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Charging your phone, sometimes multiple times per day, has become a burden that we’re all conditioned to do as a normal task. Sure, it’s not that cumbersome, but you still need to find your charger, find the cable, and then attempt to plug it in correctly the first attempt – try getting it right the first time in the dark. Wireless charging tends to make life a bit easier in this regard, because it’s simple and highly convenient. All you have to do is place your phone on the charging area and watch the juices begin to flow into your device. A company by the name of TYLT, one of the more popular and higher quality wireless charging manufacturers out there, has brought wireless charging to your vehicle via a car mount. This is the TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount review.

Before we get into the actual review of this phone accessory, let’s take a look at how I use my Android phone in the car. My current phone is the Nexus 6. With it’s ample screen real estate, I sometimes have Google Maps running in the foreground with Google Play Music streaming via Bluetooth to my car’s speakers in the background. If I don’t need Maps, I’ll still have Google Play Music streaming, with my screen set to never turn off, so that I can easily change songs with a simple finger swipe. Recently though, I’ve been using the AutoMate App, which keeps the screen on as well, shows directions, the current tune playing, my current speed and heading, etc. instead. My point is, my phone is always doing something while I’m safely paying attention to the road of course, and it’s always sucking away previous battery life.

I’ve been using the TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount for a long time. In fact, this review is way overdue by a couple of months. I’ve been using the mount in my car as a daily charging tool with my near hour long commute to and from work and I’ve used it on a few long road trips, such as a three hour drive to the Big Android Meat & Greet last month in Alexandria, Virginia.

Part of the reason for the delay in my review is because this is actually my second TYLT VU car mount. The first one I was sent was a pre-production unit. The sticky suction cup, which I’ll talk about in a moment, gave me a few issues and the gripping arms on the side were peeling off. That’s not the best experience as you can imagine. After letting TYLT know about my issues, they said that I had a pre-production unit, they had never heard of this issue, and would promptly send out a replacement. I’m happy to say that 1) TYLT reviewed the returned unit and did state that it was in fact faulty and 2) the production charger that was sent to me is of the utmost quality and works as intended. If you happen to run into these issues yourself, though they should already be fixed in the production run, but the TYLT VU dock comes with a one year warranty just in case.

The TYLT VU Wireless Charging Mount is a little larger and heavier than my previous, non-charging mount, but it’s also a TYLT product, so that means build quality is going to be higher than competitors. And that’s true. This car mount screams quality from every angle.TYLT-VU-Charger-1

Starting from the bottom, most car docks include a small puck shaped disc and double-sided tape for your mount. This provides your dock with a smooth, flat surface to grip onto and attach to your car’s dash. The VU Wireless Charging Car Mount did not include one of these to my surprise. Instead, the VU came with an ultra-sticky suction cup that is supposed to stick to various surfaces and textures with ease. The dash of my wife’s Jeep is much smoother and flatter than my Suzuki’s dash and the VU had absolutely no problems sticking to either surface for weeks at a time before moving between vehicles. If you happen to get some dust or dirt on the suction cup, a slightly moist cloth can do the trick to get it ready for use again. Also, TYLT states that you can use the suction cup on the windshield, I didn’t test that setup in either of my vehicles. And it’s also worth mentioning, the above pictured shot does include a disc from a previous mount, though in my testing, I did move the mount around various places before ultimately choosing a location where I already had a disc installed. I didn’t want to rip the old disc off of my dash and potentially leave a mark. I guess that’s another bonus feature of the TYLT VU, there’s no sticky doubled-sided tape to ruin your dash!

The base unit is fairly straight forward. On the back you’ll find a lever that allows the suction cup to clamp down on the surface of whatever you’re trying to place the mount onto. To release the suction, you can easily press in on the button area provided on the lower back.

As I mentioned above, the TYLT VU is a bit large. At the top of the cone shaped base, you’ll find a ball joint that pivots, allowing you to rotate your soon to be attached phone in various ways for your optimal viewing pleasure. The wireless charging pad then attaches onto the ball joint, which can be tightened with a plastic triangular nut. The VU charger won’t allow vertical adjustment, which is a bit of a bummer, but does allow for a reasonable amount of horizontal adjustment. I had no problems finding the perfect angle, I just wish the phone or mount wasn’t so tall or included an arm to position the wireless charging pad at an equal height or lower than the base itself.


