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We’ve been hearing a lot about the upcoming Sony Xperia Z3 ever since “leaked” images of the device began sprouting up around the net. Said to become official during next month’s IFA 2014 in Berlin, we were left scratching our heads as to the phone’s sudden release. Given we have yet to see or hear any official word on a Sony Xperia Z2 coming to the states (rumors point to a Verizon exclusive release arriving soon), we’re sure many of you aren’t getting your hopes we’ll ever see the upcoming model arriving in the states anytime soon. But not so fast…

Apparently, the folks over at TechnoBuffalo heard from their own reliable source that the phone has already been picked up by T-Mobile and will launch shortly after its September unveiling. So, why on earth would Sony be gearing up to launch a redesigned followup only 6 months after the previous model? Well, that part is still a little foggy. It’s possible the Z2 was already promised to Verizon and in order for Sony to bring their smartphone lineup to the US they needed an entirely new model. This could also explain why the phone is rumored to have largely the same exact specs as the Sony Xperia Z2, only featuring a more smooth, all metal frame. New name. Mostly the same internals.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed at this time although TechnoBuffalo assures us their sources have proven reliable in the past. Hopefully we’ll hear more about the phone (whether officially or through leaks) as IFA 2014 approaches. Until then, I’ll be enjoying my newly purchased Sony Xperia Z2 (yes, I’m pretty much in love with it).

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha will reportedly be unveiled this Monday, August 4th Wed, 30 Jul 2014 20:41:20 +0000 samsung-galaxy-alpha-7

There’s been much ado made over the oft leaked Samsung Galaxy Alpha, an upcoming smartphone that could finally see Samsung’s departure from polycarbonate, in favor of cold hard aluminum. Well, that’s the idea anyway. It seems we learn more about the phone with each passing week, and today is no different. Once again the folks at SamMobile are claiming the scoop, receiving word of the device’s expected announcement when all the rumors will finally be laid to rest: Monday, August 4th.

Only a few weeks ahead of the rumored Galaxy Note 4 unveiling in September, that’s the date Samsung will reportedly make the Galaxy Alpha official, revealing everything we likely already know about the upcoming smartphone. What can we expect? In Samsung’s ongoing effort to blanket the market with as many possible options and hardware configurations (you know, see what sticks), the Galaxy Alpha will feature a blend of mid-range and high-end specs — lower than a Galaxy S5, but higher than the Galaxy S5 Mini.

With that comes a 4.7-inch 720p display, 32GB of internal storage (no micro SD expansion) and a fingerprint scanner. Wrap the device in aluminum and you have the premium Galaxy handset you’ve always wanted, right? Okay, so the device’s lust-worthiness remains to be seen. Something tells us Samsung wont lose any sleep over the success of this phone, they’ll simply release a refreshed model in a couple of months anyway.

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Rumor: Samsung Gear 3 launches this fall; design patents show it could have circular design Wed, 30 Jul 2014 16:10:03 +0000 samsung-logo

We’d be fools to think Samsung wasn’t working on another iteration of their Gear smartwatch, but it’s always nice to get confirmation (even if it is unofficial). A trusted source familiar with the matter revealed to Phandroid that Samsung is currently cooking up the Samsung Gear 3. The device is said to be running Tizen, though that’s not much of a surprise considering all but the Samsung Gear Live (an Android Wear smartwatch) are up and running on Samsung’s infant operating system.

According to our source, Samsung is planning to launch this thing in the fall. There’s no exact timing to be had, but we hear they want to get it out before their developer conference kicks off November 11th. Unfortunately that’s about all we know in terms of launch and hardware details, but recent developments could shed some light on the direction Samsung may be looking to go with this thing.

samsung circular smart watch 4

For starters, recently filed design patents (here and here) show Samsung could be looking to follow in Motorola’s footsteps and introduce a circular watch design ala the Moto 360. The patents show typical Samsung design in other areas of the smart watch, including cameras mounted on the wrist straps. There’s no guarantee any of these designs will end up being applied to the Gear 3, but it’s the most we have to go on at this point.

It’ll be interesting to see what Samsung does to transform Tizen in order to fit this form factor if this is, in fact, the design they’ll be going with. On the functional side of things our source mentions they’ll be borrowing a couple of cues from Android Wear, namely in the notifications department. Each app will have its own rich notification where it makes sense (an email notification might have a special button for a voice reply while the music app might present controls for pausing, skipping and playing, for instance).

samsung circular smart watch 3

It all makes you wonder why Samsung doesn’t just swallow their pride and embrace Android Wear for what it is and what it may become. Perhaps they just need some way to keep Tizen relevant considering they’re having trouble bringing it to market in smartphone form. We hope to hear more leading up to their first worldwide developers’ conference later this year.

