SwingTIP for Android helps golfers improve their swings, scores [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - One of Android’s earliest examples of app innovation was the good old golf app that would allow golfers to choose a course, input their score for each hole, get a detailed view of each hole, and see where they were currently standing in relation to the pin. In fact, one of the first Android Developer […]

Alcatel One Touch Evo7 brings modular tablet to the Android world

Jan 8th - Alcatel has been riding on its most impressive smartphone showing in its history, but the company also has a tablet it wants to show off ahead of its launch. Alcatel has introduced the One Touch Evo7, a modular tablet that can be as connected as you want it to be. A base WiFi model can […]

Hands-on: Sony Xperia ZL [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - Announced last night at Sony’s press event, the Sony Xperia ZL is the manufacturer’s second Android device announced, a slightly low-end version of the Xperia Z. We got a quick hands on of the device for you guys, showing off all its aesthetics: wonderfully small bezel, matte battery cover, and landscape mode front facing 2MP […]

Polaroid shows off micro 4/3rds compatible camera with Android

Jan 8th - Android-based cameras are starting to become the “in” thing for many camera manufacturers. While some smaller names have made some Android-based point-and-shoots over the past couple of years, it wasn’t until Samsung took a crack at it that the idea of having these mash-ups became serious. The Samsung Galaxy Camera, while not the greatest camera […]

Acer Iconia B1 Android Tablet [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - We’d call this more of an eyes on than hands-on, but take a look at the all new Acer Iconia B1 Android Tablet that was just announced and now shipping to retailers in European and Latin American markets. So of course, consumers will be able to purchase the Iconia B1 in the very immediate future. […]

Hands-on: Sony Xperia Z [VIDEO]

Jan 7th - Hey, guys! We are at Vegas getting everything we can for you, and we must say the Xperia Z definitely makes it to our top list of devices at CES 2013. We got our hands all over this bad boy, so check out our video to see what our thoughts on this device are! If […]

NVIDIA intends to make its money with the allure of the SHIELD, above all things

Jan 7th - When NVIDIA unveiled the SHIELD, a portable gaming system that offers up some very insane specs and very nice features, we all awed in amazement and began to fruitlessly chuck our wallets at our computer displays. That act of desperation didn’t work, but while we wait for this thing to hit store shelves Tony Tamasi, […]

Netgear tries its hand at Google TV with NeoTV PRIME; introduces home monitoring and screen mirroring products

Jan 7th - It looks like Google will get another name into the Google TV world as Netgear has decided to release a product with the internet TV operating system. The company has announced the NeoTV PRIME, a set-top streaming box that delivers the same Google TV experience we’ve always been used to, except with Netgear’s expertise in […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 headed for Verizon [VIDEO]

Jan 7th - We’re live at Samsung’s press conference in Las Vegas where the company has just announced it would be sending its Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to Verizon’s store shelves. You can expect 4G LTE in tow, of course, as well lesser data radios for those areas without coverage. Other than Big Red’s super-fast data antennae this […]

Huawei announces 6.1-inch Ascend Mate and 5-inch Ascend D2

Jan 7th - The days of Huawei as a manufacturer of low-tier phones are officially over, as the company today revealed not one but two quad-core Android powerhouses. The Huawei Ascend Mate (above) and Huawei Ascend D2 (below) , which feature displays measuring in at 6.1 and 5 inches respectively, both run Android 4.1 and are a far […]

Alcatel announces three new smartphones at CES

Jan 7th - The folks at Alcatel came to Vegas to prove that there’s still life in their smartphone aspirations, and have decided to announce three decent-looking phones for the public to drool over. The OEM announced the ONE TOUCH Idol, ONE TOUCH Idol Ultra and the ONE TOUCH Scribe HD. The Idol Ultra looks to claim the […]

Panasonic TV Touchpen allows big-screen doodling on your Android’s pics (Where’s GTV?)

Jan 7th - For Android fans, Panasonic didn’t have the most exciting press conference. In fact, this year’s CES is shaping to be big for the television industry with mobile stepping a bit out of the limelight. Panasonic announced a full range of products – from beauty and hair care appliances to televisions and cameras – but the […]

AT&T announces Pantech Discover, coming January 11th for $50

Jan 7th - Amid all the crazy CES happenings, AT&T saw fit to sneak this presser into the busy news day. The Pantech Discover will be headed to America’s second biggest carrier starting January 11th, and will cost you just $50. This price point may lead you to believe the Pantech Discover doesn’t have much to offer under […]

Hz0 Waterproofing: beer and Android play nice

Jan 7th - In previous years at CES we’ve seen several different interesting waterproofing technologies, for example Liquipel’s magical waterproofing last year and Zagg has similar solutions. In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Hz0 either: you may recall when we reported their waterproofing of the Galaxy S2 way back in November 2011. Well they’re back […]

LG unveils Google TVs for 2013 at CES

Jan 7th - We know about LG’s 2013 Google TV lineup, but until today we haven’t been able to see them live. The new sets have been officially unveiled today at CES, and they are looking nice, guys. As expected, they will come in 42, 47, 50, 55 and 60-inch versions. More than enough to cover any room […]