Phandroid » Accessories Android Phone News, Rumors, Reviews, Apps, Forums & More! Sat, 04 Jul 2015 15:00:07 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Juice up your Samsung Galaxy S6 with the ZeroLemon 3500mAh battery case Wed, 01 Jul 2015 15:43:49 +0000 Galaxy S6 ZeroLemon

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has notoriously bad battery life. To make things worse, Samsung opted to go with a non-removable battery. One thing you can do to solve this problem (besides clinging to power outlets) is to use a battery case. The ZeroLemon 3500mAh battery case for the Galaxy S6 is on sale right now from Android Area for just $28.99.

The ZeroLemon battery case usually goes for around $40-60. The 3500mAh adds an additional 125% of battery life to your Galaxy S6. It also allows you to remove the battery and replace it, which can extend the battery life even more. The case does add extra bulk, but all things considered it’s pretty slim. The case also includes 4 LED lights to show the charge level. Head on over to to snag the deal right now.

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Our free Adult Swim VR headset finally arrived and it’s pretty great Sat, 27 Jun 2015 00:13:16 +0000 Adult Swim VR cardboard viewer DSC09793

It was at the beginning of this month that we told you about a special promotion Adult Swim put together to show off their new VR experience on Google Play. All you had to was fax in — yes, fax — a quick order form and they’d mail you their own VR Cardboard Viewer free of charge. Of course, this was a “while supplies last” kinda thing and it didn’t take long before supply was exhausted and the phone number was out of order. A few of our readers had their doubts that this was ever a real thing, pointing to a tweet Adult Swim made about “trolling” this or that.

In any case, our VR headset arrived and after quickly putting it together, found that it was actually quite nice. Velcro actually lines the top to keep the top flap in place and there’s a nifty magnetic sliding “button” (metal washer) that you can use to select items in Adult Swim’s Virtual Brainlord. This wasn’t our first VR rodeo, but to call Virtual Brainlord a trip would be an understatement. You’ll have to give it spin for yourself to see what we mean and if you haven’t yet, take a moment to sign up for Conan O’Brien’s free cardboard viewer (they’re giving one away too).

Anyone else manage to grab an Adult Swim viewer before they ran out?

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You can now buy SanDisk’s 200GB microSD card for $239 at Amazon Fri, 26 Jun 2015 12:49:41 +0000 SanDisk-microSD200gb-hero-blnk

SanDisk’s insane 200GB microSD card is now available for purchase. You can grab one for as little as $239 over at Amazon. This isn’t the most attractive price in the world, we know, but you have to remember that you can’t find anything else of this size on the market.

The card is Class 10, UHS-1 and rated for up to 90 megabytes per/second transfer speed. You’ll also get an adapter with your purchase for use in devices that don’t support microSD. Not a bad deal at all. This thing should work in any phone supporting standard microSDXC cards so don’t hesitate to buy one for your device if the smaller storage options just aren’t enough for you.

[via Amazon]

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Deal: Grab the super discreet Moto Hint Bluetooth headset for $99.99 through June 30th Wed, 24 Jun 2015 12:25:44 +0000 Moto Hint ear

Ever thought $150 for the Moto Hint was a bit too pricey? Well, now’s your chance to buy one on the cheap. Motorola has the mini Bluetooth headset going for $99.99 through their online store. The catch is that the deal only lasts through June 30th.

The headset equips you with a micrphone and earpiece for both speaking to your family and friends over the phone, as well as issuing voice commands without having to lift a finger. What’s cooler about the headset is that it ships with a charging bay that actually has a battery of its own, so if the headset dies in the middle of the day you can get more juice by dropping it into the portable charger.

Moto Hint case

The Moto Hint looks like something you’d find in an advanced crime film. It slots into your ear with a profile so thin that some people might mistake you for a crazy person talking to yourself. If you don’t mind being “that guy” then be sure to buy one before it’s too late.

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Announce your own dorkiness: SoloCam is the Selfie Stick for wannabe news anchors Tue, 23 Jun 2015 10:46:23 +0000 solocam-selfie-stick

If you thought Selfie Sticks were a symbol of pop culture degredation, I’ve got bad news. We’ve reached a new low. A company from Israel has launched a new IndieGogo campaign that takes the infamous Selfie Stick and replaces the handle with a handheld microphone. But it doesn’t stop there: the SoloCam app adds a teleprompter,  green screen feature, and video effects to your creation, allowing you to announce how dumb you look to your followers in real-time.