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Verizon LG G Vista and its specs leak ahead of supposed launch tomorrow Wed, 30 Jul 2014 12:42:29 +0000 lg-g-vista-verizon

Murmurings of Verizon’s LG G Vista have crept back into the rumor mill. This time, the device has gotten leaked in crystal clear detail, and we even get a healthy list of specs to take in while we await its supposed revelation and launch tomorrow. The device undoubtedly fits itself square into the phablet category with a 5.7-inch 1280 x 720 display. Here are other internals that you probably care about:

  • 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400
  • 1.5GB of RAM
  • 3,200mAh battery
  • 8 megapixel rear camera with LED flash and laser-assisted autofocus
  • 8GB of internal storage w/ microSD
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

That’s about as mid-range as mid-range can get. The device borrows LG’s coined rear-facing buttons arrangement, and will no doubt come with LG’s custom user experiencing that features KnockOn and KnockCode, an extreme battery saving mode and a lot more.

The LG G Vista supposedly comes in at an off-contract price of $499.99, or $99 on a new two-year contract. No idea on what the Verizon Edge price is looking like just yet, but if we go by the standard off-contract price spread over the course of 24 months it brings us to about $20.83 per month. All that’s left to do now is to wait until tomorrow to see if Verizon hasn’t suddenly changed their mind about launching it. Let us know if you have your eye on this one.

[via Droid-Life]

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Google could be scrapping Android Silver in favor of a Motorola-made Nexus phablet [RUMOR] Mon, 28 Jul 2014 22:59:58 +0000 Nexus 5 front

After being sold to Lenovo back in January for $2.91 billion, it appears the once Google-owned Motorola still has some unfinished business to attend to. According to sources out of The Information, Motorola could be collaborating with Google on an upcoming Nexus phablet.

For those wondering what the hell happened to Android Silver, well, it appears that the recent departure of Google’s Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora — the man spearheading the project — may have caused the Android Silver initiative to be scrapped altogether, defaulting back to what Google does best: Nexus.

Rumors of a new Nexus codenamed Shamu, which makes a lot more sense now given the device’s reported size, have been floating around for weeks and because the device is in AOSP, a Nexus moniker is sure to follow. A 5.9-inch phone-tablet could be big enough to warrant a Nexus 6 title, fitting perfectly with the Nexus program’s yearly upgrade cycle and incremental display size increases.

We’ll continue holding out hope for a more reasonable sized Nexus phone that wont stretch out our expensive denim, but just because a 5.9-inch Nexus is rumored doesn’t mean Google can’t update last year’s Nexus 5 with a new and improved Nexus 5 2014 model (although we’d have a hard time figuring out exactly how to upgrade the current model). Any thoughts?

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The Facebook Phone is alive and kicking Mon, 28 Jul 2014 20:54:37 +0000 The mythical Facebook Phone was first rumored in 2010 but the most we’ve seen thus far are gimmicky devices like the HTC Status with dedicated Facebook buttons. The idea isn’t far fetched: Facebook has doubled down on mobile by investing billions in companies like WhatsApp while showing a desire to enter uncharted territory with acquisitions like Oculus. With their latest patent, Facebook is showing that Amazon isn’t the only company trying to cash in on building their own Android ecosystem.


The patent, titled “co-molding display with body of mobile device,” fits well with the previous Facebook and HTC mobile partnerships. HTC First pioneered their unibody frame in 2010 with the HTC Legend, at the time only rivaled in craftsmanship by Apple’s iPhone, and the company continues to make some of the best devices (see HTC One M8).

But this isn’t HTC’s patent – it’s Facebook’s – and the manufacturing process detailed makes us wonder exactly what they’ve got up their sleeves. In some ways it appears to offer a removal sleeve that would suggest Project Ara-type functionality, but the patent description homes in on manufacturing, so it’s unclear if the final product would act as such for the consumer.

We’ve continued to hear rumors that Facebook is still pursuing mobile hardware so this isn’t surprising, but launching their own self-made device hasn’t been forecasted by industry analysts- this is a step in a new direction.




Facebook is currently one of the predominant players in mobile, so leveraging this presence may seem like a logical move, but what would a Facebook phone accomplish that a Facebook app on Android can’t?

Driving revenue for one, but it seems an unlikely motivation given that Facebook’s strength is in software. Facebook could package premium, subscription services for products like WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus, and anything else their working on much like (Amazon is doing with the Fire Phone and Prime), but that seems like a fringe benefit rather than a primary motive, unless Facebook has more to announce than the phone itself.

