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Covering everything in mobile from Android to iOS to Windows Phone. Join the editors from Phandroid each week to discuss all the latest news, wins/fails, app picks, and to share some laughs.

Mobile Roar 94: Google IO predictions, Cortana, Periscope, and more!

May 28th - The tech world is about to be buried in Google IO news, so we make some predictions before the big event. Also, Cortana is coming to Android and iOS, but is that a bad thing for Windows Phone?

Mobile Roar 93: Frozen phones, LG G4 launch date, Asus Zenfone 2, and more!

May 21st - It's always a good episode when something crazy happens to Chris. This week he accidentally left his DROID Turbo in the freezer overnight. We also discuss our first phones and something eerily familiar about the Samsung Captivate.

Mobile Roar 92: Goodbye Kevin, Verizon buys AOL, beer machines, and more!

May 14th - It's a bittersweet episode this week. We say goodbye to one of the founding members of the podcast, but also welcome a new member to the show.

Mobile Roar 91: LG G4 review, Hugo Barra hates SD cards, Project Fi, and more!

May 7th - This week Kevin is sharing his final thoughts on the LG G4, is it good enough to compete with Samsung and HTC? We also talk about not all Galaxy S6 cameras being the same, Google Project Fi invites, and more.

Mobile Roar 90: LG G4, email from the Samsung Knights, fart detectors, and more!

Apr 30th - Previous episodes of the┬áMobile Roar Podcast This week we’re talking about the LG G4 in all its glory. Is it better than the flagship phones from Samsung and HTC? Can LG be trusted with timely updates? We also discuss the gigantic size of Samsung, Apple Pay popularity (or lack thereof), Android and iOS apps on […]

Mobile Roar 89: Google Project Fi, Galaxy S6 vs iPhone, BB-8, and more!

Apr 23rd - Google is now a wireless carrier. Is that a good or bad thing? We go over everything you need to know about Project Fi, and how the heck does that BB-8 droid work?

Mobile Roar 88: Galaxy S6 review, Sprint cars, LG G4, and more!

Apr 16th - This week we can finally get some closure on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. We also talk about Sprint's latest desperate attempt to get more users, and more!

Mobile Roar 87: Samsung Galaxy S6 impressions, Apple Watch reviews, and Star Wars

Apr 9th - This week we've got the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the house. Chris shares some of his first impressions of the devices. We also talk about the Apple Watch reviews, and much more!

Mobile Roar 86: April Fools overload, HTC One M9 & LG G Flex 2 reviews

Apr 2nd - The April Fools Day "pranks" were weak this year, but a few products that seemed like jokes were actually real. Chris still doesn't believe the Amazon Dash Buttons are real.

Mobile Roar 85: Top 5 essential apps, Chris’ DROID Turbo saga, and Peter Chou

Mar 26th - This week the guys answer one simple question: what are the 5 most important apps/services that every phone needs to have? It's not as easy as you might think.

Mobile Roar 84: HTC Uh Oh, 360-degree videos, and Six Appeal

Mar 19th - Uh oh! HTC launches a new service in April that will allow users of the HTC One M9 to get a free replacement if they break their phone. T-Mobile launches a really cheesy Facebook app for bashing your carrier.

Mobile Roar 83: HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6, and the Apple Watch

Mar 12th - We're back after a week off for Mobile World Congress, and there is a lot to talk about. The HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 are finally official, but did the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge steal the spotlight?

Mobile Roar 82: Pebble Time, Moto in a box, and technical issues

Feb 26th - This week we finally have some new topics to talk about! Pebble announced their next generation smartwatch with a color e-paper display, and it was funded on Kickstart in less than 12 hours. Motorola sent us a press event in a box, and it was really cool. 38 minutes into the podcast everything went wrong.

Mobile Roar 81: Wireless charging, Apple Car, Facebook when you die, and more!

Feb 19th - We talked about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the possibility that it could support multiple wireless charging standards. Of course, we had to talk about the rumored Apple Car, among many other topics.

Mobile Roar 80: Megapixels, idiot Snapchat users, rock n roll CEO, and more!

Feb 12th - This week w're talking about the ruthless Samsung Knights. Do they have a case, or is the Samsung Galaxy S6 just an iPhone copycat? We also talk about Galaxy S6 camera specs, idiots who use Snapchat, and much more.