Flappy Bird

Start 2015 off right: with Flappy Bird on your Android Wear smartwatch [DOWNLOAD]

Jan 2nd - It was only inevitable, you can now play Flappy Bird on your Android Wear device. If you're adept in ADB, you can download the apk and start killing time right now.

Yes, you can play Lollipop’s Android-themed Flappy Bird clone on your Nexus Player

Nov 13th - Google outdid themselves with their latest easter egg, building a Flappy Bird clone right into the source code of Android 5.0 Lollipop. How could they possibly do any better than an Android and Lollipop-themed Flappy Bird clone on your tablet or smartphone? Take it to the living room, of course.

Download Swing Copters for Android… or any of the 35 fake versions you want

Aug 21st - The creator of Flappy Bird is back with another smash hit. We take a look at Swing Copters, and show you how to duck and dodge all the imitators.

The first game for Android Wear will make your eyes roll

Jul 8th - It was only a matter of time before someone made a game for Android Wear devices. Playing a game on your wrist is not exactly what Google had in mind for Wear, but that isn't going to stop Android developers from pushing the limits.

Flappy Bird creator shows off new game so we can all shut up about Flappy Bird already

May 15th - Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen is about as sick of hearing about the game that put him on the map as you are. That's why he's showing off a new game. So we can all forget about Flappy Bird.

BREAKING: Flappy Bird rises again, coming to Android this August

May 14th - Stop the presses: it's just been revealed that the Flappy Bird sequel will be making its way to mobile this August. Say hello to multiplayer.

Flappy Bird dev confirms hit game will make a return to app stores

Mar 19th - We know it’s been keeping you up at night. Ever since Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen removed his smash hit game from both iOS and Android app stores, there’s been a void in our smartphones that can’t be filled. But worry no longer, Nguyen has officially confirmed via his Twitter account that the game will, […]

Google setting a dangerous precedent by potentially blocking Flappy Bird clones?

Feb 17th - It doesn't look like Google will let clones of the addictive game Flappy Bird take over its apps repository as easily as the original took over many others' lives. Developers have been revealing that Google is beginning to reject any new game submissions with the word "Flappy" in the title, which is one good place to start if you're looking to curb a ridiculous trend.

Flappy Bird dev says the game’s addictive qualities motivated its removal, but is that the whole story?

Feb 11th - It was over the weekend that we told you guys about Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen’s sudden decision to remove his smash hit game from all app stores. In fact, there were those that didn’t think he’d do it, calling the threat of removal a low-cost marketing stunt from a developer with an insatiable lust […]

Channel your Flappy Bird hate with Flatty Bird, now available on Google Play

Feb 10th - I’m sure there are a good number of you rejoicing at the fact that Flappy Birds developer pulled the game from the Google Play Store (and Apple App Store) over the weekend. For some of us, it was the game we loved to hate, and where there were a vast number of copy-cat games gradually […]

Flappy Bird’s death has phones going for nearly $100,000 on eBay

Feb 10th - So now that Flappy Bird is gone (whether it was due to legal pressure or a genuine desire for peace and quiet), how can you get it? Well, some desperate folks seem to be willing to pay thousands. And tens of thousands. And maybe even hundreds of thousands. All on eBay.

Where did Flappy Bird go?

Feb 9th - The meteoric rise of the game Flappy Bird has eerily played out like the game itself: with a quick and abrupt ending that left Flappy Bird crashing into the ground. The game enjoyed a sudden spike of interest so large that it was generating $50k in revenue each day despite limited advertising. But now the […]

Mobile Roar Podcast 31: Flappy Bird Mania

Feb 7th - Flappy Bird has complete control of the world, and the Mobile Roar Podcast is no exception. The guys discuss this latest insanely popular mobile game and why it has become such a big hit. Can you beat their high scores?

Flappy Bird developer rakes in $50,000 a day off in-app ads

Feb 6th - Flappy Bird is arguably one of the worst games ever created. Not because it isn’t good mind you, but because it’s so frustratingly hard, its millions of players wonder why they keep coming back for another round of punishment. Available on both Android and iOS, Flappy Bird became an overnight success, soaring to the top […]

Addictive screen masher Flappy Bird comes to Android

Jan 31st - Sure, the name definitely tries to cop some of Angry Birds’ street cred, but it seems just a few taps of the screen has been enough to get users addicted to Flappy Bird, and it’s on Android now.