Staff Picks: Rob’s Top Gifts

There’s nothing I love more than finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member- I get more of a kick watching other people open gifts than I do opening them myself. Unfortunately, I also hate wrapping gifts. Instead of a neatly decorated box that appears freshly crafted from the North Pole, my family is more likely to get “Inception Presents”… you know, a box in a box in a bag in a box that then contains a note explaining their present is sitting in the fireplace. If you called me weird, you would be right, but there’s nothing weird about any of my Top Picks for Android Gifts this year: your recipients will equally love all of them.

Go Groove Palbot (Get it!)

If your gift recipient loves the little green Android robot and enjoys music, the Go Groove Pal Bot is pretty much the perfect gift. It’s easy to use, beautifully blasts out loud and clear music, has a long-lasting battery, is portable, AND affordable. Especially if you take advantage of the special $21.99 PHANBOT deal with free shipping. We did a complete post/review on the Pal Bot so head over there and start drooling. Heck, you’ll probably want to bunch of these… one for you and every Android enthusiast you know!

Android Watch (Get It!)

First of all, don’t be fooled: this is NOT an actual Android Watch if by “Android” you mean Google’s mobile OS to which this entire site is dedicated. No, no, no… this “Android” is simply a brand of regular watches which one can procure. However, the robotic looking nature of this particular “Android Watch” and the fact that it has a very familiarly fonted “Android” plastered right across the face is too ironic to not love. Most will find it abusively ugly, but if you’re like me, the irony is too beautiful to look past.

Android Kickstart (Get it!)

An Android Kickstart is a great way to offer an elite, VIP present experience for the tech elite. Kickstarter is a website and community where aspiring entrepreneurs can pitch their idea to the public and retain funding for making their idea a reality. Instead of “backers” earning equity in the company, they get part of a pre-determined package from the company that usually includes a working unit of the product in discussion. Packages can range from $1 to over $10,000. Recent Android related Kickstarters have included the OUYA Gaming Console which generated over $10,000 in funding and the LIFX, a light bulb that changes color, operable with your smartphone. Sift through the Android related Kickstarter projects at hand and see what might float your boat!

LG Google TV (Get it!)

Critics of Google TV, including myself, would argue that the company hasn’t done enough to develop and push what could be considered the next big frontier consumer tech growth. Regardless, current GTV models offer users the opportunity at early adoption, getting in at the ground level of a ¬†technology that many think will take off in the next few years. As Google has stated several times, in a society where bigger and better screens are the heart of tech debate, the television remains largely unchanged for the past several decades. At some point the tides will change, developers and 3rd party hardware makers will begin targeting GTV, and the television landscape will change drastically. And won’t it be cool to look back as part of the original movement?

Square for Business (Get it!)

If you didn’t already know, I’m the founder of Phandroid, and it’s kind of crazy how this little blog turned into a full blown business. This was made possible by great technology and software that can enable people to do extraordinary things. Square is device accesssory and service that allows business owners to easily and portably accept payments from customers, opening up a new world of possibilities. Square isn’t exactly new – it’s been around for a few years – but I would urge business owners or potential business owners how to leverage new technology to make possible what was previously impossible. Cheers to small business owners moving the global economy forward!