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Samsung was caught teasing Android 5.0 Lollipop on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 earlier in the week suggesting the company was well underway on the big update for the big phablet. But what about the smaller, yet older brother released early in the year? According to SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t take long to find its bag of candy, as well.

Purported sources suggest the Samsung Galaxy S5’s Lollipop update is expected to begin rolling out this December, a very welcome timeline considering most companies are playing it safe by estimating early 2015. That Samsung hasn’t come out and said anything about their plans to beat everyone to the punch suggests they don’t have total faith in their ability to reach that deadline, though we sure won’t reprimand them from trying.

Recent leaks have already given us an early look at how Samsung would be fusing both TouchWiz and Android 5.0 Lollipop. Doesn’t look quite as clean as stock, but it does seem to be a very nice change of pace over TouchWiz’s current drags. Let’s hope to hear something in a more official capacity before too long.

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DROID Turbo pops up in another classic leak Mon, 20 Oct 2014 15:16:35 +0000 droid turbo render clear

In what would appear to be a small scale comeback if we didn’t know better, @evleaks has dished out another juicy render for us to lay eyes on. It’s the Motorola DROID Turbo we’ve been hearing so much about. Verizon is expected to reveal the device on October 28th, and the Motorola-made wonder is poised to be their best DROID yet.

The renders don’t really show us anything we didn’t already know about the device. It looks like a DROID, especially that classic Verizon Red model and all the Kevlar shining through on the back. We do get a very clear look at the front of the device which seems to boast a very prominent speaker grill. Shots of the device’s backside don’t turn up any rear-facing speakers so it’s possible the front speaker will be doing the heavy lifting for all external audio needs.

A previous leak of ours gave us an idea of what to expect under the hood. Verizon will make it a point to push the following areas once it heads to store shelves:

  • Its 21 megapixel camera and Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display
  • Its 2.7GHz quad-core processor and software like Moto Voice, Intelligent Imaging and Zap Zone (for beaming photos to friends, to nearby TVs or quickly capturing screenshots using voice and sending it off to whoever you want)
  • 48 hours of battery life (thanks to a 3,900mAh battery) and the ability to get 8 hours of life with 15 minutes of charging through the Motorola Turbo Charger
  • Metalized Glass Fiber build materials coated with Kevlar fiber, water resistant repellent coating, Corning Gorilla Glass
  • 32GB of internal storage and more

And with that — plus the news that the Nexus 6 will be made available for all major US carriers — Verizon customers have found themselves with some tough purchase decisions in the weeks and months ahead. Let us know if you’ll be looking to grab this once it’s made available later this year.

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Leaked Samsung Gear S details reveal it will have its own plan on Sprint Fri, 17 Oct 2014 19:46:04 +0000 gear s info (1)

Whether you’re surprised that the Samsung Gear S, a standalone smart watch, would require a separate line of service depends on what you thought Samsung was promising. Trusted sources close to the matter have revealed to Phandroid that the Samsung Gear S will have a special plan on Sprint, and likely any other carrier it heads to once it launches.

As such, you’ll need a plan to tie it to and you have one of two options for achieving that:

  • a special $10 per month “connected device” plan that gives you 1,000 minutes, 1,000 messages and 100MB of data
  • a $10 add-on to a Family Share Pack plan that shares data, minutes and messages with all other devices

The leaked document was also careful to note that the Gear S won’t pull from its own allotment of text, minutes and data while in Bluetooth mode and paired with a smartphone as everything would be going through the smartphone’s line at that point. Sounds par for the course for a standalone smart watch so all we need is an actual arrival date (something we hope to hear about very soon now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is out of the door).

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AT&T accidentally lists Nexus 6 on their site (sort of) Wed, 15 Oct 2014 12:56:17 +0000 Motorola_Nexus_6_ATT

Looks like AT&T could be in line to offer the Nexus 6 through their own storefront once the device is announced (well, rumors say to expect it to be announced) later today. A listing for the device appeared on the carrier’s website as the Motorola Nexus 6 with a price tag of $49.99, except the image shown was of an LG G3 Vigor.

There’s no telling how much of this listing was accurate. Was the price tag shown for the LG G3 Vigor or the Nexus 6? We’d guess the former considering that’s its stated cost on AT&T’s site right now. Also, does this mean AT&T will be offering Nexus 6 sales as soon as the device is announced? Having such an early listing up would seem to suggest as much, but we’ll elect not to get too far ahead of ourselves at the moment.

