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Google Glass News

Wondering how Google Glass would look on your face? You can now try dummy units at home

Google Glass is awesome, but there’s no doubt it looks a little… strange compared to typical eyewear. That’s why Google is giving folks a chance to try Google Glass on at home

Google Glass receiving KitKat this week, introduces photo bundles and loads more

Google Glass is finally seeing updates again. This time, it’s receiving KitKat along with other software features like photo bundling, and the removal of video calling in Hangouts. Exciting stuff!

PSA: US residents can buy Google Glass tomorrow

Tomorrow at 6am Pacific, Google will open the flood gates for one day only and allow any US resident 18 and older to buy Google Glass for $1,500. Unlike previous Glass Explorers, you won’t need a special invite email or special code from Google. All you’ll need to do is point your web browser over to the official ordering page to purchase Google’s wearable computer while supplies last. That’s it

Google planning to let anyone in the US purchase Google Glass for a limited time [Updated]

According to an internal document obtained by The Verge, Google will soon be expanding their current Glass Explorer program in quite a big way. For a limited time, any US resident with $1,500 to spare will be able to purchase Google’s wearable computer. This one day only promotion could start as soon as April 15th.

Google Glass: saving lives on and off the battlefield

While us everyday consumers are biting at the nip for a chance to buy Google Glass whenever it launches, some firms are already putting it to good use for needs far beyond most of our comprehension.

Someone finally had enough guts to shoot Google Glass with a submachine gun [VIDEO]

Last time, we saw the NVIDIA SHIELD stand up tough against a hunting rifle. Today? Google Glass is in the crosshairs, with RatedRR putting it square in the sights of a vector submachine gun.

Livestream for Google Glass announced

Live streaming on Google Glass is nothing new — many folks have been doing it with the Hangouts on Air platform for quite some time — but one of the most popular live streaming platforms has finally made its way to the wearable.

Another month goes by without a Google Glass update

When the Glass Explorer program first launched, the Glass Team told Explorers that they’d be receiving monthly updates as they tweaked and grew this new platform, even mentioning it at Google IO 2013. As of today, Glass hasn’t been updated since December 17 of last year, nearly 3 and a half months ago.

Google partners with Luxottica (owner of Ray-Ban, Oakley, and more) to design future versions of Glass

The Google Glass team has just announced a partnership with Luxottica, the folks behind popular eyewear brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban (amongst many others). Looks like they’ll be designing, building, and selling future versions of Google Glass for the public.

Layar app for Google Glass takes the wearable to the next level [VIDEO]

AR reality app Layar is now available for Google Glass. If you were curious as to how Glass would differentiate itself from the many smartwatches launching this year — this, my friends, is it.

Top 10 Google Glass myths debunked

As Google Glass Explorers ourselves, we loved it when the Glass team recently took the time to debunk some popular misconceptions about the device. We thought it only fitting to throw in our own experiences when it came to the Top 10 Google Glass Myths.

Smithsonian features Google Glass in stunning American flag exhibit

It’s President’s Day Weekend and at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC, the Nation’s capitol, they’re celebrating by featuring a stunning Google Glass exhibit starring the American flag.

NYPD already experimenting with Google Glass, is there cause for concern?

With all the security and privacy concerns surrounding Google Glass, if there’s one government agency we thought would be all over the cybernetic eyewear, it’s law enforcement. Doesn’t come as much of a surprise for us to find out the NYPD has already begun experimenting with the wearable for “patrol purposes”. No, this isn’t a […]

Google Glass US tour headed to Atlanta, GA Feb 8th and 9th (RSVP here)

It’s been awhile since we heard from the Google Glass team about their road trip that first began late last year. Back in October, they made their first stop in Durham, North Carolina where, as shown in the video above, they had a pretty nice little turnout. Today, the Project Glass team is finally back […]

More states jumping on the ban Google Glass bandwagon

Wyoming Senator Floyd Esquibel (D) crafted and presented a bill that would ban the use of Google Glass while behind the wheel of a vehicle. His main weapon in the fight? The notion that “common sense” should prevail.