Warning: watching this cringe-worthy video may cause your to face contort into positions so awkward, it may burn a hole in the brain’s of those around you. I can think of only two reasons that purchasing the SoloCam would be worthwhile:

  1. As a gag gift for a news anchor friend
  2. As a children’s gift for a little kid obsessed with news anchors

In the first case, it’ll likely collect dust and in the second case, you’ll be dooming your child into a dorkdom of bullying. You might as well have named them Dorkson Weebleton Bajeebles the 9th.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m not exactly a selfie stick sympathizer. I can appreciate that for the solo traveler or wilderness adventures it may be worthwhile stuffing one in your backpack. However, morphing that into a news anchor experience is an absurd and unnecessary proposition that very few people will find useful and all will find overtly amateur.

Would you take anyone seriously who used a SoloCam? Would you use one yourself? Should we shame an intern into using one for coverage on the CES show floor?

If you’re able to swallow your pride and want to buy one, head on over to the IndieGogo campaign where you can snag one for as low as $49.

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Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas for 2015 Thu, 18 Jun 2015 21:18:36 +0000 This Sunday is Father’s Day. If you just had a “oh sh*t!” moment we’re here to help. You love your dad like crazy and want to get him something great, but time is running out and you can’t think of anything awesome for him. Fear not, Phandroid has your back: here are a bunch of great gift ideas for all different types of dads this Father’s Day (that you can order today and have by Sunday)!

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

If you’re going to order something online and get it before Father’s Day you’re going to need Amazon Prime. Coincidentally, Amazon Prime would also make a great gift for your dad. With Prime you can get free two-day shipping and discounted overnight shipping on most items. On top of that you get access to Amazon’s library of movies and TV shows, music, and cloud storage.

You can subscribe to Amazon Prime and share your membership with up to four “family” members. Log-in to your Amazon account and go to Manage Prime Membership. Fill out the “Invite a Household Member” form to add your dad. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime and use it as a gift. Win win.


Nest 1

Nest’s new security camera recently went up for pre-order on Amazon and other stores, but a pre-order is a lame gift. The awesome Nest Learning Thermostat can be bought right now. With this thermostat you can bring your dad into the 21st century. The Nest thermostat can be controlled via smartphone or the web, and it automatically learns your habits. It’s surprisingly much easier to use than a standard thermostat. [Buy from Amazon]


fitbit charge

Does your dad like to exercise? Should your dad be exersizing more? If yes, the perfect gift could be a fitness tracker. Fitbit is a rising company (they just had their IPO) that makes a wide range of fitness devices. With a Fitbit your dad can track his activity and see how many steps he’s taken. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors to fit your dad. You can get the tiny $50 Zip, the high-tech $250 Surge, or anything in between.

Android TV


If your dad is anything like mine he’s starting to get interested in Netflix and “the YouTubes.” The easiest way to put the power of internet videos in their life is with a set-top box. We happen to like Android TV around these parts, and there are a few good devices to choose from. They offer a very simple interface for watching Netflix, YouTube, sports highlights, TV shows, and much more.

The Nexus Player is a minimal device with a simple remote, and it’s only about $70. If your dad is into gaming you might want to check out the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, which has a gaming controller and is much more powerful all around.

Kindle Fire HD 7

Kindle Fire HD 7 hands on

Tablets have become a great thing for people who aren’t necessarily good with technology. The big screens are easy to read, and the touchscreens make them easy to navigate. If your dad is one of these people he will love the Kindle Fire HD 7. The interface is very easy to use, and since it comes from Amazon they’ll have access to tons of content to view on the device. Plus, it’s only $100, which will make you happy.

Tile Item Finder

tile keys

Is your dad forgetful? Is he constantly losing things? Are you tired of finding stuff for him? Tile is the answer to both of your problems. A Tile is a small Bluetooth-enabled tracking device that can be attached to virtually anything. Keys, purses, bags, remotes, and even vehicles. With the companion smartphone app you can then track the items on a map or have the Tile make a sound. It’s really nifty, and it only costs $25.


jawbone big jambox custom colors

Dads love music. It might not be your favorite type of music, but a dad needs his tunes. The Jawbone BIG JAMBOX is a great Bluetooth speaker that will help any dad rock out to some AC/DC or relax with some chill jazz. Usually, the BIG JAMBOX goes for around $300, but right now you can snag it from Amazon for just $199.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

bose comfort 25

If you’d prefer your dad to listen to his music more privately you might want to buy some fancy headphones. The Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones offer great sound quality, but they also have the industry leading noise cancelation technology that has made Bose so popular. They’re perfect for business trips, mowing the lawn, and just trying to relax. Pick up a pair from Amazon for $299.

