The technology might change as quickly as the Billboard chart, but from vinyl to digital the music lover has always found a place on our holiday shopping lists. As our music libraries move from CD to PC to cloud, our smartphone have increasingly become the center of our listening experience. Bring the music buff in your life into the digital age with a selection of gifts that aim to cut the cord, remove the hassle, and crank out the seriously good vibes.

Sonos Play:3 Wireless Music System (Get it!)

For the true music buff, a solid stream of good tunes should never be far away. Sonos makes this a possibility through their wireless music system, which starts with the Play:3 speaker. The Play:3 connects to your home’s wireless signal for playback in any room. Combine the Play:3 with the Play:5 speaker and Sonos Sub and get the whole house rocking. The system works with an Android app for playback control no matter where you are.

Beats by Dre Wireless On-Ear Headphones (Get it!)

Cut the cord and look like a real G while doing so. Beats by Dre has become synonymous with high-quality audio, from your smartphone to your earphones. These wireless headphones connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet, or computer and provide booming bass and smooth highs with a range of up to 30 feet. Earcup controls make skipping, playing, and answering phone calls super simple and a rechargeable battery offers up to 10 hours of power.

Google Play Gift Card (Get it!)

What good is a pair of fancy headphones or wireless speakers with no music to listen to? Grab the audiophile in your life a Google Play Gift Card for their stocking. Available in a variety of denominations, the card can be used towards the purchase of songs and albums from Google’s extensive library. It sure beats trying to track down the perfect album for the music lover in your life. As a bonus, the card can also be used towards the purchase of movies, books, games, and apps!

Jawbone Jambox (Get it!)

When it comes to portable music players, your options are fairly limited to either headphones or speaker docks when playing back your tunes. But what about those times when you are out and about and want to share the joy of song with your friends? We doubt many are carrying around a full-sized dock, and the whole sharing earbuds thing is awkward (and a bit icky). Enter the Jambox from Jawbone, a portable speaker that can connect directly to your smartphone or MP3 player via Bluetooth and deliver sound of a surprising volume and quality for its size. Coming in a variety of stylish colors, the Jambox is the answer when headphones just won’t cut it.

Subscription to Spotify (or other Streaming Music Service)

Give your music fanatic the utlimate freedom of choice with a subscription to Spotify ($4.99 – $9.99/month at┬á, arguably the best streaming music solution available today. A vast library of tunes are instantly at your fingertips, but a listeners existing library can also be integrated to take all of your music with you wherever you go. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Other great streaming options with subscription services include Rhapsody, Slacker, and Pandora.