Hands-on: Pioneer AppRadio at CES 2013 [VIDEO]

Jan 10th - Android has taken ahold of the mobile market. It’s emerging on smart TVs (though it still has a way to go). The next frontier could be in-car entertainment, and Pioneer is offering an intriguing solution for bridging your car stereo with your smartphone. Unlike some devices we have seen in the past, AppRadio doesn’t put […]

Hands-on: Galaxy S3 Element Case

Jan 10th - Accessory makers flock to the iPhone for virtue of simplicity: more people using fewer models. The much more fragmented Android device portfolio means accessory makers have to pick and choose which phones and tablets to support, each coming with risk depending on volume. But if you’re going to choose one sure shot phone for which […]

Hands-on: Panasonic Toughpad JT-B1 [VIDEO]

Jan 10th - Panasonic announced a new ruggedized tablet designed for workforce applications and was ready to show it off at CES 2013. The Panasonic Toughpad JT-B1 will take just about everything life throws at it with a nearly indestructible design. The slate packs a 7-inch display, dual-core TI OMAP processing, 16GB of internal storage, and a 13MP […]

Cookoo smart watch coming soon to Android

Jan 10th - The Dick Tracy smartwatch era has been an up-and-coming generation for decades, never hitting realization beyond the adoption of a select few. There are a number of contributions, but I can’t help but think that in many ways, they’re trying too hard to do too much. When I first saw the Cookoo watch at CES, […]

HMDX Jam Speakers blast with impressive variety

Jan 10th - I was pretty pessimistic upon first entering the HMDX booth at CES 2013. Their line of speakers, branded “Jam”, gave me an immediate impression that the company was piggy backing off the success of Jawbone’s Jambox. Surely these were the same dime a dozen speakers made cheaply, found throughout the huge conference’s show floor. It […]

Hands-on: ASUS Qube with Google TV at CES 2013 [VIDEO]

Jan 10th - A Nexus Q replacement it is not, but the ASUS Qube offers an interesting take on the Android-based Google TV. We had a chance to check out the new hardware at ASUS’ suite in the Trump Tower here in Las Vegas as part of CES, and while the user interface might take some getting used […]

Archos announces Titanium line of Android tablets

Jan 10th - Our friends at Archos decided to wait a bit after all the CES madness has died down to announce its latest line of tablets. The Archos Titanium line comes in 7 inch, 8 inch, 9.7 inch and 10.1 inch flavors for $119, $169, $249 and $199, respectively. The 9.7 inch version costs more than the […]

Hands-on: NVIDIA Shield Android gaming handheld [VIDEO]

Jan 9th - The time has come, ladies and gentlemen. We, at Phandroid, have officially gotten our hands on the NVIDIA Shield and to put in plainly: I’m feeling a bit like the Kelly Clarkson smash hit, “A Moment Like This.” The one handheld that’s set to put Android gaming on the map, the Nvidia Shield takes everything […]

Hisense Pulse and Google TV at CES 2013

Jan 9th - Hisense was on hand at CES to show off their latest lineup of smart TVs featuring the Android-baed Google TV, a lineup of HD big screens that nicely compliment the company’s smaller Pulse box. If you’re not familiar with the Hisense Pulse, in form and feature it is very similar to another Google TV product, […]

Eyes-on: Lenovo K900 at CES 2013

Jan 9th - If you live outside of China you likely won’t ever get your hands on the Lenovo K900. If you are attending CES, you’ll have a hard time as well. We got to marvel at the 5.5-inch piece of machined Android goodness under a thick layer of glass, and while we can’t speak to the phone’s […]

Hands-on: ASUS Transformer AiO all-in-one PC/tablet running Windows 8 and Jelly Bean [VIDEO]

Jan 9th - ASUS really has been gunning for the crown of “convertible king,” pumping out loads of devices with multiple functionality. I’m sure you’re all well acquainted with their work on the ASUS Transformer or Padfone 2, Android devices that can transform before your eyes to add increased functionality, different from your typical one trick pony. Unveiled […]

Panasonic announces 7 inch Toughpad

Jan 9th - Panasonic looks to be continuing its Toughpad line as the electronics manufacturer has unveiled a new 7 inch device for those looking for a rugged beast. It’s the JT-B1, and the tablet brings military-grade toughness in a decently specced package. You can look forward to the aforementioned 7-inch display with 1024×600 resolution, a TI OMAP […]

Missed NVIDIA’s CES presser? Watch it online here [VIDEO]

Jan 9th - NVIDIA put on quite the exciting show in Las Vegas at CES, but many of you might not have been in attendance or online to see it live. Well, here’s your chance as the full video has been put up for everyone to watch on Twitch.tv. You’ll want to carve out an hour or two […]

T-Mobile announces HD voice, will release a new edition of the Galaxy S3 with dormant LTE radios for now

Jan 9th - T-Mobile held its CES press conference last night and revealed some very good network-related news. We all know its LTE rollout will begin this year, but details were scarce. We weren’t even sure which devices would be coming to take advantage of the new speedy network, but T-Mobile put the first of those questions to […]

NVIDIA Shield: Live Pictures from CES 2013

Jan 8th - How fitting: NVIDIA announced their “Project Shield” gaming handheld/console at their CES Press Conference, only to keep it shielded from our hands when it hit the show floor. Encased in glass, the NVIDIA Shield sat taunting us with all it’s Android gaming glory. We’re scheduled to get some hands-on time with the NVIDIA shield, but […]