Gifts for the WORLD TRAVELER

One day they’re home, the next day they’re in some far away land, conducting business in London or snowboarding in Colorado. They pack up their stuff, cram their gadgets in a bag, and go somewhere awesome we all publicly envy on Facebook. Thanks to their gadgets, they’re never too far away, and they’ll love these gifts that will make them seem even a little bit closer.

Samsung Galaxy Camera (Get it!)

Android Phones and Android Tablets typically have cameras built in, but the picture quality has yet to compete with that of a dedicated digital camera, in many cases due to the lack of optical zoom. But what if an Android device was designed specifically to function as a camera with everything else being icing on the cake? That’s the concept behind the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Android lovers will obsess over the ability to take top notch photos while keeping their green robot in pocket. The Galaxy Camera includes 3G and Wi-Fi and has a boat load of options including an outrageously awesome 21X optical zoom.

ZaggKeys Flex (Get it!)

It can be REALLY annoying to travel with big, bulky devices in tow. But if you take something more portable, like an Android tablet, it can be a nightmare for accomplishing anything in the realm of “productivity”. The ZaggKeys Flex gives you the best of both worlds through a flexible and portable keyboard. It comes in a case that doubles as a gadget stand for your tablet or phone. Take the ZaggKeys Flex with you and you’ve instantly got a more laptop like computing experience for banging out E-Mails, writing up reports, or doing more rigorous work related functions. At only 6.3 ounces, you’ll barely noticed the added weight, but you’ll love the added flexibility.

iMpulse Controller (Get it!)

Originally a Kickstarter project, the iMpulse controller is a brilliant little gadget companion for any traveller who enjoys gaming. It adds virtually no bulk since its so small and simply acts as a keychain. Not only can you whip out your keys and use it as a gamepad, but the iMpulse doubles as a key finder, essential for the fast paced people who are here, there, and everywhere. And when you’re in really exciting places the iMpulse triples as a camera remote, allowing you to snap photos from a distance. The iMpulse works using Bluetooth technology and it’s a gadget companion every traveller will adore.

PowerGen Backup Battery ReChargers (Get it!)

What good is a gadget if the battery is dead? Two simple products can ensure you never run out of juice while globe trotting: a backup energy source and versatile charger. One of the best backup battery packs is the PowerGen with 8400mAh capacity. With most mobile phones around 2000mAh of battery, this thing could completely recharge your battery 4 times over and still have room to spare. Not to mention, it’s small, light, and only takes 7-10 hours to fully charge. This thing is a winner.¬†For chargers check out the PowerGen car charger which will enable you to charge two devices at once, ensuring whenever you’re automobiling around, you’re also upping your gadget ante.