Google TV

Google’s official YouTube app will cease to work on the earliest Google TV devices

Apr 21st - Folks still rocking some of the original Google TV devices -- such as the Logitech Revue and Sony's Google TV box -- will find themselves out of a YouTube app the next time they go to use their devices.

Google puts the final nail in Google TV’s coffin

Jan 6th - Earlier today Google finally announced the inevitable: most Google TV devices will not be updated again. Google TV is officially dead. Long live Android TV.

Google’s upcoming Android TV leaks, plans to be your entertainment hub

Apr 5th - Over the past year, Google TV set top boxes have seen very little on the update front while Android TV or Nexus TV reports continued to churn at the rumor mill. Today, we see evidence that Android TV is real and that Google plans to make Android TV your go to entertainment hub.

Pick up the ASUS Cube for only $30 (after $20 rebate) [CRAZY DEALS]

Apr 4th - Looking for a great deal on a Google TV? If you hurry, the ASUS Cube can be picked up for just $30 (after $20 mail in rebate). Additional details in the post.

Google TV not dead after all, Search and Voice Search updated

Jan 29th - Google TV might not be the most popular Android child inside the Google family, but that doesn't mean that it's been completely forgotten about. Two essential apps to the Google TV brand have been updated.

“Nexus TV” set top box rumors return, point to first half of 2014

Dec 7th - It's safe to say that Google's conquest of taking over your living room hasn't been all that successful, but can the rumored Nexus TV turn that around?

Report: Google is killing off Google TV, will rebrand it Android TV

Oct 10th - The signs were all there, and now after only 3 years since Google first debuted the Google TV platform, they’re finally ready to put it out to pasture. Well, the branding anyway. A report out of GigaOM suggests that Google will soon retire the Google TV branding in favor of something a little more familiar: […]

For Google TV’s sake, we really hope Apple announces a new Apple TV this Tuesday

Sep 6th - There's a strong possibility Apple could be bringing a new refresh of their Apple TV at an upcoming event this Tuesday. Could this be what Google needs to get their head-on straight when it comes to TV?

LG’s “G TV” trademark hints at upcoming Google TV device

Aug 21st - While Google TV may have had some trouble finding mainstream success, it seems LG isn’t ready to quit the platform just yet. A renewed commitment to Google’s television OS might show its face this year as the recently trademarked “LG G TV”. Announced during CES 2013, it was only earlier this year we saw LG’s […]

Google confirms Chromecast support is coming to Google TV

Jul 25th - Google has declared that Google TV is not dead, and it did that with some great news for Chromecast fans. Googler Warren Rehman has confirmed that Chromecast support will be coming to the Google TV platform sometime soon.

Can a cable-like streaming TV service save Google TV?

Jul 17th - Sources have revealed that Google has been in talks with media companies about licensing content for use with an internet TV service, one that would mirror the channel-surfing model traditional television provides. Can this save Google TV?

What we expect to see from next week’s E3 2013

Jun 7th - E3 is set to kick off next week and whether you're Android or console gamer looking forward to the latest games from the Xbox One, PS4, or Wii U we give you a quick run down, along with our top predictions of what we hope to see from everyone at the event.

With the Microsoft XBOX One officially announced, are Google TV and OUYA in trouble?

May 21st - Microsoft just announced the one set-top box to rule them all - the Xbox One. This major play to take over your living room threatens the existence of Google TV. Does Google need to respond or will they have no problem keeping the boat afloat?

Official: Google TV is getting updated to Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean

May 15th - Just because it was left out of the official keynote, doesn't mean that Google doesn't have any surprises for Google TV owners. Google has announced today that the still budding platform will soon be updated to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, along with the latest version of Chrome.

Google TV Remote app updated with Voice Search

Apr 4th - Google has updated the Google TV remote app, most notably enabling Voice Search via you Android phone. For many users of the latest Google TV platform (V3), Voice Search was out of the question due to limited hardware. With the feature baked directly into the app, all users can now search for shows, movies, and […]