The question isn’t necessarily “if,” anymore, but “when,” “how much,” and “how soon,” and we imagine Google will have all of those answers for us right around daybreak. Let us know if you’ll be looking to purchase one directly through AT&T should they offer the device once it’s allegedly revealed later this afternoon.

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Report: Nexus 6 and 9 will offcially be revealed tomorrow along with pre-order and launch dates Tue, 14 Oct 2014 19:44:06 +0000 htc nexus 9 leak

You know what they say, when it rains, it pours. The typical birthing pangs of a new release, leaks have been spewing out from all around the net as Google prepares to launch the newest additions to their product portfolio: the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.

If you needed any further confirmation that we’re nearing an official announcement, Forbes is now chiming in, confirming that tomorrow will be the day Google finally reveals, not only their new super-sized smartphone and tablet, but the latest version of their software currently known as “Android L.” They wont have an event, instead of opting for a simple blog post as they work on getting Android L up to speed (and get the jump on Apple’s iPad event).

According to sources, the Nexus 9 (aka HTC Volantis) will be available for pre-order starting this Friday October 17th, public availability (and shipping) on November 3rd. The new tablet will be available in 2 hardware configurations: 16GB for $400, or a 32GB 4G LTE model for $500.

When it comes to specs, Forbes was able to confirm the Nexus 9’s 8.9-inch 2048×1440 resolution display, 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, 8MP rear/3MP front-facing cameras, and an approximate weight of 480 grams. As far as stylings, it appears HTC and Google decided to go with a “brushed aluminum” frame instead of “all metal.” This was an effort to help keep their costs down.

An origami-like magnetic flip case / stand will also be available tomorrow as well, and mimics a design we’ve seen before where it bend into various shapes to suit your favorite viewing angles.

Unfortunately, Forbes wasn’t able to confirm much else about the Nexus 6 (like available colors), but then again, tomorrow is only a short time away. Stay tuned!

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Leak: Motorola DROID Turbo training materials talk specs, build quality and more Tue, 14 Oct 2014 18:11:39 +0000 droidturbo2

Earlier this morning we saw Verizon begin to tease the Motorola DROID Turbo for an October 28th unveiling. They weren’t too talkative about what to expect, of course, but we’ve got more information to deliver thanks to a timely leak. A source of Phandroid’s passed along some early training materials for sales managers. The materials push their employees to sell the DROID Turbo on a few different areas:

  • Its 21 megapixel camera and Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display
  • Its 2.7GHz quad-core processor and software like Moto Voice, Intelligent Imaging and Zap Zone (for beaming photos to friends, to nearby TVs or quickly capturing screenshots using voice and sending it off to whoever you want)
  • 48 hours of battery life (thanks to a 3,900mAh battery) and the ability to get 8 hours of life with 15 minutes of charging through the Motorola Turbo Charger
  • Metalized Glass Fiber build materials coated with Kevlar fiber, water resistant repellent coating, Corning Gorilla Glass

We also finally learn that the device will come in 32GB of internal storage, though the documents don’t suggest whether there will be any other storage options to be had. We can also confirm that the DROID Turbo will be available in both Metallic Red and Metallic Black.


Unfortunately the training materials didn’t reveal much else, but between the leaks we’ve seen in the past few weeks and today’s teaser we’d say we have a pretty good idea of what to expect before its coming out party later this month. Stay tuned!

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What we know about the Nexus 6 Tue, 14 Oct 2014 17:37:41 +0000 nexus 6 shamu render leak

Android fans are eagerly anticipating the launch of the Nexus 6, Google’s latest Nexus smartphone, which is expected to be officially announced tomorrow, October 15th. As the excitement reaches a fever pitch for this highly-anticipated handset, let’s step back and take a look at what we know about the device so far and what we expect to come as part of Google’s official announcement.

As the name suggests (following a pattern set by previous devices), the Nexus 6 will feature a display with a footprint bordering on 6 inches, making this the first “phablet” in the lineup. While its predecessors included devices from HTC, Samsung, and LG, the Nexus 6 will be the first Google flagship manufactured by Motorola.

Nexus 6 Specs

nexus 6 render leak

The Nexus 6 might end up as the most powerful Nexus device to date — should the rumored specs pan out. There’s reason to believe they will, as leaks over the past several months have been fairly consistent in this regard. As an impending launch draws near, we’re getting an even better picture of what to expect. The Nexus 6’s impressive hardware is said to include:

  • 5.9-inch, 2560×1440 (QHD) display
  • Snapdragon 805 processing
  • 13MP rear camera, 2MP front-facing
  • 3GB RAM
  • 3200mAh battery

The Motorola-made device is also expected to feature a bit of technology that debuted with the new Moto X: Turbo Charge. Turbo Charge on the Nexus 6 could deliver an 8-hour charge in only 15 minutes.

