Staff Picks: Edgar’s Favorite Gifts

The holidays are almost here and we are all getting ready to shop. You might be thinking of getting something for that Android/tech geek in the family (or for yourself), and many times it’s hard to pick. Especially if you don’t want to buy an expensive phone or tablet. The geeks will love to see other cool gifts under the Christmas tree: here are a few of my favorites!

Powerbag (GET IT!)

I haven’t been able to run out of battery since last CES, when I first got my Powerbag. These bags come with a built-in battery that charges phones, tablets and eReaders on the go.

There are many versions available, from briefcases to messenger bags and backpacks, but my favorite happens to be the Backpack. It creates a perfect balance between functionality and portability. Some of the others are smaller, but that comes with its downsides. Likewise, you might not want to always carry around the large briefcases they offer.

The prices have gone down since last January. You can get the Powerbag Backpack for a bit over $112 straight from Amazon. I would also recommend the Sling, which goes for $96.42, or the $121 Instant Messenger Bag.

Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case (GET IT!)

Now, if you want to extend your battery life without having to carry much, the Mophie case is your best bet. These cases come with an integrated battery that is said to more than double your battery life. Mophie has become very popular for making battery cases for iPhones, but they recently made the jump to Android by making a Samsung Galaxy S3 case.

It sports a 2,300 mAh battery, which is not bad. It does make your device a bit bigger and chunkier, but that is not a bad price to pay for all-day battery life. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mophie Case is a bit expensive at $100, though. But if you want to keep your device alive, it is worth every penny. You can go ahead and get it from Amazon right now, so have at it!

ANDRU Charger (GET IT!)

Are you bored of regular ol’ smartphone chargers? The ANDRU charger will definitely bring a sense of style to your daily smartphone charging routine. This charger is shaped like an Android robot and is guaranteed to make any Android fan jump and flip like a cheerleader.

Not much to say about it… it is simply a charger. But you can’t beat the design. Its eyes light up while charging, so there is some good eye candy in the dark, as well. When not in use, just pop in the base and adorn your desk with it. It is available for $25 from Amazon, so this would be the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for the nerd in your family.

Sony SmartWatch (GET IT!)

Some might say smart watches are a gimmick, but every geek loves a good gimmick. And the Sony SmartWatch is a very fun and functinal one, at that. The Sony SmartWatch allows users to quickly navigate through your smartphone’s content via a bluetooth connection. You can look at contacts, read messages, see who is calling and even check your social networks!

It is a great tool to use for those that spend much of their time in meetings or class. This happens to be one of the most popular Android smart watches due to the fact that it is the best of the most readily available. Some might argue other competitors are better, but with this guy being sold everywhere, it may just be the most convenient option for your holiday shopping. Not to mention it definitely holds its own.

You can go ahead and get it from Amazon for $102.99, which is a good discount over its original $150 price point.


Google TV may not be where we want it to be, but we still believe it will evolve to be the best smart TV experience in the planet. If you want to give someone the gift of Google TV, the best option is to get the VIZIO Co-Star. Why, you might ask? Because it was the first Google TV product to bring the same functionality and competitive specs for only $100 (save for the Logitech Revue, after its price drop).

The VIZIO Co-Star improves your TV experience by bringing you Android apps, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, streaming and even OnLive cloud gaming capabilities. The lower price does come with its small sacrifices, but for $100, we can say it’s the best Google TV deal you can get. You can go ahead and purchase it straight from Amazon. Enjoy!