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When LG first showed off KnockCode, their tap-based pattern unlocking mechanism for devices that support KnockOn, they promised it’d be headed to many of their latest smartphones. The LG G2 certainly wasn’t going to be left out as it was their 2013 flagship, but it seems to be taking quite a bit of time to make its way to all of the variants swirling about.

Sprint’s version can finally add itself to the list as KnockCode is the feature attraction in a new software upgrade going out today. You can see the feature in action on the LG G Pro 2 in the video above. While not mindblowingly different from a traditional swipe to unlock pattern, LG touts KnockCode as more secure because it doesn’t leave drag marks that can tip a would-be snooper off to your lock-screen pattern.

lg knock code

The software version for the upgrade is ZVD, and aside from the aforementioned addition of KnockCode we aren’t treated to much. We’re sure there are many under-the-hood changes that users won’t really notice, but whatever they are Sprint didn’t feel it necessary to list them. 

You can check for the upgrade by heading to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Update LG Software. We can’t imagine the upgrade is very big, but it’s worth charging your phone up a good deal and hopping onto a WiFi network just in case.

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Verizon Moto X soak test participants receiving invites to test new firmware Fri, 18 Jul 2014 13:55:00 +0000 Motorola Moto X DSC00695

Verizon and Motorola appear to be testing out new firmware for their version of the Moto X as soak test invites are going out to the adventurous folks not afraid to sign up for these things. As usual we don’t get any idea what to expect, though we wouldn’t expect them to roll out new firmware without also jumping to a new version of Android.

You obviously won’t be expecting Android L, but Android 4.4.3 or 4.4.4 are still on the table for this phone. The latter is already confirmed to be headed to Verizon’s DROID phones so we wouldn’t be surprised if the Moto X is in line for a similar upgrade.

In either case we wouldn’t expect many sweeping changes as this is likely a bug fixing and stability improvement upgrade. As unexciting as it may be, though, we’ll be keeping an eye on it. Be sure to check your email to see if you’ve been invited (and if you aren’t signed up to test Motorola firmware, head here to figure out how you can get in on all the fun).

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Sprint HTC One M8 receives WiFi calling in new software update rolling out now Tue, 15 Jul 2014 21:08:43 +0000 HTC One M8 Check for Update

Those with the teflon coated HTC One M8 on Sprint (seriously, the phone is super slippery) are being greeted with another OTA from The Now Network. Among bug fixes and general stability improvements, the update brings WiFi calling to the One M8, something that should come in handy when network coverage is lacking indoors.

Sprint metions the over-the-air update will be rolling out in stages over the next few days, so don’t freak out if you haven’t received it yet. Aside from waiting to be prompted that the update is ready for your device, you can always manually check by opening your Settings app and selecting: System updates > HTC software update > Check now.

It was back in February Sprint first announced the new WiFi Calling feature coming soon to devices on their network. We’re sure more updates will continue rolling out for additional devices in the coming months.

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Android 4.4.4 Release 2 rolls out to the Nexus 5 in select regions Tue, 15 Jul 2014 20:31:19 +0000 Nexus 5 back 1

Out of the blue, Google has posted the official factory image for Android 4.4.4 Release 2 on the Nexus 5 on their site. The update is currently rolling out right now in New Zealand, Australia, and India — but that’s as far as it’s going.

Android 4.4.4 Release 2

This is essentially the same update we received everywhere else last month, only with specific radio updates tailored to the networks in these regions. In fact, the factory image even lists off a specific carrier in New Zealand (2degrees Mobile). For those with knowledge in these things, the downloads are linked below.

