Chris Chavez

Contributing Editor


Our first look at Google’s upcoming Fuchsia OS [VIDEO]

May 9th - We’ve know for some time that Google is working on a new operating system — dubbed Fuchsia — but today we’re finally getting our first look. The best part? You can test drive it for yourself by installing the demo app.


Galaxy S8 vs S7 vs S6 vs S5 [CAMERA TEST]

May 4th - The Galaxy S8 is going up against some tough competition this year but how does the camera perform against previous iterations of the device? The results may surprise you…


65+ Galaxy S8 Tips & Tricks

May 3rd - After spending a good few weeks with the Samsung Galaxy S8, we’re compiling a huge list of our favorite tips and tricks. With over 65 tips, there’s something here for everybody.


Best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases

Apr 20th - The Galaxy S8 is officially here and if you want to keep your investment looking pristine as possible, you’re going to need to outfit the device with a case. These are the best cases you can buy that wont break the bank.