Watch the LG G3 event live online at 1PM eastern

May 27th - Ready for the big LG G3 unveiling going down in about a couple of hours? You won't need to follow clunky live blogs or wait for us to post the details if you don't want: all the live streaming goodness you'll need is inside.

LG G3 specs fully outed by official LG site ahead of launch

May 27th - There are only a few short hours between us and the grand unveiling of the LG G3, but even more leaks are rushing in for last minute spotlights ahead of the big show.

LG G3 demo units pop up ahead of tomorrow’s unveiling

May 26th - Want a swift look at how the LG G3 is going to be presented at retail after it's unveiled tomorrow? Newly-leaked photos of dummy units have spawned online.

LG G3 leaks for Verizon, shows off front and back carrier branding, new lockscreen

May 23rd - If there was any question the LG G3 was coming to Verizon -- and would have carrier logos on the front and back -- @evleaks is giving us some peace of mind.

New LG G3 teaser hypes its 5.5-inch display but reasonably sized form factor [VIDEO]

May 23rd - One more LG G3 video for the road. This time, LG is hyping the G3's large 5.5-inch display, but reasonably sized overall form factor. Because you know, bigger is always better.

LG hypes up the G3 with 3 new teaser videos

May 23rd - The LG G3 is expected to be a very solid heavyweight, and LG wants you to get excited about with the three new teaser videos they've dropped on YouTube.

LG G3 Developer Edition leaked for T-Mobile, micro SD card slot exposed

May 22nd - The LG G3 Developer Edition has been leaked for T-Mobile. If it looks different than previous leaks, that's because it's in a special "lunchbox" case to keep it disguised while it's being tested for network compatibility.

First official look at the LG G3 Quick Circle Case [VIDEO]

May 21st - Check out the first official video for the LG G3's upcoming Quick Circle case. Aside from its "stylish" looks, LG says it will add wireless charging and an SDK will be available next month for developers.

LG G3 preview event confirms a handful of specs, reveals a few surprises too

May 21st - We now know the actual size of the LG G3 and spoiler: it's about as tall (and a little wider) than the HTC One M8. Check out everything that was revealed during LG's preview event in our post!

LG G3 (D850) makes a pit stop at the FCC as it prepares for US release

May 20th - The LG G3 cometh. But before it can hit US shores, the phone must first gain FCC approval. Looks like it received yesterday as the LG D850. Release is imminent. Can you feel it?

LG G3 Quick Window lockscreen widgets leaked

May 19th - Today we're getting a good look at a few of the LG G3's upcoming Quick Window widgets. These are displayed when the phone is paired with one of LG's Quick Window cover cases.

And now, LG G3’s new homescreen UI in landscape mode

May 15th - We've already seen the LG G3's colorful new UI leaked in the past, but this time we're seeing it in landscape mode. Clean and colorful.

Latest LG G3 leak shows off new lockscreen, black sensor may not be an IR blaster after all

May 15th - LG G3 leaks again, this time showing off a new UI for the lockscreen. Not only that, it appears that mystery black sensor on the back could be more than just an IR blaster. More details in the post.

LG G3 leaked in press shots showing refined brushed metal design

May 14th - With the LG G3 expected to be officially announced on May 27th the beans have been spilling at a rapid rate. Only days ago we got a look at some spy shots of the device followed by an official tease from LG. Now the first press renders of the phone in three different color schemes have made their way online.

LG posts official G3 teaser on YouTube [VIDEO]

May 13th - Nothing like a good tease to stimulate our senses in the morning. LG is getting folks excited about their upcoming LG G3 announcement with a teaser video that has just hit YouTube.