Get 2 weeks of battery life with Nectar Mobile Power [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - If there’s one consistent complaint with Android phones, tablets, and other smart devices it’s that they can do TOO much. Which leads to the problem at hand: quickly dead batteries. There are plenty of companies offering extended batteries, backup batteries, and even unique offerings like the PowerBag, but I have yet to see something like […]

Hands-on: ZTE Grand S with quad-core S4, 1080p full HD display, 2GB RAM [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - Leaked weeks before CES, ZTE has finally taken the wraps off their latest high-end smartphone: the ZTE Grand S. If you read my previous post, you guys already know how excited I’ve been to get my hands on this device. Packing everything a spec whore could want in a phone, the ZTE Grand S officially […]

First Look: Polaroid’s M7 and M10 Jelly Bean tablets [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - Along with their upcoming Kid’s Tablet, Polaroid had a few other Android slates on hand at CES. We took a look at the Polaroid M7 and Polaroid M10, both of which run Android 4.2 and are priced to compete with nearly everything else on the market. While you shouldn’t expect the most mind-blowing specs from […]

Eyes-on: 4K video running on NVIDIA Tegra 4 [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - We can easily say NVIDIA’s press conference is among the most eventful for Android fans, at CES 2013. We have a new handheld console, Grid Cloud Gaming and Tegra 4 coming. Tegra 4 is quite the beast, but just how powerful can it be? Well, we have found out it can output 4K video to […]

Sony shows off line of NFC one-touch Bluetooth speakers [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - In an effort to take the hassle out of pairing your wireless devices to accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, Sony is turning to NFC to make the process as easy as one touch. A lineup of products, from the ultra portable speaker we go hands-on with in the below video to a range of speaker […]

ViewSonic Smart Monitors take Android to desktop with 22-inch, 24-inch models

Jan 8th - Have yourself a look-see at these two Android huge devices: the ViewSonic VSD220 and ViewSonic VSD240. At 22-inches and 24-inches, they’re certainly not your typical Android device. Best suited for use as a touchable monitor or countertop entertainment/resource, we can see these catching on in the kitchen if priced right. Specs on the 24-inch model […]

PhanBot Android speaker makes debut at CES 2013 [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - The Android robot is green. But if you see a blue Android robot? You know it’s the Phandroid robot… the PhanBot. Our friends at Accessory Power and Go Groove have taken their awesome PalBot, which we previously gave great reviews, and dedicated a special blue edition to yours truly: Phandroid. The product and details are […]

Hands-on: Sharp’s IGZO-powered smartphones [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - Sharp is hoping to revolutionize mobile displays with their IGZO technology, a new sort of screen that features in the company’s latest smartphones. The Sharp Aquos Phone SH-02E has been available in Japan for a little while now and sports a 4.9-inch 720p display. The handset is powered by a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro […]

Hands-on: Nvidia Grid Cloud Gaming at CES 2013 [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - A few nights ago Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang talked a little bit on their cloud gaming “Grid,” powerful stacks of Nvidia GPU’s cranking out games for streaming on multiple devices. No longer will consumers have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for a high-end gaming rigs just to support their gaming addictions. Smartphones, televisions, […]

Hands-on: Polaroid’s Android-powered Kid’s Tablet [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - We’ve seen quite a few tablets geared towards children recently, but the latest to enter the fold was a bit surprising. Polaroid, the company traditionally known for its instant cameras, whipped up their own kid-safe slate and had it on hand at CES. We got to take a look during our time on the show […]

Hands-on: Huawei Ascend D2 [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - The Huawei Ascend Mate and Ascend D2 were just announced at CES 2013; we’ve had the opportunity to go hands-on with the Ascend Mate 2 and now it’s time to see what the D2’s got in store for consumers. Huawei is billing the Ascend D2 as the most powerful smartphone on the market and it’s […]

Hands-On: Ubuntu Phone on Galaxy Nexus [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - When Ubuntu Phones were announced just a few short days ago it caused quite the stir. There is no arguing that Ubuntu has a cult-like following and is beloved for many of the same “down to earth” reasons that early adopters flocked to Android. I’m always excited about competition and innovation, but I can’t help […]

Hands-on: Huawei Ascend Mate [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - Yesterday at a CES press event, Huawei announced their biggest — no, THE biggest — smartphone to date. A 6.1-inch display-touting Jelly Bean smartphone running the company’s custom Emotion UI. The Ascend Mate, which makes the 5-inch Ascend D2 (also announced yesterday) look tiny by comparison, is quite the hefty handset, and we got a […]

Polaroid iM1835 Android camera rocks interchangeable lens and Jelly Bean [VIDEO]

Jan 8th - I’m currently using the Samsung Galaxy Camera for CES coverage… and it’s awesome. It takes incredible video, incredible pictures, and among other things includes 21X optical zoom. But for the consumer who wants a slightly more flexible photography experience that acts a bit more like your traditional DSLR, the Polaroid iM1835 might be your answer. […]

Qualcomm announces powerful Snapdragon 600 and 800

Jan 8th - The folks at Qualcomm have come out of the gates swinging with a very exciting announcement this morning. The leading mobile chipset vendor has announced two new SoCs that should blow the pants off of everyone based on the numbers they have initially thrown at us. The chips, dubbed the Snapdragon 600 and 800, are […]