Mobile Roar Podcast

Covering everything in mobile from Android to iOS to Windows Phone. Join the editors from Phandroid each week to discuss all the latest news, wins/fails, app picks, and to share some laughs.

Mobile Roar Podcast 48: Great Artists Steal

Jun 6th - The terrific trio is together again just in time to disect WWDC 2014. The big mobile news from the event was, of course, iOS 8. The guys discuss whether or not it matters that many features were "borrowed" from Android.

Mobile Roar Podcast 47: Let’s talk about the LG G3

May 30th - With Joe away on his honeymoon, Chris and Kevin discuss the launch of the LG G3 and its QuadHD display, Google's self-driving car and its peculiar smiling face, and Apple's upcoming WWDC 2014 keynote and more on the Beats Audio acquisition.

Mobile Roar 46: Sour Patch Google

May 23rd - Has Google gone sour? The guys talk about the rumor that YouTube is interested in buying Twitch, and the negative reactions to that news. Would this have happened a couple years ago? Is Google+ to blame?

Mobile Roar 45: Moto E & Empty Boxes

May 16th - This week the guys discuss the ultra-cheap Moto E, OnePlus One contest winners receiving empty boxes, the iPhone 6 rumored screen resolution, Beats Music, and much more.

Mobile Roar Podcast 44: Lets Go to the Mall

May 9th - The gang is back together again as Chris returns from his appendectomy. The guys also talk about Android malware (not "mall-wear") and why you really don't need to install an anti-virus app, plus a whole lot more.

Mobile Roar Podcast 43: Conspiracies & Bike Trips

May 2nd - Appendixes? Who needs 'em! Chris is out this week getting a part of his body removed, but Joe and Kevin hold down the fort. They discuss the OnePlus + Oppo conspiracy, using the Galaxy S5 on a bike trip, the best phones and apps for this month, and more.

Mobile Roar Podcast 42: OnePlus One Equals Two

Apr 25th - The hypebeast has finally been slaughtered. The infamous start-up phone maker, OnePlus, finally revealed their "flagship killer" this week. We discuss the OnePlus One and wonder if they can follow through with their promises, and much more!

Mobile Roar Podcast 41: Chris’ Galaxy S Fail

Apr 18th - Despite all of our warnings, Chris still went out and bought a Samsung Galaxy S5. How does he like it? Let's just say if you've got a HTC One M8 to trade he is interested. Listen to him rant about how much he hates it, and listen to us say "we told you so!"

Mobile Roar Podcast 40: Project Ara & Android TV

Apr 11th - This week the guys discuss Project Ara actually being a real thing, Android TV and the death of Google TV, the 5 types of Android users you meet, crazy Samsung phones, and much more.

Mobile Roar Podcast 39: Amazon Fire TV & Cortana [Poll]

Apr 4th - Amazon has finally made their move to take over the living room, but is Fire TV any better than existing set-top boxes? Do people want to play Android games on their TV We also talk about Microsoft conforming to the competition, and releasing a feature with the coolest name ever.

Mobile Roar Podcast 38: The Great M8

Mar 28th - The guys can finally talk about the HTC One (M8) officially. Did it live up to the hype? Will it be destroyed by the Galaxy S5? Also, Facebook bought Oculus Rift, but you shouldn't worry too much about it. Other topics include Google I/O, millions of iPhones, Windows Phone 8.1, and Edgar selling his beloved G2.

Mobile Roar Podcast 37: What to (Android) Wear

Mar 21st - Google interrupted a pretty boring week with some big news for wearables. The guys talk about Android Wear, the Moto 360, LG G Watch, and even the iWatch. They also give Chris a hard time for becoming a Samsung fan. Lastly, they finish things off with Wins and Fails, and give you their App Picks of the week.

Mobile Roar Podcast 36: Dual-OS devices, music streaming, and Shaq

Mar 14th - Mutant Android and Windows Phone devices are coming, whether we like it or not. We share our thoughts on the prospect. iTunes Radio has surpassed Spotify in popularity here in the US. We share our favorite streaming apps. After the news we play THE PHONE NAME GAME, do Wins/Fails of the week, and share app picks.

Mobile Roar Podcast 35: CarPlay, Cortana, and The Oscars

Mar 7th - This week the guys are back from MWC to talk mobile news. Apple makes iOS in the car official with "CarPlay," Microsoft's Siri-competitor leaks on video and makes it onto The Tonight Show, and Samsung steals The Oscars.

Mobile Roar Podcast 34: Live from MWC 2014

Feb 28th - It's been a busy week in mobile thanks to the annual Mobile World Congress show. Our boys Chris and Edgar were on the show floor all week, but they took some time out to join us on the podcast.