T-Mobile Jump

T-Mobile JUMP! vs AT&T Next vs Verizon Edge — what they don’t want you to know

Jul 19th - Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have all outlined their early upgrade programs for those willing to go the month-to-month route. Are all these plans created equally or is there a hidden catch somewhere? Let's find out!

T-Mobile CEO puts AT&T and their Next early upgrade program on blast

Jul 16th - John Legere takes to his new Twitter account to share his opinions about AT&T's answer to T-Mobile's Jump program called Next. Is Legere en route to create a cult following of outspoken consumers?

Reminder: T-Mobile JUMP, Simple Choice Family Plan now available

Jul 15th - The latest T-Mobile features are now available to those who are interested in taking advantage of them. Find out how you can upgrade twice a year and get in on a great new family plan.

T-Mobile’s new JUMP! commercials are hilarious, check all of them out here [VIDEOS]

Jul 10th - T-Mobile’s press event is just wrapping up, and probably the most disruptive new move for the Un-carrier was their newly announced “JUMP!” program that essentially allows customers to upgrade their devices twice per year. To help advertise this insanely scrum-diddly-umptious new service, T-Mobile is going to be airing a series of new ad-spots that we […]

More eye candy is headed to the Google Play Store – Popular Characters page and What’s New receive UI tweaks

Jul 7th - Those of you who love keeping up with all the going-ons and UI tweaks made in the Google Play Store might notice a few new changes hitting the app in the coming days.

Don’t expect this year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to come with a micro SD card slot

Jul 7th - If the recent round of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaks have told us anything (like that leaked video from yesterday), it’s the phablet will more than likely feature a design similar to this year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Deal: Get lifetime subscriptions to password managers for less than $30

Jul 7th - If someone hacks into your personal accounts it could result in stolen money and your identity. No one wants that to happen. Android Area currently has two different password manager services on sale.

Some doofus rushed the stage of a Broadway play to charge his phone using the set’s fake electrical outlet

Jul 7th - While attending a Broadway play, an audience member reportedly rushed on stage to plug his phone into the set's (fake) electrical outlet. Wow.

Nest Camera goes up for sale in the UK for £159

Jul 7th - Those in the UK who have been waiting on a chance to buy the Nest Camera will get that chance starting today. The company is now selling the Nest Camera through their website for £159 each.