Along the sides of the wireless charging pad you find two rubberized arms for gripping your phone. To clamp down on your device, simply squeeze the arms until your device is secured. I had the most success when I squeezed the arms towards the back.

To release your phone from the mount’s grips, press the included button at the top of the wireless charging pad. The arms are spring loaded and will immediately release your phone. The first time I did this my Nexus 6 fell and bounced off of my car’s center console. Lesson learned. Since then, every time I press the release button with one hand, I use a second hand to hold my phone, just in case.

At the bottom of the wireless charging pad you’ll find a tiny charging port for plugging in the included vehicle adapter. One nice feature about TYLT’s offering? Even though the mount is taking up your vehicle’s charging port (cigarette lighter socket) the adapter includes a 5V 1.3A USB port so that you can charge another device if need be. Feel free to rub it in while you charge your significant other’s device like a barbarian with a cable, while you get to live in the future with Qi charging.


The TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount comes with two adjustable bottom brackets that slide into the bottom of the wireless charging pad. These brackets can be adjusted to accommodate your phone. For example, I had to position the bottom bracket just right so that the side clamp wouldn’t press the volume buttons on my Nexus 6. I’m not really sure why two brackets are included as one of them comes with a notch on the side which could be for USB cable management, which really isn’t needed, at least in my situation. This might be different if you chose the windshield as a mounting option.

Wireless Charging
If you’re not familiar with wireless charging, the simplest explanation is that wireless charging is extremely convenient, but definitely not fastest. You actually sacrifice charging speed for ease of use, the ability to just place your phone on a charging pad and forget about it. Wireless charging generally makes your phone very hot too, which, depending on what school you’re from, may not be the best choice for your battery in the long run. When we add larger batteries and rapid charging capabilities like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, OPPO’s VOOC charging, and Samsung’s new quick charging technology to the mix, the argument in favor of slow Qi charging gets a little harder.

For example, I use Qi charging with my Nexus 6 every night. If I need a quick bump during the day, I won’t opt for wireless charging, I’ll grab my Motorola Rapid Charger every time. What I’m trying to say is that for long, uninterrupted charging sessions, wireless charging is great, but if you need more juice and don’t have a whole lot of time, a quick charger is probably going to be the better choice. However, the convenience of a high quality wireless charger in the car is enough for me to really enjoy this charger.


As for device support, TYLT uses a 3-coil Qi technology in their VU Wireless Charging Car Mount allowing for a very long compatibility list, including 6-inch phones. My Nexus 6 fits perfectly, thanks to the large 3.6” wide grip clearance. To find out if your device is supported, you’ll want to head on over to the official TYLT VU compatibility guide before purchasing.

The question remains, can the TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount keep my Nexus 6 charged while streaming Google Play Music, using Google Maps, and with the screen set to always-on? The VU won’t keep your device topped off at 100%, but it will definitely slow down the rate of battery drain. For example, I was able to drive for 3 and a half hours with everything mentioned in use and only lose 16% of battery. That’s pretty good, I’d say. During my daily commutes to and from work, I usually only drop a couple percentage points whereas before I’d drop an easy 10%. A wireless charger definitely helps.

The bottom line is that your phone isn’t going to charge as fast as it would with a USB cable and higher amp charger. That’s not really the point of wireless charging though. It’s about convenience. Before, I only charged my phone in the car if I knew my battery was low or I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to a charger later in the day. Picking up a USB cable off of the floor is a major first world problem, but it’s one that I opted to only do in dire situations. So, for the lazy and for the convenience seekers, the TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount is a very tempting choice.


You can buy the TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount from directly from TYLT or head on over to Amazon and pick one up today for $79.99 in gray, blue, red, or green. TYLT stands by their high quality products and you generally get what you pay for when it comes to these types of accessories. Other, cheaper options exist on the market right now, but I’d rather take my chances with a company with a proven track record.

If you have any specific questions, let us know in the comments.

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Android Wallpaper: Avengers Assemble! Sat, 25 Apr 2015 16:00:38 +0000 ultron wallpaper

See past editions of Android Wallpaper

As I’m sure you’re aware by the massive marketing campaign, Avengers: Age of Ultron is being released to theaters here in the U.S. next week (May 1st). This movie will (hopefully) launch Marvel into a bunch of many other new movies. I was a big fan of the first Avengers movie, and now it’s time to get ready for the next one with some awesome wallpaper.

