Last updated: Apr 12th, 2012.

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SwiftKey Neural could take everybody’s favorite keyboard app to the next level

Joining the growing list of SwiftKey’s recent Greenhouse projects is the all new SwiftKey Neural. It’s essentially the same SwiftKey you know and love, but with a little twist. According to SwiftKey, it’s “the world’s first” smartphone keyboard to use an artificial neural network for more accurate predictions and corrections.

Facebook finally gets a dislike button

Facebook is testing a new “reactions” feature. You can think of it as a built-in emoji that doesn’t have to be typed into a comment. You can react with a joyful or happy tone, or something more sorrowful — there’s your new dislike button, folks.

Alphabet (Google) buys the entire alphabet as a domain

Remember when Alphabet was announced and Google had the coolest domain ever for it? Something about (go on, click it) rolls off the tongue, but Google didn’t want to rest there. They’ve registered

Work on CyanogenMod 13 (Marshmallow) has started

We know the CyanogenMod team will bring us Android 6.0 Marshmallow sooner or later, but it’s always nice to see those plans put into action. The team has started pushing CyanogenMod 13 code commits to their public Gerrit repository.