Google Glass

Navdy is like Google Glass for your car, looks to make even the oldest beater “smart”

Aug 5th - If Google Glass is too embarrassing (or expensive) to wear out in public, check out Navdy. It's a lot like Google Glass for your car and you don't need Android L for it to work.

Swappa adds support for buying, selling and trading Google Glass, but will Google allow it?

Jul 29th - Looking to buy Google Glass off a bored developer or sell your unit for some needed cash? Swappa has decided to step in and be a better middle man than other options out there.

Google Glass has been explicitly banned from Comic-Con 2014 panels

Jul 24th - We suppose it's to be expected. Seems anywhere video recording is prohibited, whether powered on or off, the same goes for Google Glass.

RedLaser now available for Google Glass, aims to be the perfect shopping assistant

Jul 22nd - RedLaser is now available for Google Glass. The Glassware allows Glass Explorers to scan the barcodes or products while shopping and compare with prices found around the net. You can even get directions to local retailers if you found a better price somewhere else.

Google Glass US tour swings by Boston, MA on July 26th – RSVP now

Jul 18th - Whether you're excited about Google Glass or a skeptic, if you live in the Boston area you'll soon have the opportunity to try out Glass for yourself, and form your own opinion on its usefulness. Anyone planning on attending?

Google Glass updated to XE19.1, brings improved connectivity and refreshed voice menu

Jul 15th - Software update XE19.1 is now rolling out to Google Glass. No, it doesn't add support for Android Wear notifications (yet), but the update does improve connectivity in the headset. Guess it's better than nothing.

The man responsible for building Google Glass lands new job at Amazon

Jul 14th - The man responsible with Google Glass' creation has announced he's heading to Amazon. We don't believe this spells trouble for the fledgling product, as it could be in better hands with Ivy Ross now heading the project.

For Google, wearables all about decreased search times

Jul 9th - Google has been quick to point out the utilitarian aspects of Google Glass since it’s introduction, showcasing it as the futuristic alternative to the smartphone. Perhaps it could be, but let’s not kid ourselves. While Google may deep down inside truly care about the betterment of the world, it is a company based on answering internet search queries.

PSA: Some Glass Explorers upgrading recently may already have 2GB hardware revision

Jun 25th - Yesterday the Google Glass team announced upgraded hardware featuring a bump from 1GB of RAM to 2GB. While early adopters are not technically being treated to a free upgrade this time around, some who went through with the free upgrade offer only recently may already have the 2GB hardware in hand (or on the way).

Google Glass gets another hardware revision with 2GB RAM, previous owners wont be upgraded

Jun 24th - Call it Google Glass 3.0 or whatever you like, the headset is now shipping with 2GB of RAM. Also, another software update is rolling out and finally adds a viewfinder to help frame snapshots.

8 new Glassware apps hit the Glass store ahead of Google I/O

Jun 24th - After Shazam, musiXmatch, and Zombies Run arrived for Google Glass yesterday, 8 new Glassware apps (and 1 major update) have been added to the Glass store. Take a look!

New Glassware comes to Google Glass: Shazam, MusiXmatch, and Zombies Run!

Jun 23rd - Earlier today, we saw Google Glass availability open up for our Android friends across the pond and with that, came the addition of some new Glassware. For its introduction in the UK, the wearable headset saw Shazam added to the Glassware Store, an app that allows the users to tag music playing in the real […]

Official: Google Glass Explorer Edition launches in the UK today for £1,000

Jun 23rd - It was only a couple of weeks ago that we told you the United Kingdom would finally be treated to a launch of Google Glass, and now that day is finally here. Google has announced that Glass is now available across the pond.

This is what happens when you give old people Google Glass [VIDEO]

Jun 20th - This is what happens when you give the elderly Google Glass. The results are telling, worth a good chuckle, and all around endearing.

The Daily Show hilariously mocks Google Glass “discrimination”

Jun 13th - If you watched The Daily Show last night, you would have seen a handful of brave Google Glass Explorers who volunteered to appear in a segment called "Glass Half Empty." The skit focused on the recent trend of Google Glass-wearers being asked to leave certain establishments.