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It was a mere month ago that a reputable Redditor with inside knowledge dropped news of a few forthcoming Motorola handsets. Those handsets included what we believed to be the 3rd generation Moto X, as well as a phone being made specifically for Verizon (likely a DROID).

That phone was the Motorola XT1585 Kinzie, and now word of its existence seems to be backed up by a solid benchmark. GFXBench shows a phone that sports a 5.5-inch Quad HD display, Qualcomm’s Octa-Core Snapdragon 810, 3GB of RAM, “21GB” of internal storage (likely 32GB with a lot chopped off for the system), a 20 megapixel camera with 4K video and a 5 megapixel front camera. It’s also running Android 5.1, though that’s not too surprising.

So, par for the course for a 2015 flagship. That’s still about as much as we know about the phone to this point, though it’s nice to get a solid sheet of specs to look forward to ahead of announcement. Is this sounding like a DROID that you wouldn’t mind owning?

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Alleged OnePlus 2 leak shows phone could have wooden back with fingerprint scanner Mon, 29 Jun 2015 12:34:17 +0000 oneplus 2 leak 2

The OnePlus 2 is on its way, and the OnePlus team has started their unapologetic hype train leading up to the big July 27th reveal. Sad news for them, though, as PhoneArena seems to have procured shots of the thing ahead of launch.

There are 4 initial takeaways just by taking a quick glimpse at the photos:

  1. It does resemble the OnePlus One ever-so-slightly.
  2. It seems to have a metal frame, though this could just as easily be a plastic border made to look like metal.
  3. The back appears to sport wood, which would be a very nice touch (but could also be a premium wooden cover that won’t come stock with the device).
  4. There’s some sort of dimple on the back cover. The OnePlus logo is clearly visible beneath it, so one could surmise that the dimple is the fingerprint scanner rumored to be part of the kit.

And that’s just what we know from this supposed leak (it’s not known how reputable the source of the leak is). OnePlus has already spilled the beans on a couple of device details, such as the fact that it’ll use USB Type-C, as well as confirming the use of a modified Snapdragon 810 chipset that goes easy on the heat.

oneplus 2 leak 1

Other rumors suggest we’ll be getting another large screen in the 5.5-inch to 5.7-inch range which has a strong chance of boasting 2560 x 1440 resolution. The phone will also obviously launch with Lollipop-based OxygenOS. One last tidbit confirmed by the company is that the device will cost more than $322, which doesn’t exactly give us a solid price tag but at least tells us to expect the base storage model to cost higher than its predecessor.

[Updated to note that there’s a chance this could be a fake render.]

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HTC Aero looks to be the company’s new hero device launching later this year Fri, 26 Jun 2015 01:04:23 +0000 HTC One M9 Custom Nav Bar DSC08929 copy

Earlier this month, HTC chairwoman and CEO Cher Wang spoke during with investors during a general shareholder’s meeting about the company’s lackluster performance during the previous quarter. It was there she made mention of a new hero device her company would release at toward the end of the year, but didn’t provide any details. Of course, this sparked our interest as HTC fans who loved last year’s HTC One M8, but felt the recently released HTC One M9 missed the mark.

If recent tweets from former tipster @evleaks (Evan Blass) are any clue, this device could be known internally as the HTC Aero. Blass mentioned the phone — which is allegedly launching in Q4 — earlier this week in a tweet to Android developer LlabTooFeR ‏who provided new launch details on the HTC One M9+ (coming to European markets in Q3). @Upleaks seemed to confirm its existence and possibly that it will carry a Snapdragon 820 SoC.

And that’s where the trail runs cold. With knowledge of this new HTC hero device out there, we imagine it wont be too much longer before the leaks begin to follow. For now we can only sit and wonder what the future holds for HTC and with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and possibly a pair of Nexus devices set to launch later this year, they’ll certainly have their work cut out for them.

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Elephone’s P9000 could be the world’s first smartphone with a 10-core CPU Tue, 23 Jun 2015 13:27:12 +0000 Mediatek-Octa-Core

The Elephone 9000 will be a Chinese smartphone to be reckoned with, but what will it do to steal thunder away from local favorites Xiaomi and Huawei? Perhaps being the first phone to stuff a 10-core mobile CPU inside could do the trick.

The phone is rumored to be using MediaTek’s Helio X20 MT6797 chipset, which features 2 high-performance 2.5GHz Cortex-A72 cores, 4 2GHz Cortex-A53 cores, and 4 1.4GHz Cortex-A53 cores.

The phone would ideally scale up and down with changing demand to strike the perfect balance between performance and power consumption when and where needed. A Mali-T800 GPU — which not even Samsung’s flagship Exynos 7420 boasts — should make this the chipset to beat.

