Chris Chavez

Contributing Editor


OnePlus 5 Battery Life Review (after OxygenOS 4.5.8)

Aug 15th - The OnePlus 5 had great battery life when it first launched, but a few emergency updates brought with them a whole new set of bugs, one that killed standby battery life on the device. Now that the 4.5.8 update has gone out, how is battery life on the OnePlus 5? Find out in our review.


These leaked Moto X4 renders look like the real deal

Aug 11th - 2017 is looking to be Motorola (Lenovo’s) busiest year yet with so many handsets launching across the world, it’s getting hard to keep up. Coming around the bend is the Moto X4, in which crystal clear press render and hardware details have already hit the web.


OnePlus 5 Camera Review

Aug 11th - The OnePlus 5 comes equipped with some pretty interesting camera hardware, different from most other devices. How well does the phone shoot? Find out in our our camera review.