Below you will find 6 HD heroic wallpapers. To get one of these wallpapers on your phone, tablet, or even PC, simply tap or click on the image to see it at full resolution. Let us know which one is your favorite, and be sure to share a screenshot if you use one of these wallpapers!

Push new Android Wallpaper to your Android device with our Pushbullet channel.



avengers comic 2

avengers comic

Age of Ultron poster


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Could a cheap Nexus Fi Android Phone be Google’s next big unveil? [OPINION] Sat, 25 Apr 2015 01:31:53 +0000 Nexus_2015

With the announcement of Project Fi and rumors surrounding a Huawei Nexus, I thought I’d have some fun with speculation, for the sake of hypebeasting something, since we haven’t hypebeasted in a while, so let’s let the hypebeasting begin. Hypebeast.

Are you ready? The above image is taken from a Project Fi video guide. This is clearly a phone or a render that we haven’t seen before. Google generally doesn’t use renders from unknown devices in their product videos. Project Fi only works with the Nexus 6, so why not use a Nexus 6 render, the phone that people have to use with the service right now? If you’re not going to use the Nexus 6, then you better show the guide videos on another supported phone, right? That makes sense to me.

Could this phone just be a generic render? Sure. Absolutely. That takes the fun out of hypbeasting though. And we came here to hypebeast, dammit.

What if the Android phone pictured above is the upcoming, rumored Huawei Nexus? It looks like a cross between the Nexus 6, mainly because of the top speaker grill, and a Nexus 5. Could it be a cheaper Nexus, built for Project Fi? A Nexus Fi, if you will, a play on Nexus Five and Project Fi?

Now, hear me out. Project Fi, as a marriage of cellular data and WiFi is cool, but that’s still a tough sell, because you have to buy a $700 smartphone to use the service. Sure, you can finance the Nexus 6 through Fi, but you still end up having to pay for the cost of an expensive phone over the next two years.

What if the rumored Huawei Nexus is a cheaper Nexus, built with Project Fi in mind. Right now, I can go out and buy a Motorola Moto E, Motorola Moto G or upcoming Huawei SnapTo on the cheap and jump on my MVNO of choice, except for Fi of course. While Fi isn’t your typical MVNO, having your MVNO locked down to one expensive phone doesn’t sound very appealing either.

Having a cheaper Nexus phone that worked on Project Fi sounds more Googly to me. Google is about service availability. Having a cheaper Nexus that’s available to budget conscious people, you know, those looking to save money on their wireless bill, sounds a whole lot better to me than the current setup at launch. I think having a Nexus Fi phone could seal the deal on this entire endeavor.

So, what do you think of my speculation? Plausible? Or I am reading too much into the generic render above, for the sake of hypebeasting? Who knows? Either way, I enjoyed confirming the launch of Half-Life 3. Cheers!

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Google Glass partner Luxottica says version 2 coming soon, version 3 already in planning stages Sat, 25 Apr 2015 00:54:59 +0000 Google Glass moody DSC06183

It was barely over a year ago Google announced a partnership with Italian eyewear maker Luxottica –the folks behind brands as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Arnette, Oliver-Peoples, and more — to build Glass compatible eyewear for the masses.

More recently, we watched as the Google Glass Explorer Edition finally came to an end (after a bumpy, and very controversial first run). But Google made it a point to stress that Glass was, in fact, not dead, and merely graduating from the Google X Labs into its own project under watchful eye of Nest CEO Tony Fadell. What we don’t know is what form Glass will take, or when we can expect to see a sequel.

Apparently that could be sooner than later according to Luxottica CEO Massimo Vian. He mentioned during a shareholders meeting that the next version of Glass was coming soon and what’s more, they’re already planning out a third followup. You heard right, Google Glass v3.

“In Google, there are some second thoughts on how to interpret [Google Glass] version three. What you saw was version one. We’re now working on version two, which is in preparation.”

Of course no specific dates were given, so for now we’re left wondering if that coming soon is later this year (Google I/O?), or sometime next year. We think Glass was a product well ahead of its time and there’s no harm in letting bake in the oven a little longer.


