Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear sales reportedly hit 50,000 globally, doesn’t stop custom custom ROM development

Nov 18th - Rumors that so far, the Samsung Galaxy Gear hasn’t been the breakout smartwatch Samsung wanted it to be aren’t very surprising. According to Business Korea, industry sources are now claiming that only a total of 50,000 Galaxy Gears have been sold globally, putting the device at about 800 to 900 units sold a day. While […]

Verizon Galaxy S4 getting OTA update, Android 4.3 and Galaxy Gear support on board

Oct 29th - Ready to start rocking that Galaxy Gear? You may be able to very soon if you own a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4. Your update is already rolling out!

Samsung announces Galaxy Gear compatibility update for 8 more smartphones

Oct 23rd - Samsung has announced that the update for Galaxy Gear compatibility would be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

Watch as the Galaxy Gear installs Nova Launcher, runs Candy Crush, and plays Breaking Bad [VIDEO]

Oct 9th - Okay, so it’s no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy Gear — while limited in function — houses a full fledged Android 4.2.2 mobile operating system. Packed with an 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and an itty-bitty little touchscreen, the Galaxy Gear can run Android apps like any other device. Just like Google Glass before it […]

US Cellular Note 3 and Galaxy Gear now available in-store and online

Oct 9th - US Cellular customers interested in either the Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Gear smart watch -- or both -- will be excited to learn that both devices are now available online and in-store.

Samsung tries to make Galaxy Gear look cool by comparing it to gadgets from 80s TV shows [VIDEO]

Oct 7th - Samsung's first attempt at a smart watch hasn't been welcomed with the most warm reception in the world, but the company is looking to go hard with their advertising anyway. Alongside the general ad campaign Samsung launched to try and sell the Galaxy Gear beside the Note 3, they're trying to play on the nostalgia factor that such a watch could bring.

AT&T Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear launch October 4th

Sep 30th - Sprint was the first to announce their final launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and now AT&T is getting in on it. The company has announced October 4th availability for both the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear smart watch it can be paired up with.

Samsung executive says the Galaxy Gear “lacks something special”, and I agree

Sep 27th - We need a manufacturer to step it up and make the right smartwatch! The market is there for their taking, yet no one is doing it right! Who will be the winner?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear for Sprint release date set for October 4th — you buying?

Sep 23rd - Wondering when you can pick up your own Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and/or Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch for Sprint? The folks at the Now Network have announced forthcoming availability for both, with October 4th being the date they want you to circle on your calendars.

Rumor: Samsung already working on Galaxy Gear sequel; original product just a “test run”

Sep 16th - It looks like Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 rumors are already starting to heat up. Is Samsung planning a better sequel to their first go at the smart watch? Was their first go really just a test run?

Qualcomm Toq vs Samsung Galaxy Gear vs Sony SmartWatch 2 — which will you buy? [Poll]

Sep 9th - So most of the big gun smart watches have finally been officially introduced. Sony's SmartWatch 2 has had quite the head start when it comes to offerings from major OEMs, but a couple of viable options have sprouted since then. I'm talking about Samsung's Galaxy Gear and the Qualcomm Toq, two smart watches which were actually announced on the same day last week. We want to know which one you're "in" for!

Disappointed by Samsung’s Galaxy Gear? Try the Omate TrueSmart instead

Sep 8th - If you really want to buy a smartwatch soon, but were disappointed by the Galaxy Gear, I recommend heading to Kickstarter and checking out the Omate TrueSmart.

Mobile Roar Podcast: Nexus 5 leaks, Galaxy Note 3 announced, Apple iPhone 5S event

Sep 7th - It’s been one helluva wild week, not just for Android, but for the general tech industry as well. IFA 2013 kicked off into full swing and we’re still reeling from some of the biggest mobile announcements of the year. Outside of the show, we saw Microsoft finally buy Nokia (we all saw it coming), and […]

AT&T, T-Mobile detail Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear release plans (US Cellular, too)

Sep 6th - Carriers are announcing release plans for the recently unveiled Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. Early October is the launch window and pricing starts at $299 on a two-year contract.

First 12 Samsung Galaxy Gear apps revealed, 70 total promised down the line

Sep 5th - The October release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear is fast approaching and for those of you who weren’t turned-off by its love-it-or-hate-it design (I think it looks rather snazzy), you might be wondering exactly how “smart” the Galaxy Gear will be when it’s finally released. Because the Galaxy Gear isn’t your typical Android device, it […]