Canon DSLR Camera

canon rebel t5

Okay, it’s time to pull out the big guns. If you want to really knock the socks off of your dad go for the Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR camera. This bad boy has a 18 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor with DIGIC 4 image processor, 3-inch LCD display, and can record full 1080p HD movies.It’s a beast of a camera. This camera is a sure-fire way to instantly be your dad’s favorite child.

This is a beast of a camera. If you’re trying to make up for something, or you just love your dad a lot, this is the perfect gift. Amazon has this camera on sale right now for $450, which is $300 off the regular price.

DJI Phantom 3 Drone

DJI Phantom

DLSR camera not big enough for you? Does your dad require something truly epic? Get him a freakin’ drone. The DJI Phantom 3 is one of the most popular consumer drones available today. It has a lot of built-in tech that makes it easy for beginners to fly and not constantly crash. The DJI Phantom even comes with a built-in camera. If you’ve got a grand to drop on your pops this might be the coolest thing you can buy. It’s available for $1,299.

More suggestions in the comments!

We’re all in this together. If you’ve got a great last-minute gift idea share it with your fellow readers in the comments below. You might just save someone from an embarrassing Father’s Day.

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Best LG G4 cases, chargers, and accessories Thu, 18 Jun 2015 16:58:32 +0000 LG G4 cases 2

The LG G4 is one of the best smartphones of 2015. We’ve already told you about the 10 things every LG G4 owner should do and 35+ LG G4 tips & tricks. Now it’s time to talk hardware. The world of accessories is a vast jungle of options. We’ve compiled a list of all the best accessories so you can find exactly what you need.

Best LG G4 Cases

LG Quick Circle cases

LG G4 Quick Circle cases

It’s not enough these days to simply make a case for a phone. People expect cases to be smarter and more than just a fashion accessory. The LG Quick Circle cases essentially put a smartwatch interface on a folio case. A round cut-out reveals a clock and small apps that allow you to interact with your G4 without opening the case.

There are two types of Quick Circle cases: wireless charging and snap-on. The Quick Circle Qi replacement cover is the only way to use wireless charging on the G4. It takes the place of your current back cover and adds the Quick Circle flap. The Quick Circle snap-on case simply snaps over the top of your current back cover and doesn’t add wireless charging. For an in-depth look at these cases read our full post.

Olixar FlexiShield Dot

LG G4 Olixar Dot

The Flexishield Dot case is a thin silicone-like case. They say it’s flexible like silicone and tougher than a hard plastic case. The dot pattern gives the case a nice grip so you don’t accidentally drop it. [MobileFun]

Incipio DualPro

Incipio DualPro

The DualPro is one of Incipio’s classic cases. It combines a flexible and soft silicone inner core with a hard polycarbonate outer shell. The result is great impact resistance and shock absorption. [Amazon]

Olixar Leather Wallet

LG G4 wallet case

A wallet case can kill two birds with one stone. It’s one solution for your phone, credit cards, and ID. The Olixar wallet case has an extra trick up its sleeve. You can fold it to prop up the phone for watching videos. [MobileFun]

Verus Dandy Wallet

LG G4 Verus Dandy

The Dandy case is a more premium wallet case. It not only has room for credit cards and ID, but also a slot for storing cash. This wallet case can’t fold into a stand, but it has a magnetic clasp to keep the flap shut. [MobileFun]

Incipio Octane

incipio octane

The Octane blends soft TPU with hard polycarbonate. The sides of the case are lined with the shock absorbing TPU, while the back of the case is rigid. It’s the perfect combination for protection and a slim profile. [Amazon]

Spigen Thin Fit

LG G4 spigen thin fit

If you want protection against bumps and scratches, but don’t want to sacrifice the feel of your device, the Thin Fit case is a good choice. The Thin Fit is a hard case that stays true to its name and only adds a negligible amount of weight for a case-less feeling. [MobileFun]

