Open Automotive Alliance

Audi, Volvo are among the first to commit to Android Auto vehicles

Jun 26th - Android Auto might not be a very exciting platform for vehicles, but with time it should blossom into something very interesting. Wondering which automobile manufacturers would be looking to bring their first Android Auto-equipped wheels? Volvo and Audi, for starters.

Car Maker Audi shows off their own Android Tablet [VIDEO]

Jan 17th - At CES 2014, Google and it's partners formed the Open Automotive Alliance, hoping to revolutionize the automotive tech industry just as Android and the OHA revolutionized mobile. One of those partners - Audi - wasted no time, showing off a sleek Audi Android Tablet soon to be found in their cars.

Google’s Open Automotive Alliance is a key move to bring Android to cars

Jan 6th - We thought it was pretty amazing when Google formed the Open Handset Alliance and brought together tons of major industry players to be the driving force behind the machine that is known as Android. Now, they’re doing the same with cars. Google has officially announced the Open Automotive Alliance, a “band of brothers” consisting of […]

Take a look at the entire Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge user manuals ahead of launch day

Mar 5th - We take user manuals for granted these days. Most devices come with small tutorials to show you the basics, and then leave you off to explore your new toy with glee. But since you can't quite do that with the Samsung Galaxy S6 yet, this user manual might be of great interest.

Google Search will now show you cocktail recipes when searching for them

Mar 5th - Google wants their search engine to become a resource for nearly everything, from health information to song lyrics. And now they're adding another element we didn't think we'd need (but probably will appreciate): cocktail recipes.

Lollipop update arriving on the Sprint Galaxy Note 4 and T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3

Mar 5th - Android Lollipop is currently rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in India, but now we're seeing some more Samsung + Lollipop love here in the U.S.

The Oppo R1x is officially launching worldwide in April

Mar 5th - You may remember an attractive device from Oppo back in January called the Oppo R1C. Today Oppo has announced the device will be available to the rest of the world in April, but it will be called the Oppo R1x.

HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 retail prices leaked in contest rules

Mar 5th - Samsung, HTC and the carriers likely won't be ready to announce pricing details for their latest smartphones until they're nearly ready to be sold, but a couple of early contests have given us an idea of their suggested retail costs ahead of time.