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LG says G4’s leather back is made from high-quality cow leather and takes 12 weeks to manufacture Fri, 24 Apr 2015 22:32:51 +0000 LG G4 leather back manufacturing

After the world made a big hoopla over the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge finally using “premium” build materials, it’s clear consumers are looking for a little more luxury from their $700 smartphones. No doubt an idea sparked by Motorola’s leather backed Moto X (2nd Gen) options, LG is now following suit for the LG G4.

LG says they’re the first ones to slap leather on a smartphone in Korea and while we’ll just have to take them on their word for it, LG has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to deliver what they call a “sensible luxury.” It takes LG a total of 12 weeks from start to finish, 10 times longer than the production process of the normal rear cover which takes barely 4 days.

Made from only the top layer (epidermis) of high quality cow leather, the back features tiny 0.001 micrometer pores for breathability. The end result is a smooth, soft touch back that should feel unlike any other smartphone on the market, while still allowing heat to dissipate.

Whether or not this luxury option will resonate with consumers — and how much of an extra premium this will add to the phone’s price sticker — remains to be seen. Either way, if you opt for the leather backed LG G4, you can rest assured you’re not getting the cheap stuff.

[LG (Korean)]

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T-Mobile reveals when Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will officially begin rolling out Fri, 24 Apr 2015 20:48:28 +0000 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 charging table

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners on T-Mobile have had it rough. They’ve had to sit and watch as Android 5.0 Lollipop rolled out to the Samsung Galaxy S5 in February, only to hit the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in March. Even though we knew Lollipop was coming (it had already rolled out to the Note 4 on Sprint), it’s only today that we know exactly when we can expect that rollout to begin.

T-Mobile Product Manger Des Smith revealed on Twitter today that Android 5.0.1 Lollipop for the Note 4 (N910) has officially been green lit by T-Mobile, and that a rollout should commence sometime next week. Keep in mind that the update does not include the all new, super streamlined TouchWiz that appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It likely never will. We also hope all those bugs Lollipop brought to other Galaxy devices have all been ironed out.

As always, you can check the status of software updates via T-Mobile’s Software Updates page here. You excited?

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Sony Xperia Z3 back on sale at T-Mobile and with a new lower price Fri, 24 Apr 2015 19:53:56 +0000 T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z3

Claims that T-Mobile discontinued the Sony Xperia Z3 a few weeks ago seem to have been a bit premature. Although the device was reportedly no longer for sale earlier this month, it seems it may have simply been out of stock. The Xperia Z3 has returned to T-Mobile, sporting a new, lower price tag than before.

Marked down from $630 to $500 (full price), the phone can be put on a T-Mobile payment plan for just $20.83 a month for 2 years. Not a bad deal for a fully capable Android handset, one of the best even. After Sony quietly announced the Sony Xperia Z4 in Japan to little fanfare, our fingers are crossed Sony has something better planned for later this year.


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Go on, celebrate: the Comcast + Time Warner Cable merger is officially dead Fri, 24 Apr 2015 19:20:09 +0000 Comcast_logo_5

Concerns about monopolies, net neutrality and competition be damned: Time Warner and Comcast will no longer attempt to close a deal that would merge the two cable giants under Comcast’s banner. The internal desire — according to the two companies, anyway — was to bring more of their “great” product to more people in more cities. Says Comcast CEO and Chairman Brian L. Roberts:

Today, we move on. Of course, we would have liked to bring our great products to new cities, but we structured this deal so that if the government didn’t agree, we could walk away.

Comcast NBCUniversal is a unique company with strong momentum. Throughout this entire process, our employees have kept their eye on the ball and we have had fantastic operating results. I want to thank them and the employees of Time Warner Cable for their tireless efforts.

But it didn’t take long for red flags to pop up all over the place. The department of justice was the biggest opponent from the get-go, and much like AT&T’s proposed buyout of T-Mobile it was hard for them to believe that this merger could do anything good for the state of the US cable and broadband market.


The landscape of competition in said market is already severely flawed, with many areas only able to choose between just one or two services. Yours truly literally had no choice other than Time Warner Cable up until a few years ago when AT&T finally rolled out DSL. You’ll find similar situations in many areas of the country where Time Warner, Cox and Comcast enjoy the fruits of being the only cable provider in town for miles on end.

