Best Android Phones of 2015

Last updated: Sep 15th, 2015.

If you’re in the market for a new Android phone, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our picks for the best Android phones currently available as voted on by the Phandroid staff.

  • 1

    This ain't your pappy’s Galaxy smartphone expand_more
    Samsung Galaxy S6

    With the Galaxy S6, Samsung was intent on giving us a device that was as familiar as its predecessors while at the same time radically different. The result is a handset that lacks a removable battery and SD card support but makes up for it with gorgeous design, powerful hardware, and a refined software experience tapping the enhancements of Android Lollipop. With the Galaxy S6, Samsung delivers what might be their most complete handset to date.

    Key Features:
    • Solid construction utilizing premium materials
    • Powerful hardware offering top-tier performance
    • One of the best cameras of any smartphone, Android or otherwise
  • 2

    A phablet with a purpose expand_more
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    The Galaxy Note 5 is the best Note Samsung has ever made. It has all the great features we’ve come to expect from Samsung. Some people will miss features like the IR blaster, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Note to self: the Note 5 is a great phone.

    Key Features:
    • Best camera on the market
    • Excellent display
    • S Pen is great
  • 3

    Living on the Edge expand_more
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    Where the Samsung Galaxy S6 sees a departure from the stylings of the Galaxy S5 and phones before it, the phone that launched alongside it pushes things over the line…or should we say edge? The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge shares everything that makes the Galaxy S6 such a great handset but adds one killer feature: a display that curves at its edges. This might not seem like much, but it enables clever software enhancements including Edge Notifications and a helpful information ticker. But let’s not forget to mention the stunning effect the innovative display tech has on the phone’s overall design.

    Key Features:
    • Innovative curved display is more than just eye candy
    • Same great hardware as the Galaxy S6
    • Top-notch camera
  • 4

    Underdog no-more expand_more
    LG G4

    Taken individually, features like the camera, display, and design of the G4 are quite impressive, if not tops among it smartphone peers. As a package, however, there still seems to be something missing from the overall presentation. Something feels a bit underwhelming, though it’s difficult to place a finger on.

    Key Features:
    • Big, bright, and beautiful display
    • Near-DSLR quality camera
    • Nice design
  • 5

    The Edge screen grows up expand_more
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

    The Edge+ is one of the coolest-looking phones you can buy right now. People are going to notice this phone when you use it. But it’s not just a fashion statement. You’re also getting a beautiful display, great performance, and the best camera on the market.

    Key Features:
    • Futuristic design
    • Beautiful display
    • Best camera on the market
  • 6

    Gargantuan display brings Android Lollipop to the masses expand_more
    Nexus 6

    The Motorola-made Nexus 6 is Google’s latest flagship device, the reference handset for Android’s Lollipop update. As a Nexus device, it is directly supported by Google, which means it will never be left behind when it comes to software upgrades. It features much of the same powerful hardware as the Droid Turbo but in a design that incorporates a massive 5.9-inch display. The display might prove to be too large for some, a fact that keeps the Nexus 6 from peaking at the top of our list.

    Key Features:
    • First smartphone to ship with Android 5.0 Lollipop
    • Direct-from-Google support
    • Powerful hardware and massive 5.9-inch display
  • 7

    The same, but better expand_more
    HTC One M9

    Is the HTC One M9 iterative? Yes. Does it lack the flash of a curved display or fingerprint sensor or other gimmicks found in competing Android flagships? Yes. Is that necessarily a bad thing? The One M9 puts design above all else, and in that respect it could still be crowned the best on the market. With strong hardware and improved software, the One M9 makes a case for the best overall Android device, as well.

    Key Features:
    • Gorgeous design and premium build
    • Powerful customization options in Sense 7
    • Top-notch hardware for great performance
  • 8

    Customize your Android experience inside and out expand_more
    Moto X (2nd gen.)