Unless the above question can yield a definitive answer, I’m not confident any “Facebook Phone” will make a dent in Samsung’s Android stranglehold. In the meantime, I’ll start praying that Zuck goes on another buying spree, snatches up Nokia from Microsoft, and starts making the premium Nokia Android Phones we’ve craved for the past several years.

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Did Google just post an image of the rumored Nexus 9? [UPDATE] Mon, 28 Jul 2014 20:30:01 +0000 TwG_SummerTrends_Google Nexus 9

When it comes to an upcoming product launch, it’s not too uncommon for big companies to slip up and let the cat out of the bag ahead of time. Tales of a rumored Nexus 9 (or Nexus 8) tablet have been floating around the net for many months now, building up hype with every passing “leak.”

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise then to find a newly published photo by the folks at Think with Google — Google’s own site for tracking current trends — is causing some stir around the net. The image, posted in Think with Google’s latest blog post (and on Google+), shows a rather nondescript tablet sporting a very un-Android aspect ratio. Given rumors that the upcoming Nexus 9 would have a similar form factor, it’s entirely possible the photo of the slab could indeed be legit.

So what do we learn from the photo? Well, not anything. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us to find this is merely a quick mockup of an iPad Mini with the entire display/bezel blacked out. Latest Nexus 9 rumors pointed to a device manufactured by HTC that would feature front facing speakers — none of which are pictured here. We think renders of a tablet with front facing speakers on the Google Design site probably hold more weight than this leak.

I mean, you guys remember what happened with that Nexus 8 leak from a few months back, right?

UPDATE: Yup, look like the image is nothing more than a Shutterstock photo. You can find this, and many just like it, right here on their site.

Thanks, Greenbot!


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Rumor: Motorola, Google working on 5.9-inch Nexus Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:27:14 +0000 Motorola Logo

Lots of breakups tend to go pretty bad, but Google and Motorola’s relationship has stayed strong following their brief period of engagement. Ties could become even tighter if this latest rumor is to be believed: the pair are working on a Nexus phone that could come clocked in at 5.9 inches, with the target month for launching it being November.

There’s no real concrete information to be had outside of that, though murmurings of a fingerprint scanner being featured on the device raises ears. The device is said to be codenamed “shamu,” the name of SeaWorld’s charming killer whale show that brings people from all over to their water park. Fitting name, that, considering a 5.9-inch phone is quite the “whale” of a form factor compared to previous Nexus phones, a line that has yet to extend beyond the 5-inch mark (excluding tablets, obviously).

The device’s codename has shown up in Google Code bug reports before, with this particular report from three days ago referencing the device in the build number. For what it’s worth, the bug report comes from a testing firm that specializes in testing hardware and software in the cellular world — sounds exactly like the type of firm who’d be able to get their hands on a prototype well ahead of it seeing the light of day.


And that’s about the length of all the known information. Without much else to go on, it does give us an opportunity to ponder a few things. Here are just a few thoughts that immediately come to mind (should the rumor turn out to be true):

  • The Nexus line might not be dead after all. If you don’t remember, early rumors suggested Google would be dropping their Nexus program in favor of Android Silver. Android Silver is rumored to be a new device initiative for OEMs and carriers to provide high quality smartphones, but without carrier or OEM customization, and with a commitment to timely updates. We thought we’d be hearing something about Android Silver at Google IO, but alas nothing came of the rumor (and at this point, we’re not sure if anything ever will).
  • Motorola didn’t stick to its guns. Remember when Moto said they didn’t care for big phones? Could be that they’ve had a change of heart, or it could be that Google wants to introduce the first phablet in the Nexus series. Either way, it certainly doesn’t fit Motorola’s original vision.
  • Who better to use a fingerprint scanner than Motorola? Because whether you want to give them credit or not, they were the first company to use a fingerprint scanner in a mainstream smartphone. It’s only fitting that they reclaim their throne and let people know who the true originator is.

But I digress, because it could be just as likely that none of this is true or that the smartphone will never see the light of day. Rumors are always to be taken with grains of salt, so don’t go making major purchase decisions based on this particular one because you could end up waiting for nothing at all. Knowing that, though, let us know in the comments if you’ve been waiting for an oversized Nexus phone like this one.

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Leak: is this our clearest look yet at the Moto X+1? Fri, 25 Jul 2014 15:10:01 +0000 moto x plus 1 leak

We’re getting awfully close to August, which is the month we expect Motorola to announce the successor to last year’s Moto X. With that, the leaks are starting to barrel in and another huge one this morning gives us a pretty clear look at the device’s externals.

