Deal: Buy 2 Chromecasts and get $15 off, or get a $10 gift card with purchase of 1 at Amazon

Jul 29th - There isn't a much better time to buy a bunch of Chromecast media dongles than right now. A couple of fresh deals have popped up to help you get one on the cheap.

Chromecast officially turns 2, Google celebrates by giving away a free movie rental

Jul 24th - The Chromecast officially turns 2 today. We still don't get a Chromecast sequel with dual-band WiFi support, but Google is giving us a free movie rental. Hey, it's better than nothing.

If WiFi sucks where you live, Google’s new Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast could be the solution

Jul 8th - If you have a piss poor WiFi connection in your home, but would still like to stream HD content on your Chromecast, Google has an interesting new solution heading to the Google Store.

Deal: Get a Chromecast for $20 through Groupon

Jun 2nd - One of Groupon's sweetest deals is back: it's a $20 Chromecast. It's refurbished, mind you, but we've not known Groupon to ship faulty hardware. The thing usually costs $35 new, so this is a hefty discount of 43%.

Chromecast support arrives on FOX Now, FXNow, CBS All Access, and more

May 14th - The Chromecast is about to get a slew of new content. Google revealed today that their affordable little dongle is now officially supported by a handful of new TV streaming services, as well as their Android apps on Google Play.

Adventure Time, Clarence, Venture Bros and many more officially headed to Hulu in May

Apr 23rd - Heads up, animation fans: Hulu just inked a deal with Turner Broadcasting which, aside from bringing TNT and TBS titles to its library, also adds shows from Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.