The common speculation is that Motorola originally developed the phone that would become the Nexus 6 as a phablet offering to compliment the Moto G and Moto X. We might expect a device that borrows heavily in terms of design and hardware from these options, and leaked renders suggest it will bear more than a passing resemblance. This includes a set of front-facing stereo speakers (as seen on the Moto G) but likely won’t extend to the customization options present in those Motorola-branded handsets.

Android L

android l devices

The most recent buzz suggests the Nexus 9 will launch alongside the Nexus 6 and feature more prominently as the flagship device of Google’s next Android update. Android L will still be a major element of the Nexus 6, however, and come installed out of the box.

The launch of the Nexus 6 should coincide with the unveiling of an “official” name for the next iteration of the Android OS — signs point to Lollipop — and the handset will be privy to all that the new version will offer. We learned at this year’s Google I/O that features of Android L include the new Material Design interface, improved multitasking and notifications, and under-the-hood improvements with Project Volta (for better battery life) and ART (an improved runtime that replaces Dalvik and should offer increased application performance).

Google has been slowly refining Android L as developers have had ample time to beta test the latest software. What will come installed on the Nexus 6 will be the first official public release of the operating system, but users can expect future updates to further enhance software capabilities. The Nexus 6’s position as a member of the namesake Nexus line means the phone will receive these updates as soon as they are ready to ship from Google, often months before they reach other third-party Android handsets.

Low-key launch?

google nexus devices

Ever since a hurricane quashed Google’s plans to launch the Nexus 4 in style we have seen the tech giant resort to the considerably more low-key launch strategy of sticking to a blog post to announce their latest Nexus advancements. All signs point to the same being the case this year, with Google expected to unveil the Nexus 6 (and Nexus 9) with Android L on their company blog this week. October 15th is the target, a date that may or may not have been influenced by Apple’s decision to host an iPad-themed event on October 16th.

The announcement may not include immediate retail availability. At least for the Nexus 9, the plan appears to be a pre-order starting October 17th followed by a November 3rd  release. There is a good chance the Nexus 6 could follow the a similar or identical timeline, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Google has other plans. Given rumored hardware, we might also expect the Nexus 6 to come with a higher price tag than previous Nexus devices. We might again look to the Moto X for guidance, which suggests the N6 will cost no less than $499 unlocked.

One thing is certain: if the Nexus 6 sees similar demand to what previous entries in the Nexus line have experienced, the handset could land on backorder almost immediately. Those interested in buying will want to jump early if they hope to receive their device as part of the first round of shipments.

What are you hoping for?

The Nexus 6 is no secret by any means, but Google has been known to slip in a few features undetected for a launch day surprise. What are you hoping for in the Nexus 6? Do the rumors add up to a device you are eager to get your hands on? With only mere hours to wait until our curiosities are satisfied, our attention is turned to more pressing issues: will you be buying the Nexus 6?

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Did @evleaks just leak an official render of the Nexus 6? Tue, 14 Oct 2014 15:42:29 +0000 nexus 6 render leak

In case you haven’t heard, ex-leakster Evan Blass (also known as @evleaks) has been going through tough times, so he cheered himself up by doing the one thing that used to make him happy — leaking a hot new device! This time he gives us our first look at an official render for the Nexus 6, a Motorola-made entry into Google’s longstanding pure Android series.

The render doesn’t reveal a whole lot, though this is the first time we’ve gotten a clear look at the front-facing stereo speakers expected to be built into the device. The render also shows the lowered power and volume buttons we’ve been hearing about. The design choice was made to make the buttons easier to reach on that massive 6-inch form factor.

Nothing else about the hardware stands out, though we do see a front-facing camera on the upper right and what looks to be a microUSB port on the bottom. The bottom doesn’t show a hole for a 3.5mm headphone jack which lines up with previous rumors that the port sits on the top of the device.

For software the render shows a clean Android L home screen, though it’s nothing we haven’t already seen from the Android L developer preview loaded up onto Nexus 5 units. And that’s about all. Rumors suggest Google is going to be revealing their Nexus 6 as early as tomorrow so be sure to circle back in case those rumors turn out to be dead on.

[via @evleaks]

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Motorola Droid Turbo exposed in leaked user manual, confirms beastly hardware specs Wed, 08 Oct 2014 22:00:45 +0000 Motorola Droid Turbo back user manual

Where rumors and leaks hinted as much, the Motorola Droid Turbo is, in fact, a thing and coming soon to Verizon Wireless. How can we be so sure? Well, the phone’s user manual has just been leaked in its entirety, giving us our best look yet at the upcoming superphone.

