Gifts for TXT MSG LVRS

If you know someone who is looking down at their phone every other minute typing furiously and feverishly with sprinkles of laughs and cries in between, they’re probably a TXT MSG LVR. They tend to NEED a keyboard on their phones as they view software keyboards as inferior. TXT MSG LVRS are always seeking for a phone with the perfect keyboards.

Samsung Captivate Glide (Get it!)

The Samsung Captivate Glide is currently one of only a select few phones that not only have great keyboards, but  also dual-core processors. If your TXT loving friend or family member happens to want to break away from the finger flying action it even has a dedicated voice search/voice input button so they can simply speak their messages. Aside from it having a nice, spacious keyboard with good track and feel for comfortable typing, the Captivate Glide is extremely fast thanks to the dual-core Tegra 2 processor inside. They’ll be able to switch between conversations with ease with all of that speed. Other features such as its 4 inch display, 8 megapixel HD camera and more make it a very safe purchase. (Buy it from AT&T)

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G (Get it!)

T-Mobile and Samsung sought to revitalize that very brand that TXTing and messaging are associated with by introducing the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G. This Android 2.3 powered device sticks to its Sidekick roots with a keyboard that’s exposed by pushing the display up. Those who want a device to remind them of those wonderful days will be happy to find a keyboard with a lot of spacing, grip and feedback. Track and feel is as good as it gets. A lot of additional advanced messaging and social features included… definitely take a good look at this one. It’s currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Motorola DROID 3 (Get it!)

The Motorola DROID 3 is a continuation of the iconic series exclusive to Verizon. Just like its predecessors, the DROID 3 has a keyboard. Unlike those predecessors, its keyboard is great to use.  Not to mention that it’s faster, bigger and better overall. The Motorola DROID 3 gets rid of the d-pad that many considered to be useless in order to make more room for bigger keys. Even for people with big hands, the keys are easily accessible and there aren’t many instances where you find yourself hitting the wrong one. It also has the oft-desired fifth row dedicated for numbers. On a 4 inch screen and with a dual-core processor, this Android 2.3 phone is as good as it gets on Big Red Verizon. You can purchase one now on Amazon.

Express from Sprint (Get it!)

The Express from Sprint is hardly the best phone out there, but it can be a great entry-level gift for former BlackBerry users and heavy texters and e-mailers. The keyboard is backlit and is a bit reminiscent of Motorola’s style. The Express has a 2.6 inch HVGA display, a 3.2 megapixel camera and only a 600MHz processor, but the price is what will make you want to convert your feature phone texters into Android users. Sprint introduced it for just $20 and holiday deals are sure to knock the price down even more. You get a cheap gift, they get a smartphone and retain the keyboard they love and everyone has a happy holiday. You can order the Express from Sprint today.

Samsung Stratosphere (Get it!)

The Samsung Stratosphere isn’t all that much different from Verizon competitor AT&T’s Captivate Glide at first glance. It’s a 4 inch device with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard of similar quality and style to many of Samsung’s recent keyboard phones. Track and feel is good, feedback makes you sure you pressed a key and spacing makes it very comfortable to type on. The phone doesn’t have a dual-core processor but its 1GHz chipset still puts this phone ahead of the mid-range competition. With 4G, a 5 megapixel camera and more this phone will probably impress your loved one beyond just the keyboard. Amazon has it for sale and you can expect great deals on it throughout the holiday season.