Android 4.4.4 Release 2: Factory image | Binaries

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Verizon posts Android 4.4.4 changelog for all 2013 DROID phones Tue, 15 Jul 2014 12:04:24 +0000 motorola-droid-2013-2

Verizon and Motorola have confirmed that their DROID devices from 2013 — including the DROID Mini, Ultra and MAXX — will be receiving Android 4.4.4 builds. Right away we can tell you not to expect much as this release was only ever meant as a maintenance upgrade. As such, the changelog is rather thin and unexciting but it’s worth taking a look at anyway. Here are the changes you can expect for each phone:

  • Android 4.4.4 KitKat: stability, framework and security improvements
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity
  • Improved dynamic range and flourescent lighting balance in camera photos
  • Ability to pause and resume video recording
  • VZ Cloud and Visual Voicemail updates
  • ISIS Mobile Wallet app added

Nothing to write home about, but it all adds up to providing a stable user experience (and it doesn’t hurt to have all your flagship DROID devices on the absolute latest version of Android available). The upgrades should begin rolling out in stages in the weeks to come.

You can start checking for firmware 21.11.21.obake by heading to Settings > About phone > System updates. If it doesn’t show up right away that just means your device hasn’t been tapped to receive it yet, so be patient and all will be right within your DROID-filled universe.

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OnePlus One and Cyanogen Inc commit to Android L, say it will arrive 3 months after final build Tue, 08 Jul 2014 00:43:17 +0000 OnePlus One never settle

Seems like after the reveal of any major Android release, users start getting restless, wondering if the devices they recently paid a small fortune for (or plan on purchasing) will see an update to the latest firmware. As one of the biggest Android updates since Ice Cream Sandwich, Android L is no different. And while the next version of Android is still in an early preview state, manufacturers like HTC didn’t waste any time in letting their customers know an update to Android L for their flagship line would indeed be coming.

In an attempt at nipping customer questions/complaints/concerns surrounding Android L in the bud, newcomer OnePlus is now letting members of their forum know that, they too would be updating their flagship OnePlus One to Android L, committing to a release within 3 months of a final build (none of this preview stuff). With full time software development being handled by the folks at Cyanogen Inc., this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Still no word from the Cyanogen Inc regarding the news, which is a little odd considering they’re the ones technically responsible for getting out new versions of Android to the OnePlus One via their own modified version of the stock Android experience. We also couldn’t help but notice how very un-CyanogenMod-like the announcement was considering during Cyanogen’s pre-inc status, the team was well known around the dev community for avoid requests for ETAs. Guess things change.

Update: Cyanogen Inc. has confirmed to us that they too have committed to the launch timing (of course), and it wasn’t just OnePlus blowing smoke.

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Sprint LG G Flex receives WiFi calling and more in new software update Mon, 07 Jul 2014 18:32:43 +0000 LG G Flex update

A new software update for the LG G Flex on Sprint is introducing a handful of bug fixes and improvements, with the addition of one very important feature: WiFi calling. WiFi calling should come in handy during those rare instances when Sprint’s network simply isn’t capable of penetrating your home or work place.

LG G Flex owners on the “Now Network” should find the ZV7 update hitting their devices in the coming days, but as we saw with a similar update that also introduced WiFi calling for the Samsung Galaxy S5, these staged rollouts can take some time. Here’s what to look forward to when the update finally drops:

LG G Flex Software Update – ZV7

  • Enhancements/Fixes
  • Voice over Wi-Fi
  • HD Voice Icon
  • Google Patch: SMS and Security
  • Update email Signature

Sprint says the rollout starts today and should end somewhere around July 16th. To manually check to see if the software update is available for your device, jump into your Settings > System updates > Update LG software > Check now.


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Android Wear smart watches receive KMV78V update Thu, 03 Jul 2014 17:30:47 +0000 Phandroid_Android_Wear

The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live have both received a new OTA upgrade today, bringing us up to version KMV78V on both fronts. The update came without a changelog, and we can’t seem to find any noticeable differences compared to the previous firmware.

It’s entirely possible that the update is just doing some light housecleaning (your typical round of bug fixes and performance improvements) ahead of the device’s public availability next week, though we’ll keep digging to make sure Google didn’t tuck something away.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last small update before the watches begin shipping so stay tuned for any possible further developments that may arise before then. If you were one of the lucky 6,000 developers to receive an Android Wear smart watch at Google IO last week let us know how the new firmware is working out for you.

