Project Tango

LG is building a Project Tango tablet to go on sale next year

Jun 26th - If there is a theme for day 2 of I/O it's "crazy stuff becoming real." Earlier today a Project Ara device was powered on for the first time, and just a little bit later Project Tango has a manufacturer.

Google’s Project Tango tablet revealed with Tegra K1 inside

Jun 5th - Murmurings of a tablet version of Project Tango have been swirling about for a few weeks now, but those murmurings have just been converted into official word -- the Project Tango Tablet has been officially unveiled.

Report: Google making Project Tango-esque tablet that can map 3D surroundings

May 23rd - Google I/O just got a whole lot more interesting. A new report out of the Wall Street Journal suggests Google is looking to produce around 4,000 tablets that can map its 3D surroundings.

Google announces Project Tango smartphone with Kinect-like 3D imaging sensors [VIDEO]

Feb 20th - Don’t bother checking you calendars, it isn’t April 1st. With that out of the way, Google was able to throw everyone a curve ball today with the announcement of Project Tango, their new in-house smartphone prototype outfitted with Kinect-like sensors. The 5-inch smartphone as is being developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) […]

Google’s Copresence leaked, send content directly between nearby Android and iOS devices

Oct 31st - Hidden inside the latest Google Play Services apk, Google's Copresence sounds awesome. Sending files directly between Android and iOS devices could suddenly become a whole lot easier.

Motorola DROID Turbo battery life test: nowhere near 2-days, but still pretty great

Oct 31st - We've all heard Motorola and Verizon's claims of 2-day battery life for the DROID Turbo, one of the reasons we rushed out to buy the phone on day 1. But just how true are those claims? Find out in our post!

Virginia judge rules police can order a suspect unlock their phone via fingerprint (but not passcode)

Oct 31st - If you're a privacy nut, it seems it could be more secure to lock down your smartphone with a passcode than a fingerprint. That is, if you're concerned with the police snooping through your phone.

Droid Turbo available, Nexus pre-orders, Halloween, and more [From the Forums]

Oct 31st - This Halloween there isn’t much scarier than going to order a Nexus 6 only to find it out of stock. If that’s you or if you are among the lucky few to secure your new Google smartphone, this week’s From the Forums is for you. Also, we take a look at Droid Turbo discussion and what’s happening around Android Forums for Halloween.

Mobile Roar 68: CurrentC drama, DROID Turbo, and Nexus 6 pre-order disaster

Oct 31st - Apple Pay has brought mobile payments to the mainstream, but is the mainstream ready yet? A service called "CurrentC" is blocking Apple Pay and Google Wallet are many retail stores. What gives?