Chromecast gets support for video games and Showtime + Starz

Nov 11th - Chromecast just got a huge upgrade today. Google has announced that the $35 media dongle can now be used to play video games. It doesn't require anything but an Android phone or tablet as far as controllers go. Google's already named a healthy list of games you'll be able to play on your TV.

Google exec confirms Chromecast V2 and Backdrop API for developers is in the works

Oct 21st - Confirmed: Google is, in fact, working on a Chromecast V2 as well as an API for developers to tap into Backdrops (their newest feature which displays feeds onscreen).

New Chromecast SKU hits FCC, but your current one is not being replaced

Oct 17th - You may come across news today that a new Chromecast model has found its way to the FCC, but that isn't cause to put yours up on Craigslist or eBay in preparation for a new one.

Chromecast update brings custom wallpapers, news, weather backdrops, and more

Oct 8th - It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a good Chromecast update, but today, one of the most long requested features is finally being addressed. New for Android and iOS are backdrops, custom backgrounds the user can configure to display everything from custom wallpapers, to news and weather. Setup is a breeze and gives users a robust […]

Google Cast quietly replaces Chromecast category in Google Play Store

Oct 2nd - If you jump into your Play Store app today, you might notice a small change to the Categories section (located under Apps > Categories tab). What was once the “Chromecast” category has now quietly been renamed to simply “Google Cast.” With Android TV gearing up for a launch soon, it makes perfect sense too. The […]

Deal: get a factory refurbished Chromecast for $15 via Groupon

Sep 25th - Chromecast is already an incredibly cheap accessory that helps you watch content from your mobile phone or tablet on the big screen, and today you can have it for about as cheap as you're ever going to find it.

Google+ update brings the ability to cast your feed to your Chromecast

Aug 12th - A sweet new update is headed to Google+ today that will allow you to cast your feed of photos, video and more from the folks in your circles right to your Chromecast-equipped TV.

Chromecast’s first birthday sparks 90 free days of Google Play Music All Access offer

Jul 24th - It's been a year since the launch of Chromecast, and Google is celebrating its birthday with a new offer for folks yearning to try out Google Play Music.

Chromecast exploit could allow hackers to hijack your dongle and play whatever they like [VIDEO]

Jul 21st - If someone has the time, and a Raspberry Pi, a Chromecast exploit could allow them to hack into your dongle and stream whatever obscene media they like.

Popcorn Time for Android beta update brings Chromecast support, native UI and more

Jul 14th - Popcorn Time -- the service that lets you watch torrented moves on the fly -- has received an upgraded Android beta app that now includes Chromecast support!

Android screencasting arrives for Chromecast in coming days

Jul 9th - The latest update to Android’s Chromecast app will begin to introduce some of the new features unveiled at this year’s Google I/O. Specifically, with the 1.7 update Android smartphone and tablet users will have the ability to mirror their screens via Chromecast.

Google announces exciting new features for Chromecast at Google IO 2014

Jun 25th - Chromecast got a bit of stage time at Google IO 2014 today, and Google had a lot of interesting new features to show off.

WatchESPN, MLS, Crunhyroll and Google+ Photos come to Chromecast

Jun 3rd - Chromecast users have a few new apps to sink their teeth into starting today. This update is more for sports fans than anyone else, though folks who like to share photos on the big screen and watch anime will find nice functionality, as well.

RedBox Instant update adds Chromecast

Apr 30th - Check another video-centric app off of the "this app needs Chromecast support nao!" list. RedBox has updated their Android app to add that very functionality, giving you access to the service's instant streaming videos on your big TV.

PlayOn introduces Chromecast support

Apr 24th - The growing number of apps to support Chromecast gets even bigger with a major addition today. PlayOn has announced an upgrade to their Android app that will allow you to beam content from over 100 different "channels" to the little $35 media streaming dongle.