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Google Play Services 5.0 should be rolling out to everyone by now; here’s what’s new Thu, 03 Jul 2014 13:03:21 +0000 Google Play Services

Google has announced that they have completed the rollout of Google Play Services 5.0 which should bring exciting new features for developers and users alike. Here is the short version of everything that’s new in case you need a quick refresher:

  • Android Wearable Services API: necessary for Android Wear functionality.
  • Dynamic security provider API
  • Google Play Games: Quests and Save Game API. Quests allow you to give players timed challenges that they can complete for recognition or in-game rewards, while the Save Game Snapshot API enables cloud game saving so players can pick up where they left off no matter which device they use.
  • App Indexing API: used to allow developers to enable deeper search results in applications, as well as enabling deep pages within their apps to show up within Google.
  • Google Cast SDK: now includes closed caption support in Chromecast.
  • Google Drive API: adds ability to sort results of a query, create folders while offline and select any MIME type in the file picker.
  • Google Wallet: “Save to Wallet” functionality allows users to easily save offers, coupons and loyalty cards from within an app to your Google Wallet account. Google Wallet can now remind you to scan your loyalty card whenever they detect you at one of the business you have an offer with. Finally, Instant Buy now supports split tenders so you can defer the rest of your payment to a debit or credit card in case your Wallet balance doesn’t have enough funds.

This release also enables the “OK, Google” hotword functionality from within any screen on your phone. Some folks might still not be able to access this option in Google Now as that is controlled by a server-side switch instead of an app update, but it shouldn’t be long before Google starts enabling it for everyone (I only just received the feature this morning). Enjoy!

[via Google]

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Android 4.4.4 starts hitting HTC’s Google Play devices Wed, 02 Jul 2014 12:44:54 +0000 HTC One M8 Google Play edition

Owners of the Google Play Edition HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 should be waking up to a new upgrade this morning. Before you get excited — no, it isn’t Android L. It’s the much less exciting Android 4.4.4, a simple maintenance and security upgrade to shore up the already-solid KitKat build. The main changes in this round of updates address the scary HeartBleed vulnerability that was the talk of the town weeks ago.

The update should be making its way to your device over-the-air shortly, though if you find you’re an impatient being and want to check for yourself you can always head to Settings > About phone > System updates to check for it. As always, you’ll want to make sure you’re on WiFi and have a decently charged battery before going forward. Let us know how it’s treating you once you successfully pull it down.

[Thanks Ralph!]

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Leaked HTC update roadmap gives insight to plans for Android 4.4.4, Android L Mon, 30 Jun 2014 14:46:44 +0000 HTC logo misc

It’s not uncommon for OEMs to begin talking about their plans to upgrade phones to the latest versions of Android soon after they’re unveiled. Unfortunately many OEMs are not yet ready to go public with their plans, but HTC’s have leaked courtesy of the handiwork of one XDA member. So what’s their roadmap looking like?

Starting with the most exciting — Android L — it appears they have intentions to offer it for most of their top smartphones from the past two years as they have all been marked with the “evaluation” stamp. Their tentative timeline for the upgrade to be available is between October and December. Why so late? Well, Android L is only in developer preview status right now.



The images you see being flashed to a couple of Nexus devices (see our Android L hands-on) aren’t meant to be stable or ready for prime time. We don’t expect to see a full release of Android L until this fall, and HTC’s expected timeline falls right within our expectations of seeing the update no later than a few months after being available.

Of course, evaluation means just that — they’re not ready to hard commit to plans to bringing Android L to all of these devices, though we’re sure top dogs like the HTC One M8, HTC One M7 and HTC One Max have a high chance of receiving the goods.

