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Covering everything in mobile from Android to iOS to Windows Phone. Join the editors from Phandroid each week to discuss all the latest news, wins/fails, app picks, and to share some laughs.

Mobile Roar Podcast 32: Flappy dies, but the LG G Pro 2 lives

Feb 14th - This week we recap the Rise and Fall of Dong. Of course, we're talking about the developer of Flappy Bird. We also talk about the latest iPhone 6 leak and hoax, the dozens of Windows Phone 8.1 leaks, Edgar's love of everything with the letter "G," and Verizon's latest shady move.

Mobile Roar Podcast 31: Flappy Bird Mania

Feb 7th - Flappy Bird has complete control of the world, and the Mobile Roar Podcast is no exception. The guys discuss this latest insanely popular mobile game and why it has become such a big hit. Can you beat their high scores?

Mobile Roar Podcast 30: A Lenovo Company

Jan 31st - This week on the podcast we celebrate our 30th episode by purchasing Motorola! Okay, actually that was Lenovo who did that. We don't have that kind of money...yet. We talk at length about what this means for Motorola, Google, and Android in general.

Mobile Roar 29: iPhone 6, Nintendo mobile games, and Samsung’s new UI

Jan 24th - The gang is back together again as Edgar returns from his trip to court. Why was he at court? Tune in to find out! We also discuss the latest iPhone 6 rumors, Nintendo and their dinosaur approach to mobile gaming, Samsung's new Windows Phone-like UI, and so much more!

Mobile Roar Podcast 28: CES Hangover

Jan 17th - We're back from CES for another episode of the Mobile Roar Podcast! Well, not all of us are back. Edgar is attending the Google Glass traffic hearing in San Diego. We recap that and talk about electironics in vehicles. We also discuss our best and worst from CES and thoughts on the future of the show.

Mobile Roar Podcast 27: SnapChat leak, Nokia Normandy, and CES 2014

Jan 3rd - We're back from a short holiday break to talk about the big stories in mobile from the last two weeks. SnapChat, Nokia Normandy, Apple/Samsung feud, CES, and the best phones of 2013.

Mobile Roar Podcast 26: Wood Moto X, Google Glass 2.0, and video lag hilarity

Dec 20th - Recording the podcast live can sometimes make for hilarious moments. This week certainly had its fair share. The guys discuss Google Glass 2.0, the wood Moto X, Windows Phone 8.1, and the world being covered with iPhones. They also talk about 2K phone displays, which somehow leads to uncontrollable laughter. You don’t want to miss […]

Mobile Roar Podcast 25: Nokia’s Android device and Google Play Edition devices

Dec 13th - Nokia is making an Android device? Really? The Google Play Store is filling up with more devices, but is anyone buying them? Chromecast just got a ton of new apps, are you buying one? Instagram Direct is a new messaging platform, but should it exist? All of that, and MUCH more, in this week’s Mobile […]

Mobile Roar Podcast 24: AT&T vs. T-Mobile, Lumia 1520, and Android 4.4.1

Dec 6th - John Legere is at it again with his war on AT&T. After AT&T released several new plans and discounts for BYOD Legere lets them have it on Twitter. Joe has finished his Lumia 1520 review, and wow is it a big phone. The guys discuss phablets and the trend of giant phones. Android 4.4.1 is here […]

Mobile Roar Podcast: Happy Twerkey Day! Check out the week’s top news stories and Black Friday deals

Nov 28th - While you’re preparing for your trypotophan-enduced day off, why not check out the Mobile Roar Podcast. Here, we’ve stashed the past week’s biggest mobile news stories, covering everything from Android, to Windows Phone and iOS. Watch, listen, or click — we’re only here to serve. Enjoy, and have a great Thanksgiving! The News iPad mini […]

Mobile Roar Podcast 22: Instagram, Coin, KitKat, and more!

Nov 22nd - This week on the podcast we celebrate the arrival of Instagram for Windows Phone users, and we try not to make fun of them (too much). We also talk about the trendy new Coin credit card, tons of Android 4.4 KitKat updates, and our Nexus 5 review. Everything we talked about can be found below. […]

Mobile Roar Podcast 21: Moto G and Sea turtles

Nov 15th - This week on the Mobile Roar Podcast we talk about a wide variety of topics. KitKat is rolling out to Nexus devices, the Moto G is official, a Sea turtles website is tracking iPad Mini’s, and Vine finally launches for Windows Phone. Download or subscribe to the podcast below, or watch our presentable faces talk […]

Mobile Roar Podcast 20: Nexus 5 thoughts, iPad Air review, and more!

Nov 8th - This week on the Mobile Roar Podcast we celebrate our 20th episode with some great mobile news. Kevin talks about his iPad Air review, and then we get sidetracked by how awesome Star Wars Tiny Tower is. Chris shares his thoughts on the Nexus 5 and specifically the camera. Of course we also have your […]

Mobile Roar Podcast 19: Nexus 5 and Halloween!

Nov 1st - This week on the podcast we talk a lot about the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat. Was this the Halloween treat we were all expecting, or did Google trick us? Either way, you’ll never look at a KitKat bar the same way. Since it was Halloween this week we had some fun with costumes […]

Mobile Roar Podcast 18: T-Mobile’s new tablet plans, BBM’s fake reviews, and the Black Knight

Oct 25th - Why do Gotham and Metropolis’ college football teams have school colors that happen to match each cities hometown hero? That question answered plus we talk T-Mobile’s tablet plans, BBM for Android, new iPads and plenty more.