Beyond that, the Elephone 9000 appears impressive on paper in a number of other ways. It’ll have a 5.5-inch 1080p display, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a 20.7 megapixel rear camera, 8 megapixel front camera, a 3,100mAh battery and Android 5.1 Lollipop. It’s due for an October launch, apparently, so there’s still a bit of time to see if anyone else will look to beat Elephone to the punch.

[via MyDrivers]

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Leaked Moto G 3rd Gen reveals new backside and refreshed hardware [VIDEO] Mon, 22 Jun 2015 21:00:26 +0000 Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen leak

The Motorola Moto G as long been one of the best deals in mobile (arguably the best until the OnePlus One recently dropped to $250). The phone has long offered a solid mix of middle range hardware at an honest price, tipping the scales at around $180 unlocked.

The move from the 1st Gen Moto G to the 2nd Gen was kind of a big one, with the phone receiving a bump in screen size and adding stereo front facing speakers. We know Motorola is planning to refresh their handset lineup for 2015, but when it comes to the Moto G — which we expect will continue targeting a sub $200 price point — we couldn’t help but wonder how they’d improve the device while still retaining that affordable pricing.

As we approach the phone line’s year anniversary, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find leaks have already begun circulating around the net. Lucky for us, the leak shows off an alleged prototype Moto G which carries a design similar to that recently leaked Moto X 3rd Gen from a few weeks ago. If this is the direction Motorola is headed, the back of the phone features a camera housing looks like an LG devices (only minus rear buttons) or the ASUS ZenFone 2.

The leaker was also nice enough to list off a few of the device’s reported specs in a quick hands-on video, with the phone showing much of the same internals as the previous year’s model (5-inch 720p display, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage ), only with higher resolution cameras (13MP rear/5MP front facing), a Snapdragon 401 processor, and slightly larger 2,300mAh battery (last year’s only had a 2,070mAh). Shouldn’t be too much longer before Motorola makes this phone official and we find out exactly how far off this “prototype” is from the real thing.

[Google+ 1, 2]

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LG G4 Pro specs rumored to include Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM and a 27MP camera Thu, 18 Jun 2015 13:19:56 +0000 LG-G4

The Pro variant of the LG G4 is rumored to have some pretty ridiculous specs. In fact, they’re so ridiculous that we’d say you should take this rumor with a very fine grain of salt.

According to information uncovered by a Russian outlet, the LG G4 Pro will come with a Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB of RAM and a 27 megapixel camera. Most folks are happy to have anywhere between 2GB and 3GB of RAM and between 13MP and 20MP for camera, so this phone would exceed the expectations of anyone in the market.

The Snapdragon 820 is an interesting include as well. It’s not currently ready for mass production, though Qualcomm’s original estimation was that we’d say the very first devices use the chipset starting either at the end of this year or early next year.

We imagine current LG G4 owners reading this might feel a bit peeved to be missing out on such a beast, but we’d recommend not letting this news get you down. For starters, it’s a rumor — I think we’ve iterated that point before.

It’s also worth noting that Pro variants of LG’s flagships don’t often spread as far as the base flagship model, so it’s possible you won’t even get a chance to buy one once it’s officially available. We’ll be digging for more to see if this rumor is accurate, so stay tuned!

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Report: the Huawei Nexus phone is real Thu, 18 Jun 2015 01:16:49 +0000 Huawei logo DSC08659

We’ve heard rumors that Huawei had been tapped to create the next Nexus phone, but there was very little to go on. There still is very little, but IBT claims to have spoken with a knowledgeable source within the company who confirmed the device’s existence.

A Huawei-made Nexus might sound a bit unattractive at first, but the company has been doing a lot of work to step up the quality of their products, and it’s shown in their latest flagship Huawei P8.

The problem for Huawei is that they don’t have very much international fame. They’ve sold devices abroad for quite some time, but in the Americas, for instance, their business mostly came from providing ODM devices for others to rebrand. That has changed in recent years, with the company even launching a US-focused store to buy the latest Huawei phones and tablets.

A Nexus phone would be a very important step for the company, as it would show the masses that they have enough respect to partner up with Google to make a premium device.

Huawei’s challenge will be to potentially outshine the competition, with LG said to be making another Nexus phone that will launch in the same calendar year. That’s a tall order for them, but even if they’re lapped over multiple times it will have been better than nothing at all.

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HTC denies ever speaking with ASUS about a buyout, and they don’t think they ever will Mon, 15 Jun 2015 14:20:54 +0000 HTC logo DSC08612

HTC decided to go on the defensive side in relations to talk about ASUS buying them out. The company released an official statement saying they strongly deny any rumors about ASUS buying them out.

To be clear, the initial report was never that a buyout was attempted, but rather ASUS has at least talked or thought about it internally. For HTC’s part, they maintain that they’ve never spoken with ASUS in regards to any of that.

