Shopping for a marathon runner or someone training for their first 5K? A gym rat or an athlete? If it seems easier to find an ounce of body fat on the fitness fanatic in your life than it is to find the perfect gift, look no further. For the constantly on-the-go person with an obsession of sports and health, there are a wealth of gadgets to choose from. None of the below items are required to stay in shape, but they will be welcome additions to workout gear this holiday season.

JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones (Get it!)

The problem with most wireless earbuds is that they fall out during strenuous physical activities such as running. Not the JayBird Freedom headphones. No, they come with a unique, sizable method for keeping the earbuds snug in your ears. Sweat all you want, these things aren’t falling out. And because they are sweat-proof, they aren’t breaking either. With controls on the earpiece and a built-in microphone, the Freedom headphones can also be used to take an urgent call (if you aren’t too out of breath).

BioLogic Bike Mount (Get it!)

Where to keep your smartphone while exercising is a problem that every Android athlete faces. For the cyclist, the problem can be particularly hard to address. A bike mount provides a great way to quickly check your favorite fitness app for the details of your ride without taking your eyes off the road for an extended period of time. It’s a lot better then having to take your hands off the handlebars to fish a phone from a pocket, that’s for sure.

Oakley Airwave Ski Goggles (Get it!)

Admittedly a bit of a niche item, the extreme athlete in your life would love to see these under the tree. Oakley’s Airwave ski goggles combine years of eyewear knowledge with Recon Instruments technology, bringing a heads-up display to your line of vision to deliver info on such as speed, altitude, and length of run. Pairing with an Android smartphone provides all sorts of data, and a wireless remote makes it easy to interact with what you projected on the inside of the lens. You can even use the controller to control a music playlist. A pricey gadget, but one that will make you king of the slopes.

FitBit One (Get it!)

Even if your shopping for someone that isn’t a hardcore athlete, a little fitness never hurts. OK, sometimes the recovery part hurts…but I digress. The FitBit One is an easy way to encourage a healthier lifestyle by monitoring activity throughout the day and translating it into a collection of data tracking steps taken, calories burned, and more. The One also acts as a sleep tracker to help users get the rest they need after a hard day’s work. All the info FitBit gathers on a user’s activity can be accessed via an online dashboard or through a smartphone.

Manzella Sprint TouchTip Gloves (Get it!)

Running in cold weather presents a number of challenges, one of which is how to keep your hands warm while still allowing easy control of your smartphone, fitness tracking device, or music player. Enter the Manzella Sprint TouchTip Gloves. Designed out of a breathable, stretchy material, the gloves provide warmth while allowing users to still interact with a touchscreen device. Patches of terry cloth on the thumbs provide the perfect place to wipe that runny nose!