Tobii eyesight controlled computer to be Google Glass partner?

Jan 7th - Tobii (tobii.com) isn’t a new company – they’ve been around for over a decade – but what they’re showing this year at CES is nothing short of outrageously innovative. You look at your computer monitor, it tracks your eye movement, and you use only your eyes to scroll, click, and perform actions. While we’ve heard […]

LG introduces Panorama Note feature for Optimus Vu: II; saving big announcements for Mobile World Congress

Jan 7th - We just got back from LG’s CES 2013 showing, and while much of the OEM’s announcements regarded Smart Home appliances, LG threw a sliver of Android news in there for us to sink our teeth into. The company announced Panorama Note, a feature not unlike Samsung’s S Note that’ll allow you to draw to your […]

MOGA Pro gaming controller brings more traditional layout for mobile

Jan 7th - The folks at PowerA gave the MOGA away in a very limited time promotion recently, but perhaps that wasn’t just because the accessories maker was being nice. The company has been hard at work on what’s known as the MOGA Pro, a vast upgrade compared to the original. The controller seems to have gotten a […]

Vuzix Android-based Smart Glasses could beat Google Project Glass to market

Jan 7th - While the hype surrounding Project Glass has been mostly talk (and one pretty exciting product demo), another company has developed a similar product that could beat Google’s brainchild to market. Introducing Vuzix Smart Glasses. Less a GUI overlay for your world and more an extension of the hands-free Bluetooth headset, Smart Glasses offers a heads-up […]

Swype Living Language brings crowd-sourced dictionary updates

Jan 7th - The folks at Nuance have announced a new update for Swype beta that is very, very interesting. It’s called Living Language, and the idea is to get crowd-sourced trending phrases and words automatically added to the public dictionary Swype uses. This means if something like “Blablableeblah” becomes a common term in the internet age Swype […]

Dexim’s Music Talking Stylus offers Padfone-like functionality

Jan 7th - If you’ve got a device with a stylus and you use it often, chances are you’ll want it handily available without digging through your pocketbook or murse. So why not fix it up with a clip, snazz it up with bluetooth, and allow it to double as a handset so you can talk on the […]

Acer Iconia Tab B1-A71 brings 7-inch tablet for $150

Jan 7th - Among the first to bat at CES was Acer as it wasted no time announcing its latest wares at the trade show. The OEM announced the Acer Iconia Tab B1-A71, and as unattractive as its name is it definitely makes up for it in price tag. This thing will come in at $150, but you’re […]

NVIDIA Project Shield details published

Jan 7th - We just got done telling you about the crazy NVIDIA Shield announcement at CES 2013 and now NVIDIA has come clean with a boat load of details in press release form. Some crucial tidbits to take away: Plays both Android and PC titles Pure Android experience with Google Play Stream games from PC powered by […]

NVIDIA Announces Shield: Android Gaming Handheld, Portable Console

Jan 7th - Well we weren’t expecting this: with the Android-based OUYA console rocking NVIDIA processors set to launch in March, we felt the Android gaming market was about to see a first mover advantage. That might not be the case: at their CES 2013 press conference, NVIDIA announced a pure Android handheld gaming device that they call […]

NVIDIA details Tegra 4 platform at CES 2013

Jan 7th - 72 GPU cores? Four A15 CPUs? Integrated LTE support? That, boys and girls, is what we call the Tegra 4, NVIDIA’s latest update to its line of mobile processors. Pitted head-to-head against the Samsung Nexus 10, a prototype running the new platform loaded 25 web pages in nearly half the time (using a simulated internet […]

Phandroid is Live at CES 2013!

Jan 6th - The madness has officially begun! CES 2013 is underway and the first stop was CES unveiled at Mandelay Bay Convention Center. Reporting live this year (from left to right) are Edgar Cervantes, Kevin Krause, Rob Jackson, and Chris Chavez. Be sure to follow all of our exclusive CES 2013 coverage by visiting our Phandroid.com/guide/CES2013. Our […]

Live: Watch NVIDIA’s CES 2013 press conference

Jan 6th - We’re live at CES 2013, but if you aren’t among the thousands making the journey to Las Vegas you’re still in luck. NVIDIA is hosting their 2013 press conference this very moment, and you can stream it live. Check it out below!

LG announces new Google TV sets for CES 2013

Dec 24th - The Google TV platform continues to struggle, but manufacturers like LG might be able to save it. The Korean manufacturer has just announced a new series of 3D-enabled HDTVs with Google TV integrated, and they are looking good! These come with a new design, more sizes and even more features. LG’s new Google TV sets […]