Net Neutrality

Survival 101: Blackberry wants to make it illegal to not use Blackberry

Jan 22nd - Think about that title for a moment. Take it in. John Chen -- CEO of Blackberry -- went on a little rant on the company's blog this morning, and by the end of it all we'd learned that he essentially wants to make it illegal not to use Blackberry. Full story's inside.

The Oatmeal completely dismantles Ted Cruz’s Net Neutrality statement in hilarious cartoon

Nov 10th - Uh oh. The Oatmeal is mad. Here comes a beat-down.

Net Neutrality: Top 10 Names the Government should consider for their Rebranding Contest

Aug 21st - When most people hear the words "Net Neutrality" they immediate think of the internet as we know it being destroyed. All of the negativity and confusion around the term "Net Neutrality" is making it difficult to know what box to check that advances their best interest.

Annoying Comcast ad brags about their stance on Net Neutrality

May 12th - An ad promoting the Comcast and Time Warner merger as a glorious thing for consumers includes net neutrality protection as one of the benefits. But if the deal goes through, it could be one of the biggest blows to net neutrality we've seen in quite awhile.

Google and other tech giants sign open letter to oppose FCC’s internet “fast lanes” proposal

May 7th - The FCC could be making a HUGE mistake if their internet "fast lanes" proposal comes to pass. Today, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other tech giants are standing up against the FCC in a newly published open letter.

Strangling the Internet: Government headed in disastrous direction [OPINION]

Apr 24th - We may soon be entering an age of digital discrimination, where all websites are not created equal. The government is supporting a law to allow Internet Service Providers like Comcast to charge websites and companies fees to ensure their content is distributed with guaranteed speed to consumers.