Project Ara

Must watch: working Project Ara prototype shown off in behind the scenes video

Oct 29th - Still in its infancy, Project Ara still has a ways to go before it reaches a consumer release. Over the past few months, we’ve watch as more information surrounding the project continually trickled out, the most recent being a second round of Project Ara developer’s conferences slated for January in both the US and Singapore. […]

Google holding a second round of Project ARA developers’ conferences in January

Oct 29th - Developers with an interest in Project Ara will want to mark some new dates on their calendars. Google has just announced two new global developers’ conferences specifically aimed toward Project Ara and the module development kit. Version 0.2 is out and Google wants to make sure everyone is up to speed with the latest changes […]

Google planning to sell Project Ara modules in new online store

Oct 23rd - Early rumors suggested vending machines and kiosks would be the points of sale for Project Ara. Instead, Google has decided to go the tried and true route of selling them via an online marketplace.

Project Ara still on track for early 2015 release, will run on modified Android L version

Sep 29th - It still sounds like science fiction, but Project Ara is still on track for an early 2015 release. Looks like it will run on a modified version of Android L, with modules sold in an online store (similar to the Play Store).

Developers can now apply for a Project Ara dev board

Jul 15th - Google is starting to get the train rolling on getting early Project Ara development boards into the hands of software and hardware engineers. Try your hand at applying for one if you think you have what it takes.

Project Ara gets powered on for the first time in public

Jun 26th - It's alive. Just a few months ago we saw the first prototypes of Google's Project Ara modular devices. Fast forward to today at I/O and the ambitious project is already working with real devices.

This Project Ara dual-analog controller concept has us licking our chops

Apr 21st - This concept controller module for Project Ara module looks amazing. Imagine snapping one of these onto the back of your phone for those intense gaming sessions?

Google kicking off $100K Project Ara developer challenge to help fuel development

Apr 16th - Google is hoping to entice potential Project Ara devs with a $100K developer challenge. Full details -- as well as when it will kick off -- can be found in the post.

Another look at Project Ara, the team behind it, and its speedy development process [VIDEO]

Apr 15th - In an interview with Paul Eremenko, we get a little more insight to the team behind Project Ara (Google ATAP) and the tight scheduled they've imposed upon themselves to make a real product in only 2 years time.

Watch Google’s Project Ara Developer Conference Live

Apr 15th - Today kicks off day one of Google’s Project Ara Developer Conference. The conference is set to begin at 11:30 am Eastern Time. Tune in below. The conference is aimed at developers and Ara enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. Google hopes to fuel innovation and generate excitement in this entirely new mobile space.

Phandroid Recap: Types of Android Users, WTF Samsung, and Android TV [April 6-12]

Apr 11th - Google's next attempt at the living room leaked, Samsung's new flagship phone launched, we told you about some great tips for your new phone, and we had a lot of fun with some other featured stories. In order to make sure you don’t miss any of this stuff we have the Phandroid Recap.

Project Ara’s newly released Module Developers Kit gives us new insight on the upcoming modular smartphone

Apr 9th - Project Ara MDK (Module Developers Kit) is now available for download. The MDK gives us new details on what to expect when the first phones go on sale early next year. (Yes, you heard that right). More info in the post.

The Project Ara team shows us early prototypes and 3 different endo sizes [VIDEO]

Apr 3rd - The Project Ara team is here to update us on the modular smartphone's development. In a behind the scenes video, we get a look at early prototypes and see the 3 different endo sizes they're working on.

Project Ara presented on video at LAUNCH conference; new details revealed

Mar 3rd - As we barrel toward a hopeful 2015 launch of Google's Project Ara, we're starting to itch for more than just photos and loose talk about the project. Thankfully, Google is getting a bit more comfortable with the details and is starting to bring this thing from within their super-secret Google X labs over in Mountain View. Check out this video presentation from LAUNCH.

Google wants Project Ara to start at $50; Developers’ conference set for April

Feb 27th - Google seems to be full steam ahead in trying to bring the concept of a modular phone to reality. Project Ara, if you don’t remember, is an original project of Motorola’s that conceptualizes a phone where you can upgrade individual components however you see fit. Whether that means upgrading storage, the camera, the processor and […]