They also looked to reassure folks that they weren’t willing to sell, though that’s not an unexpected feeling for a proud Taiwanese company. The company isn’t currently in dire straits or in jeopardy of tanking, and while there have been better times we imagine things aren’t bad enough that they’re scrambling for a knight to whisk them off their feet.

HTC still has a lot riding on their future, including the HTC Re Vive VR headset, a new line of consumer electronics, as well as their long-standing smartphone business (though the latter arm has seen better days). There’s still time to turn the boat around, so unless HTC suddenly starts bleeding money in a profuse manner we ought to do away with fears that they’re going anywhere.

[via HTC]

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OnePlus 2 rumored for a July unveiling at a price higher than last year’s model Sat, 13 Jun 2015 01:56:34 +0000 OnePlus 2 teaser

OnePlus 2 is gearing up for a summer launch. We know this because OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei told us last year during a Reddit AMA that they were aiming for a Q2/Q3 launch for the followup to last year’s OnePlus One. But we still don’t have a specific date, despite the phone recently hitting its 1-year anniversary.

That hasn’t stopped OnePlus from getting the hype train rolling, teasing the OP 2 and early access for participants willing to jump through a few hoops (contests). Today, we’re could be getting a clearer picture of exactly when OnePlus will at least formally announce the phone, with sources out of MyDrivers pinning an official unveiling for July.

What’s more is sources claim to know the expected pricing: 1,999 Chinese Yuan, or somewhere around $322 US dollars for the base model. In other words, expect the phone to launch for a little more than last year’s OnePlus One, probably closer to $350 base. Remember, the original OnePlus One launched at $300 for the 16GB model, but also had a 64GB version for only $350. At that time, that was absolutely unheard of, especially for a device offering that much storage.

In either case, we’re certainly excited to see what OnePlus will unveil and yes, you’ll initially need an invite to pick one up. Rumors currently point to the phone coming equipped with a 5.5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 810 CPU, 3GB of RAM, 13MP camera, and a 3,300mAh battery.

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Report: Blackberry will use Android on a future smartphone Fri, 12 Jun 2015 13:03:23 +0000 BlackBerry

A couple of years ago it might have been a bit taboo to hear of companies like Nokia and Blackberry using Android after years of doing their own thing, but it seems to be commonplace by now. A Reuters report suggests Blackberry will be taking a crack at making an Android device of their own at some point down the line.

Blackberry’s big heavy-hitting move was to regain the large pool of market share they lost with the launch of Blackberry 10 devices. Those devices and the overhauled OS were quite good by Blackberry’s standards, but tech moves too fast and Android’s explosion in popularity seems to have been too much for the Waterloo company to overcome.

Reuters reports that the device would house a slide-out keyboard, a detail we’re sure many past Blackberry fans are pleased to hear considering keyboards are a huge selling point of Blackberry hardware.

Using Android on a new smartphone would seem to confirm that Blackberry is looking to be more of a software and services company rather than take on Apple’s strategy of us against the world (but even they are starting to come around these days). We’ve already seen great evidence of that with the launch of Blackberry Messenger on iOS and Android, as well as Blackberry’s enterprise-focused BES suite that helps businesses maintain ultimate device security and management.

We honestly would love to see a Blackberry phone, but our only hope is that it doesn’t succumb to the same strategies that failed the Amazon Fire Phone and Nokia’s X lineup — that is, completely disregard the Google-fueled Android ecosystem in hopes to make Android their absolute own. Make us proud, Blackberry.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could be one of the first Android devices with USB Type-C Thu, 11 Jun 2015 19:55:52 +0000 Samsung Galaxy S6 Fast Charging

The next big thing from Samsung is scheduled to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The device is due to launch this year sometime before September, but in typical Samsung fashion the rumors are already flying. The latest rumor claims that the Note 5 will be one of the first Android devices with a USB Type-C port.

You’ve probably heard of USB Type-C as the “reversible charging cable.” It can be plugged into your phone at any orientation. No more fiddling around with your cable to get it in the right way. There are some other more practical benefits to USB Type-C as well. It offers transfer speeds of up to 10 gbps, and increased charging speeds.

Android M supports USB Type-C, but we wouldn’t bet on that meaning the Note 5 will have it. Samsung has shown in the past that they don’t need to wait for Google to implement their own features. Android M finally has fingerprint scanner support, but Samsung has been doing that on their own for a couple of years already. What do you think about the Galaxy Note 5 rumors?

[via SamMobile]

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ZTE reportedly working on a smartphone called the Star 3 with a 5.5-inch 4K display Thu, 11 Jun 2015 00:27:41 +0000 zte-grand-memo-2-1

We’ve just started warming up to the idea of smartphones outfitted with 2K displays, and already it seems manufacturers could be looking towards 4K in this year’s devices. We’ve heard rumors that Samsung could be looking to equip this year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a ultra high-def 4K display (up from last year’s 2K display).

