The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge gets its name from the curved “Edge screen” on the sides of the display. It’s a very cool look, but there’s one not-so-great aspect of the Edge screen: it’s not comfortable to hold. The curved display makes the sides of the phone feel sharp. The easiest way to fix this problem is to slap on a case. Here are some of the best cases for the S7 Edge right now.

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Rugged Cases

OtterBox Commuter

otterbox s7 edge

OtterBox is the name in rugged cases. The Commuter series is a slightly slimmed down version of their bulky Defender series, but it still offers great protection. It offers 2-layer protection, drop protection, dust protection, and screen protection. [Buy from Amazon]

Spigen Tough Armor

tough shield s7 edge

The Tough Armor case is made from a soft TPU interior and a hard polycarbonate exterior. This combination of materials provides a cushion for impact and protection against falls. The case also includes a handy kickstand to prop up the phone. [Buy from Amazon]

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO

supcase s7 edge

The Unicron Beetle PRO is built for heavy use, and perfect for the outdoors. The advanced dual-layer protection with a built-in screen protector, shock absorbing core and impact resistant bumper provide all the protection you need at a fraction of the cost. [Buy from Amazon]

Verus High Pro Shield

verus sheild s7 edge

The Verus High Pro Shield is one of the nicer looking rugged cases you’ll find. It has several impact-resistant layers made from high-grade TPU and polycarbonate. The soft inside layer cushions the Galaxy S7 Edge from drops, while the hard outer layer encases the device to shield from serious collisions. [Buy from Amazon]

Incipio DualPro

dualpro s7 edge

The Incipio DualPro is another case that utilizes two layers of protection. The DualPro is actually two separate cases. A thin inner case is made from flexible TPU, while a hard outer case snaps over the top. Together they offer cushion and impact resistance. [Buy from Amazon]

Slim Cases

Samsung LED View


The latest craze in smartphone cases are covers that can do something other than simply protecting the screen. The Samsung LED View case is a perfect example of this. The small LED display shows the time, notifications, volume, and battery alerts. When the display is off, it looks like a typical leather cover. [Buy from Amazon]

Obliq Slim Meta

slim meta gs7

One of our favorite cases for the Galaxy S7 Edge is the Obliq Slim Meta. This slim case offers dual layer protection and looks great too. The two-tone back is a combination of smooth plastic and a faux brushed aluminum. We really love the design of this case. [Buy from Amazon]

Spigen Thin Fit

thin fit s7 edge

Spigen makes some of the best cases on the market. Their Thin Fit case is extremely thin and lightweight. It only adds .8 mm to the overall thickness of the phone. The hard polycarbonate material feels case-less in your hands. For the bare minimum protection, this is a great case. [Buy from Amazon]

Speck CandyShell

candyshell s7 edge

The Speck CandyShell has quickly become a very recognizable case. The distinctive rubber lines add extra grip and corner protection to the Galaxy S7 Edge. The hard outer shell is impact resistant without adding a lot of extra bulk to the device. [Buy from Amazon]

Caseology Wavelength

wavelength s7 edge

The Wavelength is a case that can drastically change the look of your Galaxy S7 Edge. The unique design combines different colors and different textures. Around the edges is a smooth metallic finish, while the back has a ridged texture to add extra grip. Pro tip: the black model looks like Kylo Ren. [Buy from Amazon]

Cover-Up WoodBack


If you’re looking for something really unique, the Cover-Up WoodBack cases are just the thing. These slim cases feature real wood on the back. They come in a variety of different species and designs. The WoodBack cases add a bit of nature to your smartphone. You can get the thin Snap case or the slightly more robust Explorer case. [Buy from Amazon, Amazon]

Battery Cases

Samsung Wireless Backpack


Arguably the best accessory Samsung has made for the Galaxy S7 Edge is a wireless battery case. This case itself acts as a wireless charger for your phone. You don’t have to worry about plugging the phone in or sliding it into the micro-USB slot. Just slap it on like a regular case and enjoy better battery life. [Buy from Samsung]

Mophie Juice Pack

Samsung Galaxy S7 Mophie Battery Case DSC01949

The Mophie Juice Pack utilizes the same wireless charging technology in a completely different way. The case can be charged wirelessly, but it still has to be plugged into the phone’s micro-USB port to give power to the Galaxy S7 Edge. The benefit of this method is you can use wireless charging without removing the battery case. [Buy from Mophie]

Wallet Case

Verus Damda Clip

verus damda s7 edge

The Damda case from Verus is not your typical wallet case. Instead of a flap that holds all your cards, a slot has been built into the back of the case. The slot can hold up to two cards or cash. The cards are easy to access but not so easy that they will accidentally slide out. [Buy from Amazon]

Spigen Wallet S

The Spigen Wallet S is a more traditional wallet case. This leather case can hold 3 credit cards and has room for cash. The case also adds some extra protection and elegance to the device. If you’re not ready to leave your money at home and use Samsung Pay, this is a good alternative. [Buy from Amazon]