OUYA: Where it stands, upcoming improvements and you

Apr 6th - OUYA’s main enzyme is the community, so it is not surprising to see them put this much effort into it. The $99 Android console will be launching this June, giving us about 2 months until its official release. Of course, the console/platform is not perfect, so they are listening to the community and asking for […]

Hands-on: OUYA unboxing and software review [VIDEO]

Mar 29th - After abandoning the OUYA launch party for the pure purpose of getting our OUYA gaming on, we resisted our urge to tear the box in half and performed the obligatory yet often chastized unboxing video. We’ve seen the Dev Console unboxed, but we couldn’t go without an official unboxing of the retail-ready OUYA. It’s built […]

Behind the scenes at the OUYA launch [VIDEO]

Mar 29th - Last night was the official launch of OUYA, the long-awaited Android gaming console that started as a Kickstarter project. While our friends at OUYAboards.com and GameFans.com have been ferociously devouring all the OUYA they can get, we decided to roundup some of the OUYA news in consolidated posts. OUYA Founder’s Pre-Launch Speech Prior to the […]

Official: OUYA begins shipping, hits retail stores on June 4th

Mar 28th - We’re at the OUYA launch event and heard a speech from founder, Julie Uhrman, just as she pressed the “publish” button on the last Kickstarter blog post. We heard from Julie directly: “Nobody knows about this,” she said, “Although the Twitter universe will soon know… we actually started shipping the OUYA yesterday.” That’s right, folks. […]

OUYA Exclusive: Yummy Circus puzzler gets demoed before launch [VIDEO]

Mar 28th - We have yet to see many beautifully crafted OUYA games, but Yummy Circus by PUZZL is definitely one of OUYA’s shining launch titles. Demoed for the first time at GDC, we went hands on with the multi-player game, and got some juicy details from company CEO Nilsen Filc. Below, you’ll see Yummy Circus running on […]

Kickstarter’s Whispering Willows brings Mystery Action Puzzler to OUYA [VIDEO]

Mar 28th - We’ve been on the hunt for awesome OUYA games (check OUYAboards.com), and although it hasn’t been the easiest task, several gems have popped up. We’re guessing/hoping a load more gems will pop up at tonight’s launch event. Fans of the old-school Mystery/Action Puzzlers will definitely want to check out Whispering Willows, a game that we […]

The Conduit HD on OUYA: why the Android console could soon be packed with awesome games [VIDEO]

Mar 27th - If you didn’t already know, the OUYA comes packed with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor for optimal gaming. Our friends at Tegra hooked us up with an .APK of “The Conduit” First Person Shooter game to test on the console. But wait a minute, wait a minute… slow it down. Is this an OUYA optimized version […]

OUYA Hands-on: Beast Boxing Turbo [VIDEO]

Mar 27th - If you’ve been itching for some boxing fun on Android, the OUYA just might have your covered with¬†Goodhustle Studios’ upcoming title, Beast Boxing Turbo. A first-person arcade boxer, Beast Boxing Turbo will have you traveling to distant world called “Beasthalla,” a land where beasts box for cash and winnings. Players take control of a human […]

OUYA joins forces with MakerBot, lets users make custom 3D-printed consoles

Mar 27th - To go with the open approach to the OUYA console, the company has teamed with MakerBot to offer users the chance to customize the look of their Android-based gaming system using the Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer. Bad ass. MakerBot has created the necessary .stl files to functionally fit the innards of the OUYA, but […]

Nuidroid is like Kinect for your OUYA… and other devices [VIDEO]

Mar 19th - Nuidroid is an up-and-coming company aiming to becaome your next motion controller/remote. It works much like the Kinect, detecting your movement and using skeletal tracking to enable motion-based commands. The company gave us a quick demo of this technology at NVIDIA’s GTC conference. We can’t say it was the smoothest experience. It was a bit […]

Reminder: enter to hang out with us at the OUYA Launch Event [CONTEST]

Mar 19th - In case you haven’t heard, OUYA is holding a nice launch event in San Francisco March 28th, and Phandroid will be there! We have ourselves one ticket too many, so we’re inviting one lucky winner to come along for the fun. Entries have been open for about a week, but there’s still time to put […]

CONTEST: Win a ticket to the OUYA Launch Event in San Francisco!

Mar 12th - OUYA, the fabled Android-based gaming console, is set for an official launch on March 28th. From humble Kickstarter project to worldwide phenomenon, OUYA will be celebrated with a launch party on March 28th from 8pm to midnight in San Francisco. I’ll be there. Chris Chavez from Phandroid will be there. Nick Kosmides from GameFans.com will […]

OUYA opens shop, games go live for download

Mar 7th - Though early backers won’t have their consoles until later this month, those in the developer program might notice a bit more activity than usual in the OUYA Shop. Those working tirelessly to bring their content to OUYA have been given the go ahead to begin uploading games. It’s all part of an effort to make […]

OUYA shipping to Kickstarter backers March 28th, teases new exclusive project by ex-Valve designer

Feb 28th - The OUYA gaming console is almost here, folks. The Kickstarter sensation, which is an Android-powered gaming console powered by the Tegra 3 platform, will be shipping out to Kickstarter backers beginning March 28th according to the latest project update. OUYA already has components in the factory and on the assembly line, so it’s only a […]

OUYA announces finalists for CREATE competition

Feb 12th - The finalists have been announced for the OUYA CREATE competition hosted by¬†Kill Screen, as well as a smattering of other award winners for categories ranging from “Most Surprising” to “Pop Your Eyes Out.” The grand prize winner will be selected from a final group of ten come February 18th, but you can check out some […]