    Motorola’s highly-anticipated update to the Moto X turned out to be everything we were hoping for and more. It’s not quite as powerful on paper as phones like the Droid Turbo and Nexus 6, which share similar Motorola-made hardware. Those phones feature a zippier Snapdragon 805 compared to the Moto X’s Snapdragon 801 processor, but it is more than capable. The Moto X’s 5.2-inch display hits the sweet spot in terms of size, and buyers once again have the option customize the design of the phone, including a choice of exotic materials such as real wood and leather. A near-stock Android implementation is a bonus for Android purists.

    Key Features:
    • Updated design with premium materials
    • Customizable out of the factory with color, wood, and leather accents
    • Great hardware to compliment near-stock Android software experience
  • 9

    The curve you deserve expand_more
    LG G Flex 2

    The G Flex 2 doesn’t need any gimmicks. If you straightened out the display this would still be an excellent device. The display is gorgeous, the battery life is great, it has a powerful processor, and a great camera. The fact that it has a curved display is icing on the cake. It looks cool and feels awesome in your hand. People will want to know what phone you have. In a day and age where 90% of phones look-alike you can stand out from the crowd with the LG G Flex 2.

    Key Features:
    • Curved display is beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold
    • Excellent battery life
    • Above-average camera
  • 10

    Turbo-charged with battery life for days expand_more
    Motorola Droid Turbo

    The Motorola Droid Turbo won’t be held back by its Verizon exclusivity. It remains one of the most powerful smartphones on the market with a Snapdragon 805 processor and Quad HD display, and its massive 3900mAh battery promises days of life on a single charge. This is a device that should give potential buyers plenty of reason to consider switching carriers if not already Verizon subscribers.

    Key Features:
    • Unrivaled hardware power
    • Rugged industrial design
    • Turbo Charge for 8 hours of battery life in 15 minutes
  • Honorable Mentions



    1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active — A great phone if you need something a little more durable, and with better battery life.
    2. Motorola Moto G (2015) – The Moto G is still the best phone you can get for the price. It’s an amazing little device.
    3. OnePlus Two – A big, powerful phone at an approachable price (though OnePlus still struggles with problems).
    4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Still a great option for people who need a SD card and removable battery.
    5. ASUS ZenFone 2 — Deceptively affordable at $200, the ZenFone 2 packs serious specs including up to 4GB RAM.
  • Upcoming Phones


    Moto X Pure

    Motorola Moto X Pure Edition DSC09957

    We have a feeling the new Moto X Pure will soon be somewhere in the Top 10, but until we can review the device it will sit here. Motorola has set out to improve everything that was wrong with the Moto X 2014. The camera is allegedly much improved, and battery life is also supposed to be better. The Pure edition is very affordable and comes with a nearly stock version of Android. It should be great.

  • Rumor Mill


     LG Nexus 5X

    LG Nexus 5X 2015

    People have been clamoring for a follow-up to the original Nexus 5, and it looks like it will finally happen this year. The rumored and often leaked LG Nexus 5X is said to be the cheaper of two nerw Nexus devices this year. Specs include a 5.2-inch 2K display, 13MP camera, Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM, and a fingerprint sensor on the back.

    Huawei Nexus 6

    huawei nexus leak 1

    The second Nexus device this year will be a follow-up to the Nexus 6, but made by Huawei. This phone will be the more premium of the two Nexus’. Rumored specs include a 5.7-inch 2K display, Snapdragon 810 processor, USB Type-C, 64GB of storage, fingerprint scanner, and a very strange-looking camera module.

    Motorola DROID Turbo 2

    Motorola Moto X Force DROID Turbo 2 Bounce

    Verizon is looking to add another Motorola DROID to their lineup. Rumors are pointing to a DROID-branded version of the Moto X Play, but with even better specs. The headlining rumor is a “shatter-proof” display.  Other alleged specs include a 5.4-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 810 processor, 21MP camera, 3GB of RAM, and a beefy 3760 mAh battery.