Joe Fedewa

Features Editor


10 Best Weather Apps for Android in 2017

Jul 13th - Whether you need to see if you should bring an umbrella for the day or you’re planning a vacation for the weekend, here are the best weather apps available for Android right now!


Amazon Alexa can now control your Fire TV

Jul 13th - A software update is rolling out to Fire TV devices that allow you to control the TV from another Alexa-enabled device. The same commands that worked on the remote for the Fire TV can now be used anywhere.


10 Best To Do Apps for Android in 2017

Jul 12th - Whether you’re trying to make a simple grocery list or keep track of your work responsibilities for the next month, here are the best to do apps for Android right now!


10 Best Email Apps for Android in 2017

Jul 11th - Whether you’re a person that uses email a few times a week, or a busy executive that gets hundreds of emails a day, here are the best email apps available for Android right now!


More case renders show off the Galaxy Note 8

Jul 10th - This new batch of case renders gives us a look at all sides of the phone. The render of the phone inside matches up with everything we’ve seen so far. There are a few important details to point out.


HTC sees revenues rise in June thanks to the HTC U11

Jul 10th - This is the highest revenue has been in six months. The U11 is playing a huge part in this success. The president of the smartphone division said the U11 outsold previous phones in less than a month.