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Staff Picks: from the EDITORS

Below you’ll find excellent holiday gifts categorized by the type of person for whom you’re shopping, but each Phandroid Editor has selected 5 of their favorite gift ideas across the board. Dive in to see top gift choices by Rob Jackson, Quentyn Kennemer, Kevin Krause, Chris Chavez, and Edgar Cervantes.

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Kevin Krause

Rob Jackson

Chris Chavez

Edgar Cervantes

Gifts for the TECH GURU

The tech guru has and wants every gadget. Not only that: they want it before everyone else. They’re on the cutting edge and everyone they know asks them for tech advice. These gifts will warm the hearts (or gears) inside the chests of techies everywhere.

Gifts for the DROID GAMER

Someone in your life likes to game so much that they can’t stand to be away from the thrill of it long. That’s why when they leave the house their smartphones and tablets become their consoles, and they need gifts that will make the experience more comfortable and accessible.

Gifts for the MUSIC BUFF

The technology might change as quickly as the Billboard chart, but from vinyl to digital the music lover has always found a place on our holiday shopping lists. As our music libraries move from CD to PC to cloud, our smartphone have increasingly become the center of our listening experience. Bring the music buff in your life into the digital age with a selection of gifts that aim to cut the cord, remove the hassle, and crank out the seriously good vibes.


Shopping for a marathon runner or someone training for their first 5K? A gym rat or an athlete? If it seems easier to find an ounce of body fat on the fitness fanatic in your life than it is to find the perfect gift, look no further. For the constantly on-the-go person with an obsession of sports and health, there are a wealth of gadgets to choose from. None of the below items are required to stay in shape, but they will be welcome additions to workout gear this holiday season.

Gifts for the WORLD TRAVELER

They’re here, there, and everywhere, jet setting the globe as if it were their own personal playground. With all the different adventures and challenges met while travelling, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas to help the Magellans of your life have even more enjoyable trips. Whether they’re trying to capture the perfect picture or on an epic backpacking expedition that leaves them without electricity for several days… your gift will have them covered.

Gifts for the PARANOID DROID

Paranoid Droids are the kind of people that tend to worry. A lot. Whether it’s about their expensive Android toys, or own personal safety, these types want to protect it all. Good thing we made a nice little list of holiday gifts that are sure to give them some peace of mind this holiday season.

Gifts for the ?????

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Gifts for the ?????

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