Android TV

[Update: Costs $99] Google announces Nexus Player, the first consumer-ready Android TV device

Oct 15th - Alongside announcements for the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 this morning was a revelation of a new device we hadn't heard of. It's called the Nexus Player, and it's the first consumer-ready Android TV set-top box available with Google's latest big screen platform.

Google Cast quietly replaces Chromecast category in Google Play Store

Oct 2nd - If you jump into your Play Store app today, you might notice a small change to the Categories section (located under Apps > Categories tab). What was once the “Chromecast” category has now quietly been renamed to simply “Google Cast.” With Android TV gearing up for a launch soon, it makes perfect sense too. The […]

Google: OEMs forbidden from customizing Android Auto, Wear and TV

Jun 30th - Google has largely allowed OEMs to take Android and do with it what they will for smartphones and tablets, but things could be changing in a big way for the rest of the devices now officially supported by Android.

Reflecting on Google I/O 2014: From our Android community to Android everywhere

Jun 27th - The truth is, even though Google I/O 2014 has come and gone, the best is yet to come. And that’s what’s truly exciting. Before we talk about the future, let’s revisit and reflect on not only the events, but the experiences over the past few days.

Android TV unboxing and first look: specs, pictures, and more [VIDEO]

Jun 26th - Say goodbye to Google TV and hello to the wonder you see us groping in the video inside. This is an unboxing and first look of the Android TV.

You can now signup to learn more about Android Auto and Android TV

Jun 25th - Google announced tons of great new developments at their developers' conference today. You'll probably want to signup to learn more about everything you're interested in.

Android TV announced as Google’s next evolution of the smart television

Jun 25th - Ever since the announcement of Google TV at I/O 2010, Google’s aim with their Android-based smart television platform was fuzzy at best. Today things become a bit clearer with the introduction of Android TV.

Report: Google to unveil Android TV at Google I/O, new details revealed

May 30th - Today, we have a few more details on Android TV which will (unsurprisingly) make its debut at this year's Google I/O. How does Google plan on differentiating Android TV from Chromecast? One word: gaming.

More AOSP references mention HTC-made “Flounder,” and possible first mentions of Android TV

May 9th - New evidence suggests HTC will be the maker of the next Nexus tablet, and first evidence of Android TV possibly arrives. It's all shaping up for an exciting Google I/O.

Phandroid Recap: Types of Android Users, WTF Samsung, and Android TV [April 6-12]

Apr 11th - Google's next attempt at the living room leaked, Samsung's new flagship phone launched, we told you about some great tips for your new phone, and we had a lot of fun with some other featured stories. In order to make sure you don’t miss any of this stuff we have the Phandroid Recap.

Google’s upcoming Android TV leaks, plans to be your entertainment hub

Apr 5th - Over the past year, Google TV set top boxes have seen very little on the update front while Android TV or Nexus TV reports continued to churn at the rumor mill. Today, we see evidence that Android TV is real and that Google plans to make Android TV your go to entertainment hub.

Report: Google is killing off Google TV, will rebrand it Android TV

Oct 10th - The signs were all there, and now after only 3 years since Google first debuted the Google TV platform, they’re finally ready to put it out to pasture. Well, the branding anyway. A report out of GigaOM suggests that Google will soon retire the Google TV branding in favor of something a little more familiar: […]