Joe Fedewa

Features Editor


Here are the winners for the Readers’ Choice Awards [VIDEO]

Dec 22nd - Welcome to the 3rd Annual Readers Choice Awards! We spend most of the year telling you how much we like or dislike certain things, but now it’s your turn. The polls opened for voting a few weeks ago. Our favorites have already been shared. Now It’s time to hear from you. Here are the 6 categories this …


GIVEAWAY: Best Cases for all Phones

Dec 21st - There are tons of different accessories you can buy for your phone, but the one that most people have is a case. A case can add much-needed protection to your device. It’s also a simple way to customize the look of your phone.


Will Super Mario Run for Android be worth $10? [VIDEO]

Dec 16th - Android users will have to wait a bit longer for Nintendo’s first true mobile game. People have been begging for a mobile Mario game for years, and Nintendo is hoping to cash in on that with a hefty $10 price tag.


GIVEAWAY: Best Mobile Projectors of 2016!

Dec 16th - Ho ho ho! We’re less than 10 days away from Christmas and our Holiday Gift Guide continues with another giveaway! Today we have some great mobile projectors.


Samsung Galaxy S8 could have rear fingerprint scanner

Dec 16th - One of the recent rumors claimed the long-standing physical home button would be removed in favor of a fingerprint scanner built into the display. According to a new source, the fingerprint scanner won’t be on the front at all.


HTC 10 Revisited: the original Pixel phone

Dec 15th - A lot has changed since the HTC 10 was released. iPhoned don’t have headphone jacks and Note’s explode. How has the HTC 10 aged in this time? Let’s take a look.