LG announces four new mid-range phones ahead of Mobile World Congress

Feb 23rd - LG has never had an issue announcing their goods ahead of the trade show they'll be showing them off at, and they've done just that with today's release. The company has announced four new mid-range smartphones to kick off the first half of 2015.

Sony probably won’t have a press conference for Mobile World Congress

Feb 9th - We'd heard Sony's presence at Mobile World Congress would be a lot less exciting than years past, but we didn't have a pretty good idea of what, exactly, they'll be doing in Barcelona next month.

Samsung begins sending March 1st press invites with a possible Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge teaser

Feb 2nd - HTC won't be hogging the spotlight on March 1st when they look to make their big announcement at Mobile World Congress. Samsung has reportedly started dishing out invites to press for an event on the same day.

Is this our first look at the REAL HTC One M9 (and its bigger brother with a fingerprint scanner)?

Jan 28th - After it was revealed that HTC slyly used decoy prototypes of the HTC One M9 to throw the blogosphere through a loop, we'd heard details of a new design for the upcoming flagship smartphone. That new design might have been leaked today.

For better or worse, Sony is finally going to cut back on frequent smartphone releases

Jan 27th - Sony is reportedly looking to cut back on smartphone releases and will instead look to prolong their flagship smartphones' life cycles. As such, it's said they will not be revealing a new flagship at Mobile World Congress.

Samsung Galaxy S6 battery to be non-removable, supposed glass back to blame [RUMOR]

Jan 19th - Samsung is one of the few companies who have stuck to their guns in making sure the removable battery and microSD card slots don't die off, but one of those features is said to be absent from the Samsung Galaxy S6.

HTC schedules March 1st event to unveil their latest flagship — HTC One M9 coming?

Jan 16th - HTC has sent out invites to press for an event scheduled for March 1st in Barcelona. That can mean only one thing: they're bringing something big to Mobile World Congress.

Report: Samsung Galaxy S6 to feature Nexus-like toned-down TouchWiz

Jan 13th - According to South Korean press, Samsung is looking to introduce a very toned down version of TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy S6, a phone which is rumored to be unveiled next month at Mobile World Congress.

Report: Samsung Galaxy S6 to be unveiled next month with 2 variants and smartwatch

Jan 12th - Not that we didn't already hear murmurings of Samsung's plans for Mobile World Congress, but another report suggests Samsung will look to bring more than just one big device to the show.

Hands-on: Huawei MediaPad X1 [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - The MediaPad M1 is Huawei's new higher-end tablet. It also doubles as a phone! Check out our hands on video and find out if this bad boy is worth your cash.

Hands-on: Huawei MediaPad M1 [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - We go hands-on with the Huawei MediaPad M1 at MWC 2014. The device looks a lot like an HTC One, which automatically makes it a good-looking tablet. Is it worth your money, though?

Hands-on: Samsung Tizen prototype smartphone [VIDEO]

Feb 27th - With Samsung sitting high upon their throne as Android’s #1 manufacturer, it’s interesting to see them playing around with another open source mobile operating system. Although not specifically “Android” related, when we heard that Samsung was showing off and advertising Tizen — their rival mobile OS — at this year’s Mobile World Congress, we simply […]

Hands-on: Huawei Ascend G6 [VIDEO]

Feb 27th - Don't you hate turning your phone around to get a better-quality selfie? Huawei aims to alleviate this issue with the affordable Ascend G6!

Hands-on: Impala app offers true smart photography [VIDEO]

Feb 27th - Impala is the kind of app that can easily go unnoticed at huge events like MWC, but we have uncovered the hidden treasure and love it!

Hands-on: Qualcomm’s 4K reference tablet and the Snapdragon 805 processor [VIDEO]

Feb 27th - It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that mobile tech is advancing fast. With Android tablets now hitting the market with 2K resolution displays, we’d guess that it wont be very long before 4K displays soon becomes the norm. Qualcomm sees that future closing in fast and while touring the halls of Mobile World […]