Project Tango

Up close with Google and Qualcomm’s new Project Tango smartphone platform [VIDEO]

May 29th - During this year's Google I/O, Google announced a new smartphone reference platform for Project Tango. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and equipped with a 3D depth sensing camera.

Project Tango officially graduates out of Google ATAP and to an official Google project

Jan 30th - After spending 2 years at Google ATAP, Project Tango -- Google's mobile 3D mapping project -- is now officially headed to Google where it will launch as a consumer-ready product later this year.

Target’s Bullseye’s Playground uses Project Tango for virtual in-store winter wonderlands

Dec 3rd - Target is trying something new this holiday season to help keep folks in the holiday spirit as they shop. It's Bullseyes's Playground, a virtual/augmented reality experience that'll "transform" a Target store into a winter wonderland using Google's Project Tango.

LG is building a Project Tango tablet to go on sale next year

Jun 26th - If there is a theme for day 2 of I/O it's "crazy stuff becoming real." Earlier today a Project Ara device was powered on for the first time, and just a little bit later Project Tango has a manufacturer.

Google’s Project Tango tablet revealed with Tegra K1 inside

Jun 5th - Murmurings of a tablet version of Project Tango have been swirling about for a few weeks now, but those murmurings have just been converted into official word -- the Project Tango Tablet has been officially unveiled.

Report: Google making Project Tango-esque tablet that can map 3D surroundings

May 23rd - Google I/O just got a whole lot more interesting. A new report out of the Wall Street Journal suggests Google is looking to produce around 4,000 tablets that can map its 3D surroundings.

Google announces Project Tango smartphone with Kinect-like 3D imaging sensors [VIDEO]

Feb 20th - Don’t bother checking you calendars, it isn’t April 1st. With that out of the way, Google was able to throw everyone a curve ball today with the announcement of Project Tango, their new in-house smartphone prototype outfitted with Kinect-like sensors. The 5-inch smartphone as is being developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) […]