Moving on to the Android 4.4.4 front, HTC has confirmed plans to bring it to the HTC One M8 and M7 between July and August. Those devices were also on Android 4.4.3′s radar, but HTC might be skipping it to go straight to 4.4.4. As for the dual-SIM HTC One M8 variant, the HTC One Mini 2, and the HTC One E8? We should be expecting 4.4.4 for those between August and September. Enlarge the image above for the full roadmap if you’re interested.

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Hands-on: Android L running on the Nexus 5 [VIDEO] Thu, 26 Jun 2014 22:17:30 +0000 Android L Developer Preview DSC06020

As you may have heard, Google gave developers (and hardcore enthusiasts) the ability to preview Android L before its official release later this year. A little fastboot knowledge is all it took to flash the factory images to our Nexus 5 and while diving into the biggest Android update since Ice Cream Sandwich, we decided to provide you guys with a quick hands-on video.

In the video, we show off the all new lockscreen, notification drawer, settings, dialer and recents — all of which has been redesigned beautifully to Google’s new Material design standards. Check out the video below and for those that are also playing around with the preview, let us know how it’s treating you and any new discoveries you’ve made.

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Factory images for Android L Developer Preview now available for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) Thu, 26 Jun 2014 17:39:16 +0000 Android L developer preview factory images

And just like that, Google has officially released the factory images for both the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013 (WiFi). For those with knowledge in these things, these factory images can be flashed to your device where you’ll be running the Android L Developer Preview in no time. Download links provided at the source below. Have fun!

[Android L Developer Preview Factory Images]

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Android L coming to HTC One M8 and M7 90 days after it’s released Wed, 25 Jun 2014 19:22:24 +0000 HTC One M8 Android L

Leave it to HTC’s (USA) to ride in the wake of today’s Google I/O announcements. By now, it really shouldn’t come as a much of a surprise, but the Taiwanese manufacturer has committed to bring Android L to their flagship HTC One family ( HTC One M8 and originally HTC One) world-wide, only 90 days after they receive the final code from Google. Pretty sweet and should help give HTC One owners the added peace of mind that they wont be left out in the cold.

As far as other HTC devices in their lineup, they also mentioned that they’d be bringing Android L soon after to those as well, but no time frame was given. HTC’s commitment to providing Android updates is part of their “HTC Advantage”program, a set of perks HTC owners enjoy as part of their device purchase. Really, you gotta love their transparency.

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Google Glass gets another hardware revision with 2GB RAM, previous owners wont be upgraded Tue, 24 Jun 2014 21:20:24 +0000 Google Glass voice activated viewfinder photos

The Google Glass Explorer Edition is still a product very much in its infancy. It’s something we’ve been well aware since we reviewed the device almost a year ago. While some are quick to declare Google Glass as “DOA” due to pricing or privacy concerns, the fact remains that Glass in its current form will continue to evolve and change as Google gains valuable feedback from its Explorers, and as the wearable nears a general consumer release.

It wasn’t too long ago Google revised the hardware with Google Glass 2.0, offering a free upgrade to everyone who purchased the previous version of Glass to the new and improved model with support for prescription frames and stereo headphones. A worth while update for sure, it appears Google is now focusing on performance in their latest hardware upgrade, there’s only one problem — current Glass explorers wont be getting a free upgrade this time around.

The Glass team announced the news via their Google+ page letting everyone know that all Glass units shipping out (we’re assuming the UK is also included in this) will now include 2GB of RAM. This is a dramatic increase from the 1GB of RAM included in Glass 2.0 and should help with all the new software features continually rolling out to the headset.

Speaking of software features, the Glass team also announced yet another software update that addresses one of the biggest complaints Glass photogs have had since the products inception: the complete lack of a viewfinder. In a new update rolling out this week, speaking the command “Ok Glass, show the viewfinder,” will now display brackets to help frame those shots. Previously, this was an art perfected only by the most advanced Glass photographers. Google also mentioned the addition of a few new Google Now cards (seriously, why not all of them?) with the addition of package tracking an parking spot locator.

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