Spigen Rugged Armor
spigen rugged armor

The Rugged Armor is a flexible TPU case featuring an industrial design. It has a mix of glossy lines and carbon fiber texture, which provide decent protection without being overly bulky. This case is more for a rugged look than rugged protection. [Amazon]

Olixar ArmourDillo

LG G4 Olixar ArmourDillo

If you’re looking for a durable case that can take a beating the ArmourDillo is a nice choice. It uses the dual-layer system that a lot of tough cases have adopted. The under layer is a flexible silicone for shock absorption, and the outer layer is a hard plastic. The ArmourDillo case also has a bonus flip-out kickstand. [MobileFun]

Best LG G4 Wireless Chargers

Note: As mentioned above, in order to use wireless charging with the LG G4 you need a Qi or PMA-enabled case.

Incipio Ghost 100


It’s no secret that we love Incipio products. They make a lot of great high-quality accessories for Android devices, including wireless chargers. The Ghost 100 is very compact and it has an indicator LED light that displays the status. [Amazon]

Incipio Ghost 210


The Ghost 210 has the same features of the Ghost 100, but it’s double the length so you can charge two devices at a time. [Incipio]

Tylt Vu


The Tylt Vu has long been one of the best wireless chargers on the market. While most wireless chargers are simply flat “pads,” the Vu doubles as a stand. Your phone is propped up at a 45-degree angle while charging. It’s designed so you can place your phone in any position to charge. [Amazon]

Tylt Vu Solo


The Vu Solo is a more traditional charging pad, but it’s much smaller, and it has a neat little trick. Tylt calls it the “Alignment Ledge,” which is essentially a little clip on the cable that you can set so you always put the phone in the perfect spot. [TYLT]

Best LG G4 Skins

A case is an easy way to customize the exterior of your device, but almost all cases add some bulk. If you’re more worried about looks than protection you should consider a skin. They provide tons of personalization without sacrificing the profile of your device.


lg g4 dbrand

dbrand has been making skins for phones longer than most people have had smartphones. They use high-quality materials and offer an unrivaled level of precision. For the LG G4 there are 18 colors/materials to choose from, and you can cover the front, back, and camera if you so choose. [dbrand]


lg g4 slickwraps

SlickWraps is another long-time phone skin maker. They offer nearly 50 different colors, materials, and designs that you can put on your device. You can do the whole device or choose the front, back, or sides. [SlickWraps]

Best LG G4 Screen Protectors

LG G4 folders

LG opted to go with Gorilla Glass 3 instead of the newer Gorilla Glass 4 for the display on the G4. It’s still a very durable glass, but it’s not quite as durable as the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you’re worried about scratching the display you might want to consider a screen protector. After using a screen protector for more than a day you’ll forget it’s even there.

  • Spigen Crystal screen protector [Amazon]
  • iCarez Anti-glare screen protector [Amazon]
  • Skinomi TechSkin screen protector [Amazon]
  • Skinomi Tempered Glass protector [Amazon]

Best LG G4 Car Mounts

Standalone GPS units are a thing of the past. You already have a powerful navigation device in your pocket. The only thing you need to make the perfect travel companion is a car mount. Here are a couple that we really love.

Mountek nGroove

nGroove wants a hug wm

One of our long-time favorites is the Mountek nGroove. Most mounts require sticky pads or suction cups, but the nGroove uses the CD slot. Most people nowadays are streaming music from their phones, so why not put that CD slot to good use? [Amazon]

Tylt Vu


The Tylt Vu is a great charging stand, but it also comes in a car mount version. The awesome thing about the Vu car mount is it still wirelessly charges your phone while being mounted. Check out our full review. [TYLT]

Best LG G4 SD Cards


The LG G4 is a member of a dying breed: phones with microSD card slots. Samsung and HTC have dropped physical storage from their flagship devices (to the dismay of many Android fans), but LG is sticking with what the people want. You can easily upgrade your storage capacity without buying any cloud storage subscriptions and relying on a data connection.

Best LG G4 Headphones


The G4 has a 3.5mm headphones jack just like pretty much every phone on the market for the last 10 years. If you already own a pair of great headphones they will work just fine with the G4. If you don’t have any good headphones we have a couple suggestions.