Today MyDrivers is reporting that ZTE could be looking to introduce their own 4K smartphone this year, codenamed the Star 3. The device will allegedly come equipped with a 5.5-inch TFT display carrying a eye-blistering 806 ppi. To keep this device from eating up too much battery, the display employs some kind of “crystal structure” tech which is less taxing on the CPU.  The Star 3 will also allegedly feature the world’s narrowest borders, which we assume are in reference to the bezels.

Of course, nothing at this point is confirmed and there’s no real way to validate any of these claims. While we don’t often see ZTE devices launch outside their homeland of China (at least not their high-end models), it would be interesting to see another handset hit the market with such a crazy high spec. It’s still a little too early to say, but it seems 2015 could officially be the year of the 4K smartphone.

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Photos of alleged Motorola Moto X 3rd Gen frame show possible fingerprint reader Wed, 10 Jun 2015 01:42:21 +0000 Motorola Moto X 3rd Gen 2015 frame leak

Like most OEMs, Motorola has had a really hard time keeping their flagships under wraps. Whether it was the first gen Moto X or the Moto X 2nd Gen, we got glimpses of these devices months before their official unveilings. As we approach the year anniversary of last year’s Moto X 2014, we know it’s just a matter of time before things start popping up around the net. Sure enough, blogs overseas are already churning, revealing a few images of what could be this year’s Motorola Moto X 2015.

Chinese site MyDrivers is back once again, showing what they believe are a few images of the next-gen Moto X, well, its chassis anyway. Other than giving us a look at the basic outline of the device, the frame has a peculiar cut out just below the camera hole. It’s rather square in shape, leading some to believe that the phone’s “M” logo will act as a fingerprint scanner. Other than that, not much else was revealed from this leak.

Current rumors point to Motorola delivering 2 flagship models — a 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch Moto X — both with quad HD displays. Other specs are more iffy with Motorola’s CMO talking about how the Moto X 3rd Gen will “bring it” in terms of camera quality and even says more manual controls are on the way. With Google ready to embrace USB Type C, we hope this — along with a much larger battery — will be included on the device.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about the 3rd Gen Moto X in the coming days/weeks. What would you guys like to see on the phone for you to consider purchasing?

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A Motorola DROID phone could be getting Moto Maker love in the future [RUMOR] Wed, 03 Jun 2015 18:02:12 +0000 droid turbo metallic

To now, Motorola has only used Moto Maker to allow folks to customize devices from the Moto X, as well as the Moto 360. That exclusive list could be getting some new company, though.

A source familiar with the matter has revealed to Phandroid that Motorola is considering adding a DROID phone to the Moto Maker ranks. Unfortunately we weren’t treated to concrete details about which phone it might be.

The first guess might be the Motorola DROID Turbo, and that would make sense with it being Verizon’s most recent flagship DROID. Considering we’ve seen Verizon release a whopping 3 new color variants for the DROID Turbo in recent weeks it sounds like they’ve at least been considering it. Perhaps they even used that as an excuse to test the logistics that would go behind providing multiple color options for a DROID phone.

Of course, the DROID Turbo will soon be a year old and the next new kid on the block will be set to arrive later this summer, so it’s also possible they’ll look to provide Moto Maker customization with that particular device. What device might that be? We’re still not sure, but we know one is coming and Motorola probably won’t want to disappoint.

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Nintendo denies its gaming console will use Android Tue, 02 Jun 2015 18:42:41 +0000 super mario

Welp, that was fast. A report out of a trusted Japanese publication yesterday told of possible plans for Nintendo to use Android on their upcoming game console, the NX. Naturally Nintendo was asked if the report was true, and they didn’t outright refuse to comment.

In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal Nintendo suggests the rumor is not accurate in any way, and that they have no plans to use Android as the console’s software platform. So did someone give Nikkei some false information? Here are a few common scenarios:

  • Translation errors often lead to misinformation. Perhaps Nintendo was speaking about Android in a separate context.
  • A source could have deliberately tried to throw Nikkei off the path.
  • The rumor is actually true, but Nintendo is lying through their teeth.

That last one is not all that far-fetched. Nintendo has denied rumors before, only for those rumors to turn out to be 100% true (see: the Nintendo 3DS XL). We’ve also seen this same pattern with a number of gaming companies, but that only typically happens when a company is trying to lower expectations so their official announcement has a bigger impact. We wouldn’t say revealing which software platform the Nintendo NX will use charts high on the list of things Nintendo wants to keep under wraps.

So all of that is to say that this rumor may or may not be true. Officially it’s not true, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to keep our eye on the Nintendo NX for the off chance that it is.

[via Wii U Daily]

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