OUYA testing $60 all-you-can-eat game pass, MOJO gaming console gets OUYA

Jul 1st - Are you a fan of OUYA? A couple of interesting developments have taken place within the past day or so. For starters, OUYA started trialing an all-you-can-eat plan that gave you access to any title you want from OUYA's library of 800 games.

Madcatz MOJO to receive official OUYA software update this Spring along with price drop

Mar 6th - It may not come as much of a surprise to many of you, but it’s obvious the OUYA hasn’t been performing as well as its initial Kickstarter funding suggested. OUYA was always in a bit of a weird spot, offering games that, yes, were made for Android, but these titles were almost always exclusive to […]

Ouya updated with 16GB storage, revised controller

Jan 31st - Ouya has gotten off to a slow start, but that doesn’t mean the company has given up (yet). No, instead they are introducing a version of the console with boosted internal storage, 16GB worth to be exact. Compare this to the original and its measly 8GB.

Is OUYA in trouble? Original founder and VP of product development departs from company

Jan 16th - Uh-oh. There might be some trouble in OUYA-land, though it’s entirely possible we’re just reading this story with too much FUD in our eyes. OUYA founding member and vice president of product development Muffi Ghadiali has left the company on his own terms, according to TechCrunch. While there’s no clear indication as to why Ghadiali […]

Grab the OUYA for $10 off at Amazon [DEAL]

Dec 19th - Need a little something to nudge you toward buying an OUYA this holiday season? Amazon's got you covered with $10 off the gaming box, giving you an affordable Android-based gaming experience for just $90.

All-white Limited Edition OUYA revealed with 16GB of internal storage

Nov 18th - While the 8GB of internal storage inside the OUYA wasn't a huge problem for most, some have been a bit unhappy with the paltry initial offering. Thankfully OUYA has been listening, and has decided to bring us 16GB of storage... inside the new all-white OUYA. The device is now available for $130.

Custom OUYA mods are already here [VIDEO]

Jul 16th - People love customizing their stuff. It's something that is quite important to some people. That's why we were glad to see someone with such a passion for customization happened to hook it up on his OUYA unit.

OUYA goes on sale for $99 — are you buying? [POLL]

Jun 25th - Today is the day, folks -- after a series of short delays, the Android-based gaming console OUYA is finally available for $100. The device has been picking up steam ever since its wildly successful Kickstarter campaign wrapped up.

OUYA’s booth outside E3 almost jeopardized by huge truck parking in front of it

Jun 11th - The ESA -- the same organization who runs the yearly games show -- ended up parking their production trailers right in front of OUYA's booth, completely obstructing folks' view from the sidewalk and across the street.

What we expect to see from next week’s E3 2013

Jun 7th - E3 is set to kick off next week and whether you're Android or console gamer looking forward to the latest games from the Xbox One, PS4, or Wii U we give you a quick run down, along with our top predictions of what we hope to see from everyone at the event.

With the Microsoft XBOX One officially announced, are Google TV and OUYA in trouble?

May 21st - Microsoft just announced the one set-top box to rule them all - the Xbox One. This major play to take over your living room threatens the existence of Google TV. Does Google need to respond or will they have no problem keeping the boat afloat?

OUYA gets $15 million injection in latest funding rounds

May 9th - The OUYA Kickstarter was a huge success for the makers of the Android-based gaming console, but that looks like small change compared to the $15 million the project just received from the latest round of funding.

This is what the inside of an OUYA looks like

May 8th - iFixIt has finally gotten their grubby little hands on the OUYA console, and decided to rip it apart for the world to see. Is this thing as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside?

OUYA now partnered with 10,000 game developers – that’s a lot of games coming!

Apr 19th - Expect a lot of games to come to the OUYA, guys! In fact, thousands over thousands. Can this be the console that beats the big guys?

OUYA provides timeline on shipments to early backers, 100% of units to arrive before end of May

Apr 12th - OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman sent out an email today — the first of a weekly emails sent to early backers of the Android mini-console — letting them know that unit shipments are continuing on schedule with production cranking out round the clock, even changing up some partners in the process to shave days off the […]