Thankfully the powers that be which blocked this deal realized that this monopoly would hurt an already lopsided industry. If not for the likes of Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS, we might not have seen these companies scrambling to upgrade their customers to Gigabit speeds.

google-fiberTake Time Warner Cable, for instance. They kept their Charlotte, North Carolina customers on 50 megabit packages for years at what most of them would consider “fair” prices, but it only took them weeks to upgrade those customers to 300 megabit packages after they heard Google Fiber was on the way. Comcast did the same in Atlanta, Georgia when Google confirmed plans to expand to that particular market.

It’s clear these companies weren’t (and likely still aren’t) willing to do anything to improve service and value for their customers unless they had true competition. Allowing them to merge would have done nothing to change that (and would most likely have worsened the situation beyond repair). Good on everyone to see fit to block the deal and nip it in the bud in this instance just as they did to protect the spirit of competition in the wireless industry.

[via Comcast]

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Cyanogen debuts new video series to highlight Cyanogen OS’s best features Fri, 24 Apr 2015 17:11:40 +0000

Wondering why everyone goes so crazy over CyanogenMod / Cyanogen OS but not willing to flash it for yourself? Perhaps the company’s latest video series is what you need. They’re calling it Cyanogen Bites, a series of short video highlights showing you the best features of the custom Android-based OS.

Cyanogen Inc new logo

The first one is all about the app themer which lets you customize how individual app looks instead of having to use the same theme for the entire OS. Cool stuff, that, and you can really only get it if you use CyanogenMod. We’ll be on the lookout for more of these as time rolls on, for sure.

[via Cyanogen]

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Google makes $17.3 billion in revenue in Q1 2015, Nexus sales suffered a “decline” Fri, 24 Apr 2015 15:37:29 +0000 Google-HQ_logo

Google’s Q1 2015 numbers are in, and as usual the company raked in a lot of dough. They were able to amass $17.3 billion in revenue — which is a 12% increase year-on-year — and $3.85 billion of that was marked as profit.

Advertising was a big part of that, as usual, with that sector of Google’s business responsible for more than $15 billion of revenue on its own. Google did mark a 23% increase of $1.8 billion in revenue for their “other” businesses (such as the money they get from Google Play digital and physical sales), though performance 2% dropped quarter-over-quarter.

Google attributed the slight dip to a decline in sales of Nexus devices. While they didn’t get specific, they are likely referring to the fact that the Nexus 6 was available at a high-end price point of $650 which could have deterred more sales than yesteryear’s $350 Nexus 5. It’s still odd considering the Nexus 6 was widely available on major American carriers for financed smartphone payment plans or subsidized contracts.

But the beat goes on as it always has for Google. They’re really not interested in selling more hardware than the next guy. They’re interested in creating great platforms and services that everyone will use so that their major money maker — search and advertising — finds its way into more and more hands. You can check out the full numbers at the jump.

[via Google]

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Android Wear v1.1 APK has Apple references in it, but when is iOS support coming? Fri, 24 Apr 2015 14:38:47 +0000 android wear collection

That Google is working on iOS support for Android Wear is nearly undeniable at this point, but even more evidence has surfaced in case you aren’t a believer. We peeked inside the latest Android Wear update APK to see what hidden bits were swarming about, and we came across some very interesting references.

Google has strings related to Apple software packages, namely “” , “” , and “”. We’re not sure what these package names mean on their own, but lack of context doesn’t keep us from guessing that this is all going toward the effort to get Android Wear compatible with iOS.

android wear ios screenshot

There are still some hurdles for Google to get over, even if they have somehow figured things out from a technical standpoint. The biggest hurdle will be Apple’s good graces: Android Wear support on iOS would likely require some sort of app, and as we all know you can’t legally obtain apps on iOS unless it’s through the App Store (yes, it is possible to sideload apps through jailbreaking or advanced methods, but we doubt Google would encourage it).

We wouldn’t have given much thought to it just a year ago, but Apple’s own smart watch has been announced and is officially available as of tday, and we doubt they’d want to allow the competition to “duplicate their efforts.” We’ve also seen Apple banish anything with “Android” in its description or name in the App Store in the past, so having an entire “Android Wear” app in the iOS App Store doesn’t seem very likely to happen.

But as we always say, never say never. We’re still not sure when Google is expected to finish preparing the goods and announce their plans, but we’ll certainly be keeping our ear to the streets.

