th that doesn’t involve Verizon or the Droid line of phones, AT&T may have just the thing for you. That is if you live in or around Duluth, Minnesota. Just as they did in Iowa back in July, they are bringing […]

Aria Headed for HTC’s Home Turf Taiwan

Since its announcement, the HTC Aria has been seen as a device exclusive to America through AT&T, but it’s looking to pack its bags and take a trip to Taiwan. FarEasTone – one of the bigger carriers over there – will be holding the device starting tomorrow. It’s not packing the most convincing of punches, […]