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HTC Amaze 4G for Telus gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Telus customers with the HTC Amaze 4G will now be able to get their tongue wet with a nice helping of Ice Cream Sandwich. This’ll bring you up to the latest version of Android 4.0, but you’ll only be getting Sense 4.0 as this is not being considered a One phone. This update is a […]

Ice Cream Sandwich now available for T-Mobile’s HTC Amaze 4G

Attention HTC Amaze 4G owners, T-Mobile has an update ready for you. And, yes, it’s Android 4.0. The upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich can be pulled from the HTC Software Updates dialog under Settings and brings about all the enhancements you might expect from a move to the latest Android OS> The new software is […]

Is the import ban on One X and Evo 4G LTE spreading to other HTC devices?

If the import ban on the HTC One X and the Evo 4G LTE wasn’t already a bitter pill to swallow for HTC, it looks like they’re in a bit more trouble than earlier anticipated. TmoNews were tipped off earlier today that customers who were looking to purchase a new Amaze 4G were being told […]

Android 4.0 arrives May 21 for Amaze 4G at T-Mobile, Sensation 4G gets ICS today

T-Mobile has updated their support pages with an exact date to expect Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Amaze 4G. Previously the update was pegged as coming sometime in the next couple of weeks. Now users can look forward to Android 4.0 (but only Sense 3.6) on May 21st. In related news, the upgrade to […]

T-Mobile pushing Ice Cream Sandwich update for Sensation 4G on May 16, Amaze 4G to follow

T-Mobile has just updated their support page with the changelog for the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC Sensation 4G. The new software version, which is numbered 3.32.531.14710RD, will bring the phone to Android 4.0.3 and Sense 3.6 beginning May 16th. The update will be available to all users running the most current Gingerbread […]

New Magenta Deal Days coming next weekend

If you’re looking to pick up a phone on T-Mobile, you might want to wait till next weekend. TMoNews got their hands on this little flyer, and looks like customers would have an attractive buy-one-get-one-free offer on T-Mobile’s various 4G handsets. The devices mentioned are the myTouch, myTouch Q, HTC Amaze 4G, Galaxy S II, […]

HTC Amaze 4G Official Ice Cream Sandwich Update [Leak]

HTC Amaze 4G owners were already having a great weekend after a utility was released allowing just about any HTC phone to achieve S-Off with minimal effort. Now, the official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the device leaked yesterday onto XDA, where happy Amaze users have already grabbed their forks and are digging in. Before […]

T-Mobile Confirms Sensation 4G and Amaze 4G Are Getting Ice Cream Sandwich

T-Mobile has confirmed to their customers that two of their HTC phons, the Sensation 4G and Amaze 4G, will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich. I don’t think many of us doubted these dual-core phones would eventually get the update, but if you did you can now rest easy. We’re willing to bet the farm that […]

HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Sensation 4G and More Nearing End-of-Life on T-Mobile?

Some devices survive a mobile lifetime without hitting end of life while others are decommissioned faster than the season in which they launched is over. It looks like T-Mobile will soon be putting several of their devices on end-of-life, many of them being Android-based handsets. Highlights include the HTC Sensation 4G, the HTC Amaze 4G. […]

T-Mobile Offering New Year’s Discount on a New Phone this Weekend

It’s a new year and T-Mobile thinks it’s time for you to pick up a new phone. If you didn’t get the smartphone you were so desiring as a gift this holiday season, you can treat yourself thanks to the reduced rates TMo is offering on some of their most popular Android smartphones. From January […]

Featured Video of the Day: Camera Battle between HTC Amaze 4G and iPhone 4S [Sponsored Post]

Apple made a pretty big deal out of the camera on their iPhone 4S, but can it win a head-to-head battle with the HTC Amaze 4G? And we aren’t just talking a sheer spec comparison. Even if we were the Amaze 4G’s 8MP camera still boasts several features that offer a unique advantage over the […]

HTC Amaze 4G Gets Maintenance Upgrade for WiFi Calling and Bugs

Your stock HTC Amaze 4G should be bugging you soon regarding an upgrade as T-Mobile and HTC have issued an OTA upgrade that adds and fixes things. The most notable addition is WiFi calling, something we were surprised to see was not included with the device – we’re glad it’s here now, anyway. Be sure […]

T-Mobile Android Lineup vs iPhone Offering Could Surprise Holiday Shoppers

Want an iPhone? You won’t find it at T-Mobile. You’ll find plenty at Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, but T-Mobile is standing strong with a rock solid lineup of Android Phones, 4G coverage, and affordable voice and data plans. If you’re an Android OG you may remember that T-Mobile USA was the first carrier in the […]

HTC Rezound, Desire S, Amaze and Explorer Souce Code Released

HTC’s just released source code for their latest round of devices, including code for the HTC Rezound, the HTC Desire S, the HTC Amaze and the HTC Explorer. As usual, users may not find much use out of these but developers will be using them to cook up good ROMs and other great modifications. If […]

T-Mobile’s HTC Amaze 4G Compatible With AT&T 3G/4G?

  Well, this was certainly out of left field. Apparently, some curious HTC Amaze 4G users over on XDA got to fiddling around with their devices and once they got to inserting an AT&T SIM card and setting the correct APN settings for AT&T… BOOM. Their HTC Amaze was connected to not only AT&T’s 3G, […]