Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tips & Tricks

Jan 28th - Whether your new to the Samsung Galaxy S4 or a seasoned veteran, there are so many features packed into Samsung’s latest flagship that there are bound to be a few you haven’t heard of. We’ve compiled some of our favorites in the following list, including everything from shortcuts and gestures to voice commands and controlling your TV.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review: Is it better than the Note 4?

Jan 2nd - The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge offers everything we love about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the addition of curved AMOLED technology that creates a unique secondary display. It takes some getting used to, but the phone’s Edge display offers a novel experience that subtly enhances usability without sacrificing performance.

Samsung preps retail stores for Lollipop update rolling out in January

Dec 30th - We know owners of Samsung devices (or any other manufacturer for that matter) are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop. After initially rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Poland as sort of a test run, it was more recently we saw the update begin spreading through Europe. Of […]

Samsung Milk VR app delivers virtual reality videos to your Gear VR on a daily basis

Dec 30th - It's no secret that there is a bit of a shortage when it comes to Samsung Gear VR content at the moment -- and developers are surely working on changing that each and every day -- but Samsung's looking to give their headgear some tender love and care with a new app.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 doubles LTE bandwidth and delivers first Snapdragon 810 phone

Dec 29th - Samsung has announced a new version of their Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and it's one we definitely wished was headed to everyone in the market for a new smartphone. Can you say "amazing new LTE radios and Snapdragon 810?"

Deal: Verizon is taking 50% off all Android smartphones $199.99 and up

Dec 19th - Verizon is looking to push a few more smartphones out of the door ahead of the busy Christmas week. The carrier's latest deal takes 50% off all on-contract Android smartphones that cost $199.99 or more.

Unboxing: Samsung Gear VR

Dec 16th - The Samsung Gear VR is Samsung’s latest and perhaps most unique wearable. Announced alongside the Galaxy Note 4, the Gear VR relies on the handset to create a virtual reality headset for viewing video, playing games, and experience other types of immersive content. We unbox it.

Verizon rolls out Gear VR update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Dec 10th - Verizon is pushing out an update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that brings a handful of bug fixes, improvements, and even compatibility for the Samsung Gear VR headset. Changelog in the post.

New “G Pen” trademark suggests LG will challenge Samsung Galaxy Note’s S-Pen

Dec 8th - Samsung made it cool to use a stylus with a smartphone again, and it seems a few of their competitors want in on the fun. One of those competitors is headquartered in their very own South Korean backyard, and we're speaking of none other than LG.

Samsung’s lawsuit against NVIDIA prompts blog post defending Tegra K1’s power versus Exynos

Nov 12th - Many casual followers of the mobile industry might think Samsung vs Apple is the only battle going on these days, but the truth is that many of these companies have a lot more going on. Samsung and NVIDIA have their own differences to settle and that battle takes a big step today.

Best Android Phones [November 2014]

Nov 3rd - October is now in the rear view, and the crazy holiday shopping season is approaching quickly. As the holiday sales start popping up you're going to want to know what Android phones are best. We've got you covered.

You can now order the Galaxy Note 4 developer edition for Verizon

Oct 29th - Just a quick heads-up that the developer edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available over at Samsung's website. This device comes with an unlockable bootloader, though the catch is that it will only work on Verizon.

Samsung dishes out two new Galaxy Note 4 ads [VIDEO]

Oct 27th - The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is available just about everywhere now, so Samsung wants to make sure you know that. The company has dropped two new ads promoting their latest and greatest smartphone.

Samsung reveals plans to sell Galaxy Note 4 developer edition for Verizon

Oct 22nd - Samsung and Verizon always seem to be cuddle buddies when it comes to developer editions of their phones. The two have once again come together to offer a developer edition of Samsung's latest flagship, with said flagship being the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung teases Lollipop on the Galaxy Note 4

Oct 22nd - In what would otherwise be an ordinary social media marketing pump, Samsung posted a photo of the Galaxy Note 4 noting that its Quad HD Super AMOLED display is "super sweet." On the display was a picture of some sweet, sweet looking lollipops.