According to the leaked pdf, we can expect the phone to come equipped with a 5.2-inch QHD display, 21MP rear facing camera, and although exact mAhs weren’t mentioned, there was a little something in there about a “high-capacity long lasting battery.” Yeah, this thing is going to be a beast.

Motorola Droid Turbo leaked manual

Taking a look at the front, the phone looks very much like what we’ve come to expect from the Droid line (a bit uninspired, really), packing capacitive navigation buttons and a front facing speaker. Another crazy tidbit? Motorola’s super fast Turbo Charger which takes advantage of Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology will also come inside the box. Seriously, if you consider yourself a spec whore, this phone is sure to please.


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Google could be considering adding app and game trials to the Google Play Store Wed, 08 Oct 2014 20:01:36 +0000 Google Play Store 4.9.13 1

Despite numbers showing the Android OS dominating the smartphone market share, some were surprised to find that iOS users still fork over the most money for their apps (a staggering $5.1 million a day compared to Google’s $1.1 million according to recent reports). To help get wary consumers pulling the trigger on those $.99 cent apps, Google is reportedly mulling over the idea of implementing a try-before-you-buy trial period for games and apps in the Play Store.

Details are scarce, but it’s said to work in a similar fashion to the way you only have to download a portion of an app or game when updating (as opposed to the entire thing). This trial portion would allow for users to download only a specific portion of the app to see how it functions and if they like, download the rest of the app at full price. Like Costco but without fighting with kids over the last chicken nugget sample.

It’s pretty easy to see how this would not only save time, but decrease data costs when looking for something new to download outside of a WiFi connection (you know how much data costs these days). This would prove especially useful in emerging markets where data is further constricted. Of course, this is all just rumor at the moment with nothing set in stone.

[The Information | via Engadget]

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HTC Desire Eye leaked with 13MP front facing camera and LED flash Mon, 06 Oct 2014 19:17:20 +0000 HTC Desire Eye red

As we near HTC’s “Double Exposure” event on Wednesday, we’re now receiving hints that the Taiwanese manufacturer could be planning to announce more than just a simple GoPro competitor. We’ve heard talk of a revised HTC One M8 with a 13MP shooter dubbed the “ HTC One M8 EYE,” and now it seems HTC could be planning something similar for their Desire line of handsets.

HTC was one of the first OEMs to pack a high-res 5MP “selfie” camera on their handsets but apparently that was just the beginning. Leaks from a variety of sources have seemingly confirmed the existence of an HTC Desire Eye, a smartphone equipped with both a 13MP wide-angle camera on the back and the front. Press renders of the phone have been leaked in red and blue and if the very large camera cutouts on the front are any indication, these rumors have grown a few more legs to run on.

HTC Desire Eye red blue

After trying to sell their 4MP UltraPixel camera for so long, it seems HTC is finally ready to throw in the towel and give the consumers what they really want — moar megapickles.

Of course, the actual quality of the camera remains to be seen. We found the 5MP front facing shooter of their current devices (like the HTC One M8) lacking.

HTC Desire Eye featured

Rumors point to the HTC Desire Eye coming equipped with a 2.3GHz Snapdragon S801, 5.2-inch 1080p display, 13MP rear/front facing cameras, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, and a 2,400mAh removable battery. Of course Sense 6 is on board and the phone could have an IPX7 rating for water resistance.

[Upleaks 1, 2 |]

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Is this our first look at the HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet? [Leak] Mon, 06 Oct 2014 11:45:46 +0000 htc nexus 9 leak

Google is long overdue for another tablet in the Nexus lineup, and rumors say to expect them to introduce that tablet alongside HTC at some point this year. We haven’t heard a ton about the device and what it’s expected to bring to this point, but we might finally have our first glimpse at the thing.

Up and coming leakster @upleaks obtained a purported photo of the Nexus 9. We obviously want to approach this leak with a bit of caution as even the most reputable of leaksters have been duped with falsified renders and information before.

But if this is indeed real, what does it tell us? Not much, honestly. There’s an HTC logo sitting beneath the familiar Nexus stamp on the back. It’s big and square. And it appears the camera is being accompanied by an LED flash, which may or may not be noteworthy depending on who you are.

Even more noteworthy is that the camera ring design looks pretty similar to that of the Nexus 5’s. That’s all we can tell for sure. If my eyes don’t deceive me, though, it looks like the tablet could be sporting the same soft-touch material on the back that the Nexus 5 launched with. Heck, it’s almost as if this could be a really stretched out Nexus 5, but we won’t sound the alarms on a potential fake just yet.