The source of this leak is calling it a “near-final prototype,” which isn’t all that hard to believe based on a couple of factors. For starters, a leaked chassis shot from earlier this month showed that the backplate would have two holes. We didn’t know what the second hole would be for, but this leak shows that same design.

Unfortunately it looks like the second hole will just be a flush slot for Motorola to place their logo (though it doesn’t look like a bad touch if these photos are anything to go by). Of noteworthy mention is that Motorola will be using a bit of metal in this thing, albeit only for the edges of the device and not its entirety. It should still make for a nice premium feel when it’s all said and done.

moto x plus 1 leak 2

Also contributing to a premium look and feel is the wooden back plate, something we saw featured on the Moto X. It’s telling that an early prototype unit such as this is already being flaunted with a wooden back plate. This could be an indication that Motorola will have premium chassis options available through Moto Maker at launch (whereas we had to wait several months for all of the Moto X’s options to come to the forefront).

Of course, it could be just as likely that we won’t see it — the Moto X reveal showed us a huge lineup of wooden back plates, but they obviously weren’t ready for public consumption in time for launch. Guess we’ll just have to cross our fingers that Motorola’s more comfortable with their manufacturing and assembly process to have these ready to go for game day. Let us know what you think of the design in the comments below!

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Sony Xperia Z3 leaks again, shows off matte back and rounded side profile Thu, 24 Jul 2014 23:14:52 +0000 Sony Xperia Z3 back leak

We got more than a few good looks at what could be the still unannounced Sony Xperia Z3 last week. The leaks left little to the imagination, but one area of the phone not shown was its back. Some were hoping that for the Sony Xperia Z2 sequel, Sony would finally do away with the all-glass back cover, something we’ve never been a fan of since our Nexus 4 met an early demise a few years back. While today’s leak could show a deviation from a glass back, we’re still unsure…

Sony Xperia Z3 side leak

The few of you who purchased the Sony Xperia Z2 will no doubt remember the back of the device was outfitted with a plastic matte clear film to protect for added freshness. Because of that, we’re not entirely sure if what we’re looking at in this new leaked image is simply a plastic film over glass, or if Sony could actually be opting for an all aluminum device, a la the HTC One M8.

As more leaks continue to seep out from the woodwork, we’ll take this as another sign of the device’s impending release. Let’s hope that recent FCC filing means we can expect the Z3 to launch relatively soon here in the states, although we wont be holding our breath.


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Samsung Galaxy Alpha leak shows smaller 4.7-inch display, aluminum frame Wed, 23 Jul 2014 22:25:32 +0000 samsung-galaxy-alpha-s5-comparison-front

And here we were thinking the long rumored Samsung Galaxy Alpha would be nothing more than an ultra premium, Samsung Galaxy S5 with a 2K display and aluminum build. Turns out, we may have been wrong in our assumptions.

The folks at SamMobile published a few very clear leaked images of the device. Sure the rumored aluminum frame makes an appearance, but when compared side-by-side against the Samsung Galaxy S5, you’ll notice a much smaller all around size. Said to feature a Galaxy S3-sized 4.7-inch display, this could be more of an iPhone 6 challenger than anything.

samsung galaxy alpha s5 comparison back

According to the tipster, the Galaxy Alpha features 32GB of internal storage and the absence of the usual SD card slot. You’ll also notice Samsung’s trademark faux leather battery cover, only this time with much smaller perforated holes (possibly addressing concerns the Galaxy S5′s looked like a Band-Aid).

Because Samsung already offers a smaller Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini with sub par specs, we’re hoping they’ll go with more higher-performance hardware for the Galaxy Alpha, but nothing has been confirmed at this point.

We expect we’ll learn more about the device as we near it’s rumored August limited release, in the meantime you can check out the leaked pics below.

samsung-galaxy-alpha-2 samsung-galaxy-alpha-7 samsung galaxy alpha 3 samsung-galaxy-alpha-6 ]]> 0
HTC One Remix said to launch this Friday July 24th on Verizon Wireless [RUMOR] Mon, 21 Jul 2014 17:48:43 +0000 htc one remix evleaks

HTC unveiled the HTC One Mini 2 way back in May, but we’ve been waiting for word on exactly what the Taiwanese manufacturer had in store for the device here in the states. With HTC and Verizon getting all buddy-buddy for the launch of the M8, it only makes sense they’ll do it again for the One Mini 2.

