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Google shuts the doors on its Glass stores, Basecamps no longer accepting appointments

Google Glass “Basecamps” (experience stores) are closing their doors. It was a good run, but with Glass and its accessories now available via Google Play, this transition to online-only was inevitable.

Google Glass is now formally and officially banned in 56,000 movie theaters worldwide

Can’t say we didn’t see this coming, but Google Glass is now banned in a wide range of movie theaters worldwide. The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners have announced a new policy to protect their copyright material.

Google Glass gets Android Wear-like Notification Sync, update rolls out this week

It’s fixin’ to be a busy week. The Google Glass team just announced an update rolling out this week for Google Glass that delivers all your smartphone notifications to the wearable headset.

What do kids think about Google Glass?

Like it or not, kids are the ones that decide what’s cool and what’s not, both now and in the future. And as they grow up, they’ll be the ones dreaming up, building, creating, designing, and making the cool new technology the world enjoys. So when one of my friends – an elementary school art teacher in Virginia- said her 5th grade class wanted to ask me some questions about Google Glass, I was happy to answer.

Google approves the use of Google Glass in Canada

Good news for any Canucks who’ve been waiting for Google Glass. It appears Google has quietly approved the use of Glass in Canada. This news comes from Explorer Brian Buquoi who received a replacement Glass with an interesting card.

Google Glass XE21.0 rolling out, brings Waze info into navigation and quicker Google Now cards

Heads up, #GlassExplorers . A new software update for Glass should be hitting your headset in the coming days. XE21.0 is a relatively small update, but should help you avoid traffic when navigating with Glass thanks to Waze integration.

The ‘world’s most connected man’ is helping us reevaluate our obsession with gadgets [VIDEO]

With anywhere between 300 – 700 lifelogging devices, Chris Dancy could very well be “the most connected man in the world.” But is he better off for it?

Google Glass XE20.1 update just made it a hundred times easier to message your contacts

Google Glass XE20.1 makes it easy to access all of Google contacts via the headset. There’s also the option of choosing what kind of message you’d like to send to a given contact. The MyGlass app will also need to be updated in order to get all the new features.

Google found a way to make Google Glass look much less dorky, would you buy this new design?

Oh, man. Google’s done it. They actually found a way to make Google Glass look a hundred times less dorky. Question is, for the right price, would you buy this new design?

Navdy is like Google Glass for your car, looks to make even the oldest beater “smart”

If Google Glass is too embarrassing (or expensive) to wear out in public, check out Navdy. It’s a lot like Google Glass for your car and you don’t need Android L for it to work.

Swappa adds support for buying, selling and trading Google Glass, but will Google allow it?

Looking to buy Google Glass off a bored developer or sell your unit for some needed cash? Swappa has decided to step in and be a better middle man than other options out there.

Google Glass has been explicitly banned from Comic-Con 2014 panels

We suppose it’s to be expected. Seems anywhere video recording is prohibited, whether powered on or off, the same goes for Google Glass.

RedLaser now available for Google Glass, aims to be the perfect shopping assistant

RedLaser is now available for Google Glass. The Glassware allows Glass Explorers to scan the barcodes or products while shopping and compare with prices found around the net. You can even get directions to local retailers if you found a better price somewhere else.

Google Glass US tour swings by Boston, MA on July 26th – RSVP now

Whether you’re excited about Google Glass or a skeptic, if you live in the Boston area you’ll soon have the opportunity to try out Glass for yourself, and form your own opinion on its usefulness. Anyone planning on attending?

Google Glass updated to XE19.1, brings improved connectivity and refreshed voice menu

Software update XE19.1 is now rolling out to Google Glass. No, it doesn’t add support for Android Wear notifications (yet), but the update does improve connectivity in the headset. Guess it’s better than nothing.