Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 to be refreshed with bigger battery, wireless charging

Mar 12th - Although Samsung’s successor to the Galaxy S3 is set to be announced in a couple of short days, it seems the company could be prepping a refresh to the line. According to insider Eldar Murtazin, the refresh will bring about a better display, a 2,400 mAh battery, and will be outfitted with the necessary bits […]

Lookout update provides lock-screen protection for Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3

Mar 12th - Samsung has been under heavy fire lately as recent security holes have popped up in the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 making it possible for folks to bypass the device’s password-protected lock-screen without needing said password. The emergency dialer, the one that is accessible in case you need to dial 911 or other emergency […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 bug lets anyone bypass lockscreen with minimal effort

Mar 6th - Uh oh, looks like Samsung is facing another possible security breach, this time with the Galaxy S3. Apparently the boys at ZDNet got wind of a security exploit that allows anyone with a high school GED to completely bypass the lockscreen on the Galaxy S3 with very minimal effort. Don’t believe it? Here’s how to […]

Leaked screenshots confirm Smart Scroll and Smart Pause for Galaxy S4’s TouchWiz build

Mar 6th - What we see here are a few screenshots gathered from the latest build of TouchWiz, confirming rumors of Smart Scroll functionality in the Samsung Galaxy S4. In actuality, the screens we see here are from the Galaxy S3’s Android 4.2.1 firmware, but it goes without saying that this is indeed the version of the software […]

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 receiving Android 4.1.2 update now

Mar 5th - The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 is receiving its update to software version VRBMB1, a day after the change log for the latest build was posted online. The Android 4.1.2 update weighs in at 150MB and is currently being pushed over the air to owners of the handset. Expected changes include keyboard and Bluetooth enhancements, the […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 clears FCC with support for T-Mobile LTE

Mar 5th - T-Mobile is just about ready to join the 4G LTE circus with the first devices enabled for the network rumored to launch later this month. This includes the LTE-enabled Galaxy S3, which recently made its way through the FCC, lending credence to a supposed March 27th (or April 3rd) launch date. The phone features full […]

Samsung phones suffer lock-screen security flaw [VIDEO]

Mar 4th - It appears Samsung’s phones are a tad insecure. A new flaw has been uncovered by a user that puts the home-screen of a user’s locked device at risk. In case you don’t know, the pattern and password unlock screens on Samsung phones offer access to the emergency dialer. From there, you can access the user’s […]

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 to receive maintenance update

Mar 4th - Verizon is readying for the launch of a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Weighing in at 150MB and pegged as build version VRBMB1, the tweaked edition of Android 4.1.2 comes with predictive keyboard improvements, improved Bluetooth performance, and the ability to use the phone’s camera while on a call. All in all, the […]

Soti’s display mirroring technology offers plenty of possibilities [VIDEO]

Feb 28th - Having an issue with your phone? Soon you could be able to receive remote diagnostics and service thanks to Soti. The company provides display mirroring technology for Android handsets that serves a myriad of purposes. Aside from allowing a remote service tech access to your phone for quick tune-up, Soti also gives you a desktop […]

What’s the next phone worth waiting for? [POLL]

Feb 18th - It’s an exciting time in the smartphone world. Mobile World Congress kicks off at the end of the month. Samsung is holding an Unpacked event mid March. It looks like the new HTC One (M7) is set to launch March 22nd. Google I/O is coming in May. Heck, even rumors of the next iPhone have […]

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3 receiving minor update

Feb 13th - A new update is available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint. The software upgrade, which brings to phone to build version L710VPBMA6, is nothing earth-shattering. The full changelog “misc bug fixes,” “voicemail application update,” and “SMS 3-digit support.” The update is queued to start reaching handsets today. It should push over the air. As […]

Samsung wireless charging cradle could hint at Galaxy S4 functionality

Feb 11th - A recent FCC filing details a Samsung-made wireless charging station, the company’s first foray into a technology that is slowly but surely starting to catch on with manufacturers and consumers alike. The documentation of the Qi-compatible cradle provides plenty of details, including a plethora of images demonstrating the device. In one image a Galaxy S3 […]

Buy the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 for a penny via Amazon Wireless [DEALS]

Feb 7th - Looking for another perfect opportunity to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint? Amazon Wireless has the deal you’re looking for as one of the retailer’s famous penny-pinching sales is going on right now. You can get the device for just one penny if you’re a new Sprint customer opening up a new account, a […]

T-Mobile’s 4G LTE device train to start March 27th with Galaxy S3 in tow?

Feb 4th - Our friends at TmoNews have received new evidence suggesting T-Mobile would be bringing its first LTE devices in less than two months. Specifically, an LTE-enabled mobile hotspot device and T-Mobile’s LTE-equipped Samsung Galaxy S3 are said to be coming starting March 27th (though the latter could launch a week after that). T-Mobile has already launched […]

Android 4.1.2 leaks for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3

Feb 4th - Samsung Galaxy S3 owners around the world have been enjoying the phone’s update to Android 4.1.2, except, of course, for those in the US, where the absent is not-so-surprisingly missing. While the wait continues, leaks continue to emerge, providing hope that the new software could soon arrive. The latest? Leaked build VRBMA2 for Verizon’s edition […]