Android TV

Download: Android 5.1 factory image for the Nexus Player

Mar 20th - We talk a lot about Android 5.1 for phones and tablets, but what about Google's first Android TV product? Looks like the Nexus Player is finally set to get it as the company has posted the factory image over at their website.

The Netflix for Games: NVIDIA Shield Android TV coming in May for $199

Mar 4th - NVIDIA has just taken the wraps off an exciting product that hopes to transform the NVIDIA Shield from a mobile gaming device into the centerpiece of your living room entertainment with the NVIDIA Shield Android TV.

Sharp’s Android TVs are looking just as sweet as anyone’s, and here’s our first look at them

Jan 8th - Sony might be the biggest manufacturer making Smart TVs with Android TV, but they aren't the only ones. Sharp also threw its hat into the bag, and the company brought their wares to CES for all to check out. We stopped by their bright booth to get a look at the units in person.

Razer’s Forge Android TV gaming console could be the coolest thing in your living room [VIDEO]

Jan 7th - There are bound to be a plethora of options for adding Android TV to your current home entertainment setup through the advent of set-top boxes. If you haven't already decided to get in bed with the Nexus Player, Razer's Forge TV is something you'll want to consider.

Google puts the final nail in Google TV’s coffin

Jan 6th - Earlier today Google finally announced the inevitable: most Google TV devices will not be updated again. Google TV is officially dead. Long live Android TV.

Sony commits to Android TV for their smart TV needs

Jan 5th - Didn't we tell you it wasn't all bad news for Android TV earlier? After LG and Samsung made the decision to go with their own respective platforms for smart TV, Sony announced during their CES 2015 press conference that their Smart Bravia TV lineup will proudly use Android TV.

Samsung won’t be making an Android TV in 2015

Jan 5th - As they always seem to do, Samsung kicked off their 2015 CES press conference with televisions. Televisions galore. Bigger, higher density displays. Bright colors. Curved glass. It's your typical one-up year-over-year. But Samsung made a big statement at the show regarding Android TV -- that is, they won't be using it in their smart TVs.

The easiest way to sideload apps on the Nexus Player

Nov 26th - The apps and games that have been approved for Android TV work great on the platform, but few too many developers have made the effort to prepare their wares for the living room experience. Open up the possibilities on the Nexus Player with sideloaded apps. Here’s how to do it.

7 things I love (and hate) and about the Nexus Player

Nov 24th - If you read our Nexus Player review, you already know how we feel about the new media streaming device from Google. With a little more time to stew on things, our opinions have only solidified. Here are 7 things we loved (and hated) about Google’s appealing-but-flawed Android TV flagship.

On using USB devices with the Nexus Player

Nov 20th - In our full review of the Nexus Player, we neglected to put its Micro USB port through its proper paces. Acting on the tips of a few readers, we decided to delve deeper and see if the USB connection was strictly an option roped off for developers. Turns out it’s not…well sort of, anyway.

Nexus Player Review [VIDEO]

Nov 19th - Google is taking another stab at entering your living room with the introduction of Android TV and its flagship device, the Nexus Player. The new platform promises a simplified, content-driven approach to home entertainment, but will a lack of options ultimately doom the Nexus Player’s chances to get a foothold in the market?

Google will screen all Android TV apps before allowing them into Google Play

Nov 17th - In a move that goes completely against what Google has ever done with Android, Google's developer policy for Android TV spells out Google's intentions to screen every app that is submitted before they allow it into Google Play.

11 things new Nexus Player owners should know

Nov 13th - The Nexus Player is a simple machine — so simple you might have finished setting it up and found yourself asking, “What’s next?” While getting up and going with the set-top box’s Android TV interface is easy, we’ve compiled a list of some of the platform’s less obvious features.

Yes, you can play Lollipop’s Android-themed Flappy Bird clone on your Nexus Player

Nov 13th - Google outdid themselves with their latest easter egg, building a Flappy Bird clone right into the source code of Android 5.0 Lollipop. How could they possibly do any better than an Android and Lollipop-themed Flappy Bird clone on your tablet or smartphone? Take it to the living room, of course.

7 great Android TV games for Nexus Player you can play right now without a gamepad

Nov 11th - The Nexus Player is here, and it wants to be more than a streaming box for Netflix and your Google Play downloads. Google has put some serious time into making the Player’s Android TV operating system a viable option when it comes to gaming, even if you didn’t spend the extra $40 up front to purchase an optional gamepad.