We like the Brainwavz Delta with Mic. They’re great for all kinds of music and podcasts, come with three sizes of foam tips to match your ear size, include a mic for taking phone calls, and you can usually get them for around $20. A cheaper, but still great, option is the Panasonic RPTCM125A Headphones. They have comfortable ergo fit earbuds and only cost around $10.

User Reviews on Android Forums

LG G4 forums

You don’t just have to take our word on the best LG G4 accessories. Users in the LG G4 forums over at are sharing their own experiences with cases and more. You can hear from more users, just like you, and share your own reviews to help the community. Here are a few threads to get you started:

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Fitbit IPO: can they compete with Android Wear and Apple Watch? [POLL] Thu, 18 Jun 2015 14:55:06 +0000 fitbit charge

Fitbit is the definition of a grassroots company which identified a growing need and capitalized on it at the right time. The company’s wearable fitness trackers have taken off in a big way — so much so, in fact, that they’ve grown big enough to go public.

Today’s initial public offering for Fitbit began at $20 per share, which is a few bucks more than a company of their size would typically open at. Shares bubbled as high as nearly $32 per share in the moments immediately following the IPO, but the price has since fallen to about $29 as of the time of this writing. The company was initially valuated at just over $4 billion.

Fitbit’s fast start can likely be attributed to investors’ belief that the company can stand the test of time. They endured a line of fitness products from top athletic brands Nike (Nike Fuel) and Adidas (miCoach Fit Smart), which certainly is a good sign that they know what they’re doing by now.

The question is, can it continue? Beating out shoe makers is one thing, but a lot more companies are starting to throw their hat into the ring. Google and Apple come to mind — two of the biggest technology companies in the world have caught on to wearables, with a range of products already being offered on the open market.

Google’s Android Wear supports Google Fit, a fitness API that developers and OEMs can tap into for a comprehensive fitness tracking experience. Apple offers much of the same with Apple HealthKit for their Apple Watch.

Fitbit’s one advantage is that they have close to a decade of experience in the field, and that they’ve been using that time to polish and perfect their product and craft. That said, technology stocks can be some of the most volatile in all the lands, and it remains to be seen if they can sustain a high level of performance after a few years of some of the bigger guys catching up. Do you think Fitbit will last? Vote in the poll straight ahead.

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Nest introduces next generation Protect Smoke + CO Detector for $99.99 Wed, 17 Jun 2015 18:55:12 +0000 nest protect 2nd gen

Alongside a new IP camera, Nest today released a 2nd generation version of their Protect Smoke + CO Detector. So what’s new over the previous model? For starters, battery life is extended from a cool 7 years to a whopping 10+ years. Most people recommend changing fire alarm batteries at least once per year to be on the safe side so we’re not sure , but it’s nice to know that the Nest can last much longer.

nest protect 2nd gen 2

The new Protect also adds a split-spectrum humidity sensor to better differentiate between steam and fire smoke (because nothing is more annoying than your fire alarm going off just because you decided to stir fry some vegetables). Protect can also be silenced from your phone with the new app, which could prove to be a nice convenience feature for those moments when you can’t quite get to the smoke detector (and hopefully not because there’s a massive fire blocking the way).

nest protect 2nd gen 3

That function can be accessed through Nest’s latest app that acts as a hub to control all their products. Beyond all that, it’s gotten a touch of refinement in its chassis, and still maintains the same $99.99 price tag.

No reason not to go with this one if you don’t already have the previous model. For everyone else? It’s up to you to decide whether the battery and sensor improvements are worth buying 2015’s rendition. It’s up for order right now on Google Play.

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The Nest Cam security camera is available for pre-order right now Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:59:45 +0000 UPDATE: We’ve also found the Nest Cam on!


Last week we saw leaked images of a Nest camera. The device looks a lot like a Dropcam camera, which, of course, is now owned by Nest. Today the Nest Cam has shown up for pre-order on Best Buy’s website for $199.99. (Update: It’s also now on Google Play.) It appears that Best Buy accidentally tweeted about the device a little early, but the page is still live on their site.

