Quentyn Kennemer

News Editor


LG Watch Style Specs

Feb 8th - Be sure to look inside to see what makes the the LG Watch Style tick, and feel free to compare it to the LG Watch Sport’s specs.


LG Watch Sport specs

Feb 8th - The LG Watch Sport is here! It’s an Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch with big, burly looks, no doubt a calling card to those who would fit to use all its features the way LG intends. Here’s a full look at what’s inside. LG Watch Sport Specs Display: 1.38-ich 480 x 480 Circular P-OLED w/ Gorilla …


Android 7 Nougat finally gets over the 1% hump

Feb 8th - Android’s platform distribution numbers have been updated to reflect the two-week period ending February 6th, and there’s a big development this time: Nougat is now on 1.2% of all reported Android devices!