Joe Fedewa

Features Editor


LG G6: One Month Later

May 23rd - It’s been about one month since I posted my review of the LG G6, and I’ve been using the G6 as my daily phone for the better part of six weeks. Now that the initial hype has died down, I can share some long-term thoughts.


New photos show off the Nokia 9 with dual cameras

May 22nd - We haven’t heard anything about the Nokia 9 in a while. In case you’re not up to speed, the Nokia 9 is expected to be a flagship Android device. New photos of the phone have leaked.


Android O will bring a new UI to Android TV

May 18th - Android O is coming to Android TV devices later this, and with it will come a number of big new things. Google Assistant will finally arrive along with a shiny new home screen interface.


10 Biggest Google IO 2017 Announcements

May 17th - The main keynote at Google I/O has come and gone. In the 2-hours of talking and demonstrations, we saw a bunch of cool new stuff. Everything from Android to Google Photos got attention. You can read all the news on our Google I/O 2017 page, but if you want just the highlights, here are the …


4 awesome new Google Home features

May 17th - Google Home was one of the big announcements from I/O 2016. This year, Google is adding some polish to home with a ton of new features.