Gifts for the TECH GURU

The tech guru has and wants every gadget. Not only that: they want it before everyone else. They’re on the cutting edge and everyone they know asks them for tech advice. How could you possibly find something cool enough for this person? Consult our TECH GURU Gift Guide below!

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 (Get it!)

People like things that can fly — the advent of helicopters, airplane and hovercraft show this. And that never-ending search for the answer of how to make cars fly still rages on. That’s why the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 would be a perfect gift for pretty much anyone who enjoys remote-controlled miniature vehicles. This thing might be mistaken for a toy, but it’s important to realize that it’s so much more (especially when you consider the $300 price tag). You can control this quadricopter contraption with mostly any Android smartphone, and it has an operational range of 165 feet. The ability to record your flying sessions with the included 720p HD camera and upload the videos straight to YouTube will be most welcome, and other sensors — like a gyroscope — means your phone knows exactly how the copter is positioned at all times. It’s simple enough for a child and flexible enough for a brainiac so if you’ve got the cash then you most certainly have the gift. [Buy it from Amazon!]

LG Google TV (Get it!)

An HDTV is probably the most sought-after gift one can buy, but why not give your loved one something that can do more than just deliver video and audio from set-top boxes? LG’s line of Google TV-enabled HDTVs will unlock your gift recipients to a new world they probably never even knew existed. Smart televisions have their advantages, and the easier life they’ll make for anyone who uses it will more than pay for itself. You could be watching Dexter and bring up an app mid-episode to tweet about it. Perhaps a game of Angry Birds is scratching the gamer inside you and you want to play on the big-screen rather than a phone or a tablet. Even if you just want a smarter, more intuitive way to discover new video content one of these units is a great gift for the asking price. Throw in the fact that it’s 3D-enabled and comes with six 3D glasses and I’d say you’ve found the perfect gift to hang on a wall (because, you know, it can’t quite fit under a tree). [Buy it from Amazon!]

Nest Smart Thermostat (Get it!)

While getting up to change a thermostat is no difficult task, the traditional boring method of climate control likely annoys one or two “smarties” in your family. Home automation makes having a smart thermostat possible, and that’s exactly what the Nest Thermostat provides. The Nest Thermostat’s biggest claim to fame is its ability to “learn” your climate control habits. If you tend to turn the thermostat to 72 at 8am to knock the chill of the winter out of the air, Nest begins to realize that after a short time and will do it automatically for you. If all the lights are off in your home, Nest will adjust to a “bedtime temperature” that it knows you like. If you leave the house for an extended period of time Nest can automatically set your temperature as soon as you leave and before you return home. Oh, and if you want to change the temperature without having to actually be at the thermostat an Android app lets you control the Nest from anywhere within the home. Setup is quite painless even for those who don’t know their way around a wire or two so you know a techie should feel right at home. [Buy it from Nest!]

OTG USB Host Cable (Get it!)

This little gadget may seem small and unexciting at first glance, but it’s the many things you can do with it that makes it so exciting. An OTG (on-the-go) USB Host adapter allows your techie gift recipient to connect external USB devices to use as peripherals as if they were hooked up to a traditional PC. Things like keyboard, mice, game controllers, external hard drives, microSD card adapters and even portable optical disc drives can be attached thanks to this cable, and that makes it a perfect stocking stuffer for those tinkerers in your life. What’s more is that this thing is about as cheap as cheap can be, so you won’t be breaking the bank to make your loved one happy this holiday season. [Buy it from Amazon!]

Solar-powered External Battery Charger (Get it!)

Typical mobile charging solutions will give you the juice you need without a difficult setup, but sometimes the difficulty can come with keeping the mobile charger charged in the first place. Why not gift someone a very geeky alternative? This gadget uses solar panels to transfer solar light into energy, and that energy is then transferred to whatever battery you desire. What better way to feed an inner-techie than to get them something like this? A practical solution for reliable charging it is not, but on those hot summer days where you can’t seem to find a wall outlet but run into sun wherever you go this solar-powered charger can come through in the clutch. It doubles as a standard outlet-charged unit, as well, so it’ll prove useful for a variety of different situations — a no-brainer, for sure. [Buy it from Amazon!]