Here are the product features listed on the site:

  • View remotely with the free app
    Download the Nest app and view footage from your compatible device running iOS 8 or later, or Android 4 or later.
  • Stay informed via instant smartphone notifications
    Receive motion and sound detection notifications for peace of mind while you’re away.
  • HD recording ensures crisp, clear detail
    Vivid 1080p resolution at 30 fps (frames per second) allows you to see small details on your screen.
  • Digital audio ensures quality sound
    Built-in microphone lets you hear everything clearly.
  • Infrared night vision lets you see in the dark
    Keep an eye on things up to 20′ away when there’s little to no light.
  • See more with the 130° field of view
    Provides a wide-angle vantage point.
  • Zoom in on details
    The 8x zoom lets you focus on specific parts of your home.
  • Two-way talk
    Communicate with people and talk to pets from anywhere with the built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Customize motion and sound alerts
    Choose which areas of your home you want to monitor more closely with Activity Zones.
  • Optional cloud recording
    In addition to free live streaming, you can add cloud recording to save footage with a Nest Aware subscription (not included).
  • Connects to your Wi-Fi network
    For convenience and simple setup.
  • Wall-mounting hardware
    Allows you to easily attach the camera to a wall.
  • Works with Nest Aware subscription (not included)
    The Nest Cam will automatically turn on when the Nest Protect (sold separately) senses smoke or carbon monoxide.

By all accounts it looks like an excellent security camera. It has all the great features that Dropcam users have come to love, plus a few new goodies, and the integrations that has made Nest products so popular. We should be hearing an official announcement very soon. Are you going to buy a Nest Cam?

[Update]: Nest’s site is now live with more information about their first ever IP camera. In addition to what we learned from Best Buy and Amazon’s listings, we know that the cloud recording subscription for the new Nest Cam is now called Nest Aware. We also know that the device has a magnet to add an additional mounting option for those who can make use of it.

The promo video for the thing does well to show you how the Nest Cam fits into your life, so be sure to check it out, and let us know if you’ll be ordering one for your home!

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Kickstarter: this Nikola Samsung Galaxy S6 case converts wasted energy from your phone to usable power Tue, 16 Jun 2015 19:36:21 +0000 nikola energy case

Battery-packed cases are nothing new, but one firm is looking to create a power case that draws its energy from elsewhere: your phone. This is the Nikola Phone Case, and its creators — Nikola Labs — invented a way for the case to capture the energy your phone emits when it’s searching for a cellular signal.

Their original theory was that phones emit way more energy looking for a signal than is actually needed. Instead of that energy just evaporating into nothingness, the case captures it and transforms it into usable DC energy that can power your smartphone.

The result is a phone that lasts a bit longer than it would otherwise. The downside is that it probably won’t add more energy than a battery case could, but the upside is that the lack of a battery means you won’t need to charge the case, and it doesn’t add nearly as much girth. And if Nikola Labs’ claims are anything to go by, it does add a substantial bit of juice:

nikola case gif

So how much, and when? You can get the case at its standard price of $99 through a Kickstarter pledge, with shipment slated to be fulfilled as soon as January 2016. It’ll be available in four different color combinations — Black / Gold, White / Grey, White / Gold, Black / Grey or Red / Grey — as well as a neat t-shirt to profess your love for Nikola Labs.

The project is sitting at $53,000 of its doable $135,000 goal with a full 36 days to go, so there’s a really good chance this thing is getting funded. Be sure to throw your dollars into the hat if you want one.

[via Kickstarter]

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A quick look at the different types of LG G4 Quick Circle cases [VIDEO] Fri, 12 Jun 2015 18:11:44 +0000

One of the latest trends in smartphones is to create a case that can do more than simply protect your phone. HTC has DotView, Samsung has S View, and LG has Quick Circle. There are two versions of the Quick Circle case for the LG G4. One acts as a replacement back and adds wireless charging, while the other simply snaps over the top like a typical case. Let’s take a look at both styles.

What does a Quick Circle case do?

LG G4 Quick Circle cases

Before we get into the two types of cases you might be wondering what a Quick Circle case actually does. The large circle cut-out is used to display information at a glance without requiring you to completely unlock your phone. It’s sort of like having a smartwatch display on the front of your phone. You can check the time, see notifications, use widgets, make calls, send messages, and more.

LG also allows developers to create their own apps for the Quick Circle case. This opens up the cases to do a lot of cool stuff. Some of the best apps include Quick Circle Apps, Quickfy (a Spotify player), Circle Remote, and Circle Pong. The Quick Circle might be the most useful smartphone case out there.

Quick Circle Qi Replacement Back

LG G4 Quick Circle wireless

The LG G4 does not come with support for wireless charging out of the box from any carrier. In order to get this functionality you’ll need a Qi or PMA charging cover. Currently, we’ve only been able to find Qi covers, but AT&T will eventually sell PMA covers. The good news is the Qi covers seem to work on all models of the G4, including the AT&T model.

