Hands-on: Samsung Gear Fit [VIDEO]

Feb 24th - We are at the Samsung Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona and we have to say one of the most interesting wearables we have seen is the Samsung Gear Fit. This smartwatch focuses on health, while keeping you connected with notifications for messages, email and other communication services. It is not as functional as other smartwatches, […]

Hands-on: LG G2 Mini [VIDEO]

Feb 24th - I have to say I wasn't too excited about the LG G2 Mini. I like it a bit more now, but I still have my complaints. Click through to see what this phone is all about!

LG G2 Mini teased with a hint of magenta ahead of Mobile World Congress

Feb 13th - LG seems to be getting their pre-MWC teasing out of the way early. They've already officially revealed the LG G Pro 2, and now it seems they're teasing a mini variant of their 2013 flagship LG G2. Buy why all the pink?

Sony’s Mobile World Congress press conference set for February 24th

Feb 11th - Sony has long been one of the many using Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as a stage to announce exciting new products for the first half of the year, so we were ecstatic to learn that the Japanese company has scheduled a press event for February 24th at the big show.

What is Motorola announcing at their February 25th Mobile World Congress event?

Feb 6th - Word on the street is that Motorola will be coming to Barcelona to put on an event. What for? We can't say. We have no clue what Motorola could be working on at this point. The company hasn't had any handsets rumored to be in the works since the Moto G, and that device is already making the rounds on various carriers.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Band said to be coming to Mobile World Congress

Dec 30th - It didn’t take long for folks to learn that the original Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch was rushed to market. With a limited subset of features, and with it initially available for a very limited amount of Samsung’s smartphones, it’s no inaccurate to suggest the watch was a bit of a dud. Samsung later admitted […]

HTC likely unveiling M7 at February 19th event

Jan 29th - Last week’s rumors suggested you should save the date of February 19th and those rumors are now confirmed: HTC has sent out invitations to press events in both London and New York City for that date, suggesting they’ll show off “what’s next”. All indications point to an official unveiling of the HTC M7, the company’s […]

7 Best Gadgets at Mobile World Congress 2012

Mar 5th - There were a ton of exciting announcements from the very beginning of Mobile World Congress 2012. Even through now, we’ve learned of new developments and advancements from tons of companies and a lot of it has been great. What are the absolute best announcements and product showings, though? We’ve come up with our list of […]

Video: Camera-Free, Touch-Free Gesture Technology by Noalia [MWC 2012]

Feb 29th - There has always been a bit of excitement around here for hands-free gestures on devices. A lot of that is already possible with the most notable example being eyeSight. But this technology doesn’t need a camera – all it needs is the presence of your hand. The display technology by Noalia uses electrostatic fields to […]

earSmart: Can You Hear My Noise Cancellation Now?

Feb 29th - After schooling you on MHL this morning, we promised to provide you with part 2 this afternoon. Class is now in session. You’ve probably read and watched a lot of device reviews on Phandroid. In these reviews, you’ve probably seen us point out two microphone holes, usually with one on the bottom of the device […]

CamDictionary for Android Helps You Quickly Translate Foreign Languages [MWC 2012]

Feb 29th - If you’ve ever come across Chinese symbols/lettering and you were completely lost as to what they meant, we’ve found a pretty cool app for you. CamDictionary for Android makes great use of your device’s camera to quickly and easily identify those words. The app will give you a reticle in which you’ll position the symbol. […]

Access media and control the Sony Xperia Ion with your TV’s remote [MWC 2012]

Feb 29th - Sony is making the connected home a reality via several innovations shown off at Mobile World Congress this year. One involves the way we interact with our smartphones once docked for use as a media player to push content to a larger screen. Using only your television’s remote you can navigate a special UI to […]

Ubuntu for Android Hands-on Video [MWC 2012]

Feb 29th - Canonical was one of our first stops inside AppPlanet here at Mobile World Congress. After hearing about Ubuntu for Android, my personal favorite flavor of Linux, I had to hunt them down. We were showed the app running on a Motorola Atrix 4G 2. Ubuntu tells us that they do have a minimum spec recommendation. […]

MHL Might Already Be Charging Your Phone: Do You Know What It Is?

Feb 29th - Don’t be tricked by the flashy phone in the steering wheel mobile gaming component of this video. While it’s definitely cool and makes playing racing games much more fun (easier to make gradual turns because of the turning radius), the folks at MHL weren’t promoting a game of any kind. In fact, you can’t physically […]

Deezer for Android Hands-on Video [MWC 2012]

Feb 29th - Being a US-based site, we hadn’t heard of Deezer before Mobile World Congress. If you weren’t in the know like us, Deezer is a streaming music service not unlike Slacker that allows you to access tons of music from many different labels. For about 10 euros per month, you can search and listen to individual […]