As revealed by @evleaks,it appears the HTC One Mini 2/ HTC One Remix is scheduled to launch this Friday, July 24th on Verizon, only a few short days time. The phone has been the subject of almost countless leaks these past few months, discovered in a recent FCC filing and even Verizon Wireless’ own YouTube channel after the carrier inadvertently posted the phone a bit early on their account showing a 4.5-inch display and “cutting edge features. Guess it’s no surprise then to hear a release was only around the corner.

Word on the street is this device might throw in an extra GB of RAM for good measure (the price of Verizon branding on its face?), giving fans of smaller smartphones even more reason to rejoice. Well, those on Verizon anyway.

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Two more HTC tablets on the way? Mon, 21 Jul 2014 17:14:23 +0000 HTC logo misc

We still have yet to hear much about HTC’s supposed plans to bring a Nexus Tablet soon, but rumors are already swirling that they have more planned for the pipeline. Murmurings of “T7″ and “T12″ tablets are said to be in the works by the Taiwanese company according to @evleaks.

And that’s pretty much all we know for now. The model number trend of “T” followed by a number follows the HTC Volantis / Nexus tablet’s “T1″ internal codename being thrown around. We’re not sure if the numbers themselves are hinting at anything, or if there’s any solid reason that the numbers increase by five.

We imagine HTC won’t want to return to the tablet scene with too many options of similar ilk so it wouldn’t be odd to suggest one of these could be a palm-ready 7-8 inch option while the other one stretches the it out to the traditional 10-inch mark. I’d ponder whether the numbers correlated to size, but we somehow doubt the “T1″would come with a 1-inch display.

All that said, though, we don’t really know much of anything about any of these devices at this point and it’s starting to make us antsy. We don’t care which tablet we hear about at this point — we just hope we hear something before the cows come home.

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Is this the next version of the Moto G? Mon, 21 Jul 2014 14:13:39 +0000 moto g2 leak

A successor to the Moto G might not be the most exciting Motorola product we’re on the lookout for this year, but it doesn’t keep us from getting a bit giddy about the latest rumor to have surfaced. Mellando No Android claims that the image you see above is a prototype for the next Moto G.

Not surprising is that the device is expected to be named the Moto G2, but will it be worthy of a nice, bug “successor” tag? Here are the specs that it’s said to pack once it finally sees the light of day:

  • 720p display with 320 PPI (which would be roughly 4.6 inches)
  • Quad-core processor with Adreno 305 GPU (Snapdragon 400?)
  • 8MP camera (up from 5MP on the original Moto G)

That isn’t going to turn a ton of heads alone, but we have a feeling this will look impressive up alongside an inexpensive price tag (which is likely what Motorola is going for if the original is anything to go by). The rest of the device reveals a design language akin to what we got on the Moto E — it’s rather conservative and ordinary, but does include front-facing speaker grills. It’s not meant to be flashy, but it should look good enough that anyone who wants one won’t feel bad to carry one. Let’s hope an announcement isn’t far off.

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NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and controller specs, pricing, and release date leaked in full detail Fri, 18 Jul 2014 21:10:27 +0000 NVIDIA-SHIELD-Tablet-leak-2

It was only yesterday we got what could have been our first look at the upcoming NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet thanks to a “leaked” press render. Today, it seems the cat has fully escaped from its bag as the tablet — and official controller — have now been made public.

Leaked in a variety of product slides, the images show everything from specs, to performance benchmarks, even the retail box it will likely come inside. While none of this is official just yet, here’s what we can most likely expect from the Android tab when it hits stores later this month.


NVIDIA Shield Tablet specs

  • 8-inch 1080p IPS display w/ support for NVIDIA Direct Stylus 2
  • NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor (A15 quad-core CPU w/ 192 core Kepler GPU)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB (WiFi) / 32GB internal storage (LTE)
  • 5MP front facing MPIX camera


The tablet — which is scheduled to be announced on July 22nd — is said to go on sale on July 29th in the US and Canada. This will be followed shortly after by a European release on August 14th (additional regions later this fall). The 16GB model (WiFi) will run $300, while the 32GB version with LTE support will be available for $400. The official NVIDIA Shield controller will be sold for a cool $60 (no word if it’ll work with other platforms).

NVIDIA-SHIELD-Tablet-benchmark-2 NVIDIA-SHIELD-Tablet-benchmark-1 NVIDIA-SHIELD-Tablet-specs 1 NVIDIA-SHIELD-Tablet-specs-2 NVIDIA-SHIELD-Tablet-benchmark wireless NVIDIA-SHIELD-Tablet-controller specs


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