The wireless charging Quick Circle case replaces the original back that comes on the G4. This is ideal if you want the features of the Quick Circle case, but don’t necessarily want the bulk of a case. The only downside is you can’t get a leather Quick Circle case, but they are available in Silver, Gold, White, Blue, and Pink .

Quick Circle Snap On Case

LG G4 Quick Circle snap on

The Quick Circle Snap On case is more like a traditional phone case. It doesn’t replace the original back cover, and it doesn’t add wireless charging. It simply snaps over the phone. Still, the Snap On case is very thin, and it has the same texture as the original plastic LG G4 back covers. The Snap On cases also don’t come in leather, but they are available in Silver, Gold, White, Blue, and Pink. If you don’t care about wireless charging you can save a few bucks with the Snap On case.

If you’re thinking about buying the LG G4 be sure to read our full review. After you get the phone check out our 10 things every LG G4 owner should do and 35+ LG G4 tips & tricks. Also, you can join the LG G4 forums and talk with other G4 owners about cases, apps, troubleshooting, and more.

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Otterbox unveils stylish leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Wed, 10 Jun 2015 18:40:46 +0000 otterbox strada hero

Otterbox has revealed a new case line that will add a lot of style to the company’s typical tough substance. It’s the Strada series, and it uses genuine leather wrapped around a sturdy dual-piece case to make for a very nice, yet protective case.

There’s a folio flap that will latch closed using magnets, as well as card slots on the inside sleeve and a slit for talking on the phone while the folio case is closed. If you’ve always been a fan of Otterbox protection but couldn’t stand to be seen with a bulky brick of a phone, this seems to provide that happy medium.

otterbox strada 8 otterbox strada 6 otterbox strada 3 otterbox strada 2

Of course, its $50 price tag is a tough cookie to swallow, but it’s our exprience that Otterbox cases are worth every last penny used to pay for them. Head right here to order one — you’ll have a choice of Black or Burgundy — and fingers crossed that they release Strada cases for more phones at some point down the line.

[via Otterbox]

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‘Flic’ turns your world into a giant touchscreen with programmable wireless buttons Tue, 09 Jun 2015 19:24:54 +0000

Mobile devices have made it possible to do almost anything with just a few swipes and taps. The world is completely accessible through our glass touchscreens, but what if the world itself became a sort of touchscreen? What if you could get in your car and press the “GPS” button to open Google Maps on your phone? What if you could snooze your alarm by simply pressing a button on your nightstand? Enter “Flic.”


Flic is a wireless “smart button” that can connect to your phone to perform a wide variety of tasks. It’s like taking some of the digital UI elements from your phone and transplanting them into the real world. The Flic buttons connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and with a companion app can be programmed to do a great many things.

Like what?

  • Control lights
  • Take a picture
  • Snooze button
  • Find your phone
  • Play music
  • Send a distress signal
  • Start a timer
  • Navigate
  • Open your door
  • Order food
  • Share your location
  • Send a message
  • …and much more

You can also control Phillips Hue lights, Nest thermostat, August smartlock, and other home automation devices with Flic. It also integrates with apps such as IFTTT, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, Yo, and Tasker. Flic is currently in the process of being funded on IndieGoGo. If this sounds like something you’re interested in be sure to check it out.

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Deal: Charge 3 devices at once with the Mpow Intelligent Car Charger Tue, 09 Jun 2015 17:35:35 +0000 mpow car charger

It’s no mystery that battery life on mobile devices leaves a lot to be desired. We’re often looking for outlets so we can plug in and get that little extra boost to help our devices make it through the day. One place where it’s not so easy to find an outlet is a vehicle. Car chargers are a great thing to have, but most of the time you’re limited to charging one device at a time. The Mpow 3-port Intelligent Car Charger fixes that, and it’s on sale now.

The Mpow is packed with 6.6 amps of power, three versatile ports, and a sleek metallic design. It supports both 12V and 18V input for optimized charging for mobile devices. What makes it “intelligent” is the way it identifies connected devices and charges at full speed. You can charge up to two tablets and one phone at a time, or just three phones. For a limited time you can snag this handy charger for just $13.99 (normally $70) from Android Area. Grab it now!

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