Google and their partners have yet to disappoint when it comes to introducing smartphones and tablets with impressive specs so we’re sure we’re in for a treat with the Nexus 9. Unfortunately there isn’t enough information out there about the Nexus 9 so we’re still left in the dark. Perhaps that’s all for the better — knowing how much of a beast it might be would make the wait that much harder to bear.

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Google working on standalone messaging app that wont require a Google login [RUMOR] Fri, 03 Oct 2014 20:11:27 +0000 talk_logo

We’ve seen Google make small steps towards detaching Hangouts from Google+, a move welcomed by just about everyone. But it seems that ain’t nothing compared to what they could be planning for emerging markets: a messaging client that doesn’t even require a Google account.

This is exactly what the Economic Times is reporting, with sources claiming Google has already begun testing in parts of India and could launch as early as 2015. This Google messenger — still in its early stages of development — is Google’s way of recouping users lost to rival services such as Whatsapp, Viber, and Line.

India is poised to becoming the world’s 2nd largest smartphone market just under China with Android One already looking to take the sub-continent by storm. A messaging service everyone can and will actually want to use by forgoing a Google login could be their next big strategy.

You may remember reports of Google looking to acquire Whatsapp (whom later accepted Facebook’s offer of $19 billion). It’s clear Google takes messaging very seriously, but without a Google account to siphon data from its users, it’s not entirely clear why.

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Report: Cyanogen Inc looking for $1 billion valuation after receiving acquisition offer from Google Thu, 02 Oct 2014 21:50:39 +0000 Cyanogen Inc

Despite gaining $22 million in series B funding last year, Cyanogen Inc’s has yet to generate any sizable revenue. Sure they’re partnered up with Oppo and the folks at OnePlus to launch a few devices with their custom Android OS pre-installed, but other than that what have the one time Android modders been up to? Well, we know they were said to be in talks with some of the biggest firms in tech, companies like Microsoft and Yahoo looking to take the startup under their wing.

Now, as we approach the eve of their series C funding, it appears Cyanogen Inc could be seeking a breathtaking valuation, hitting upwards of a $1 billion. We know what you’re thinking: just how the heck did they arrive at that number? According to The Information, potential investors recently learned from Cyanogen’s chief executive that the Seattle-based software company recently met up with Sundar Pichai — the man in charge of Google’s Android division —  for acquisition talks, but walked away.

Even with talks of a Google buyout, that number is almost dumbfounding. That’s not to diminish the talented team at Cyanogen or the amazing work they’ve produced throughout the years. Some would argue Android wouldn’t be where it’s at with all the features Cyanogen and their team added to the OS over the years (only to be later replicated in official Android builds).

Once again, we should warn you. Reports out The Information can sometimes be hit or miss, so take it with a grain of salt. This is still very much a rumor. As an Android fan who has followed CyanogenMod since its humble beginnings, I’d have to say it’s inspiring to see men (and women) who once worked from their basements gaining the level of success they have in such a short amount of time.

To help you visualize a billion dollars, here’s what it would look like if stacked onto wood pallets.

1 billion visualized on wood pallets


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Is this guy using a Nexus 6? Wed, 01 Oct 2014 18:37:39 +0000 nexus 6 leak

I have a confession. A deep, dark, twisted and sadistic confession. Ready? I have a strange infatuation with seeing devices in the wild. I get all giddy when it happens, even if it’s a device I have no plans to purchase at any point in the future. So when a purported Nexus 6 is roaming around that just drives me absolutely nuts.

The photo above was obtained by Android Police, and it looks like it matches up quite accurately with the report we wrote on yesterday’s leak. The device is sporting dual front-facing speakers just as rumors have said to expect on the Nexus 6, and it even features the recent build of Android L we got a glimpse of earlier today.

The device is no doubt being snuggled by a protective case likely used to try and hide its identity as much as protecting the hardware from damage. The case design does reveal that the buttons for power and volume are positioned more toward the middle of the device to make them more comfortable to reach — this thing is supposed to be a 5.9-inch WHALE of a phone, after all. See what I did there? Codename “shamu?” Whale? No? Well, it was worth a shot.

All that aside, it’s looking more and more likely that this is the Nexus device Google is prepared to introduce at some point this fall. We’re hopeful for an announcement within a month’s time, but beggars can’t be choosers — let’s just cross our fingers that this thing is actually real and Google is planning to release it before the winter months arrive (though with how many leaks are starting to spring up we’d say there’s nothing to worry about).

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