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There’s a giant Android robot urinating on an Apple logo in Google Maps RIGHT NOW Fri, 24 Apr 2015 12:49:39 +0000 google maps android pissing on apple

Quick, before Google notices: go to this Google Maps destination (make sure you’re in Map view, not Satellite view) and tell me what you see. No, it’s not the oddest-shaped golf course you’ve ever seen — it’s a picture of an Android robot urinating on an Apple logo. You know, the one we’ve seen depicted time and time again since Android’s existence.

We’re not sure who. We’re not sure why. We’re not sure how. And we’re not sure when Google will finally notice this and take it down. But it’s something you owe it to yourself to see even if you have nothing against Apple and don’t care for the everlasting feud between the two sides.

PS: Can’t click links? You can also type the coordinates in manually. Simply enter 33°30’52.5″N 73°03’33.2″E into the search box.

[Update]: Well, we can probably explain the “how” by now. It appears this may be the work of someone using Google Map Maker, a custom map-enhancing tool that allows users to submit changes, updates and enhacnements to maps of their local area for use on the public version of Google Maps.

It’s likely that someone submitted these custom maps, and a moderator simply approved them without checking to see what, exactly, the map changes consist of. Here’s a passive plea by someone who used to same method to bring about a better review policy for custom maps:

originalSo there you have it. Might want to get that taken care of, Google. [via]

[via Engadget]

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Chipotle teams up with Postmates to deliver foil-wrapped heaven straight to your door Fri, 24 Apr 2015 00:53:33 +0000 Chipotle ride

Chipotle is arguably one of the greatest inventions of modern day times. Not the sauce, mind you. We’re talking about that fine eatery that serves up piping fresh Mexican-esque food by the pound. Until Chipotles start popping up on every street corner with a drive-thru window, they’re not exactly the most convenient place to grab a quick bite.

Anyone stuck at work or watching the kids, like us, has probably dreamed of the day Chipotle would make home deliveries. Well, that time is now. During their Q1 2015 earnings call, Chipotle officially revealed that they’ve teamed up with anything-delivery service (food, household goods, etc.) Postmates to hand deliver those wonderful custom built burritos/bowls/tacos straight to your door.

Online and mobile deliveries are already taking place in 67 different cities where Postmates currently operates, although it apparently caps delivery costs to around $5 to $8 depending on distance. At $10 for a decked out burrito alone, you could be paying almost double just to have it delivered to your couch.

In either case, you may want to sign up for a Postmates, even if it’s not available in your city quite yet. With over $500,000 worth of Chipotle orders already delivered, it’s clear someone out there is buying.

[Re/code] via The New York Times]

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2 more LG G4 teasers get us worked up over its Quantum IPS display and f/1.8 camera [VIDEOS] Fri, 24 Apr 2015 00:11:31 +0000 LG G4 IPS Quantum Display teaser

LG has been teasing the sh*t out the G4. In another round of their quick 15-second ad spots (we already saw the G4’s leather back and UX 4.0 features), the South Korean manufacturer reminds us again that their IPS “Quantum” display will make our eyes bleed, and that their camera has an f/1.8 aperture to capture… you know, buildings and stuff.

You can check them out below but at this point we’re just ready for them to make this thing official like Sony did with the Sony Xperia Z4. Just. Announce it. Already.

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Adventure Time, Clarence, Venture Bros and many more officially headed to Hulu in May Thu, 23 Apr 2015 22:54:31 +0000 hulu plus banner

It’s all thanks to Hulu that I’m now the #1 fan of Bob’s Burgers. The video on-demand service is an integral part of my daily watching habits, helping me to discover shows — like the aforementioned Bob’s Burgers — I might have otherwise passed up on regular broadcast television.

If you’re a fan of animation, Hulu just inked a deal with Turner Broadcasting which, aside from bringing TNT and TBS titles to its library, also adds shows from Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. We’re officially freaking out now.

This means shows like Adventure Time, Clarence, Venture Bros., and Robot Chicken can all be streamed exclusively on Hulu, as well as other hit shows like The Last Ship or Murder in the First. Blah, blah… ADVENTURE FREAKIN TIME.

Another cool bit of news is shows from Cartoon Network will be found on the Hulu Kids environment and available to stream ad-free. The shows will officially make their way to Hulu on May 1st. Excited yet?



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